Dental-Healthcare, Capitalist-Public Plans: The Perfect Eludes, Preconditions Delude

I have the perfect solution to close the gap in dental 'coverage' and make all kinds of health care accessible to every REAL American.

Simply put, realistic Americans need to step up to the plate with a complete solution stance rather than continue to hit foul balls of delusional confusion and make errors from lack of reasoned judgement.

We can't make progress when everyone has already decided what is off limits. Emotion in the mix is another reason anything close to perfection eludes us in this health care 'debate'.

As much as I like to argue, debating in its pure form is pure evil when it comes to making our country a better place to live - for more than just my family and those who are as 'lucky' as we are. Healthcare for all is NOT a 'debate' if you really want to solve the problem.

Remember the PRECONDITIONS concept that everyone jumped on our current president about while he was pursuing our nation's highest office? In reality, there is no other way to solve problems but to have only one concept on the table - a solution platform, which must exclude preconditions.

For example, how many preconditions do we all bring to any table?

My family would eat four different kinds of meals if each person's preconditions (food likes/dislikes) were required to be put in OR taken off the menu. Either, only four 'meals' would survive and we would eat them, again and again. Or each one of us would need to have our own pot to make a dish in.

Basically, by allowing our predilection for preconditions to enter in to the solution, the result (our dinner) is an astronomically convoluted and expensive pile of inanity.

Cost overruns and confounding stipulations are created because we are NOT looking for a solution. We are mostly debating with the devil of preconditions. The devil in the details comes from our preoccupation with preconditions, which unleashes each sides' propensity for political pontification.

We soak our brains with this reality protection and deflection lotion and then wonder why solving problems gets so complicated. Ironically, if we spent less time rubbing in our precondition conditioning agents of dull wittedness, we could even read and comprehend longer documents about health care legislation.

Conversely, real solutions would also help simplify - preconditions add layers to layers of layers.

Plus angry outbursts would be null and void because bombastic debate is not part of the real solution's organic structure.

While all forms of communication are allowed, the need for exaggerated and emotional expenditures are effectively eliminated by the only goal - a real solution. Loudly stalling for time disruptions mean less time for listening, which is very integral to solution discovery.

The BEST solution cannot be predetermined. That would only be possible if preconditioned knowledge of it was allowed in. Those types of solution stances are ineffective.

That kind of solution only works best for the individual person, family, PAC, corporation, union, denomination, group or party bringing it in -- it is not a solution for ALL real Americans.

As we proceed with our solution-to-discovering-the-world-of-better-health-and-dental-care, it makes sense to start with a flat - no horizon for hiding preconditions - earth approach to problem solving.

Okay, my flat earth analogy does not quite hit the mark. However, it does fit my (our) situation and my premise.
  1. Even I am wrong once in a while and my preconditioning towards groan inducing humor shows my lack of orderly world congruence.
  2. Our more perfect union eludes us because preconditions delude us into thinking being right (before the process starts) makes for the best solution outcome.
Therefore, we must avoid being caught in our own web of failings, and trust that with the help of ALL Real Americans - united in a goal for finding actual, authentic and real solutions - we will get to the best place possible. This means all of us: no matter our personal, religious or political persuasion, perturbations or imperfections.

Fear of uniting in the cause of solution discovery is holding u.s. all back. This includes those with bleeding hearts or bleeding gums. Americans who experience right brain or left brain 'ism' aneurysms and chronic abscesses. As well as those winged nut injured and the tree hugging, bark eating chipped toothed.

To Move Forward with a REAL American solution. First...
  • CHECK your baggage with the precondition agent.
  • Then show me you are ready: SMILE like you mean it!
Sadly, too many people can't even smile. This recent dental health care story out of Alabama got me to thinking about how we solve the oral and overall health problems in this country: fiscally, clinically and actually.

But of course, this is NOT a problem to worry about for those who HAVE dental and health care coverage (now)...

Especially since those (not really Americans) LACK coverage because they refuse to work hard enough to cover themselves with appropriate layers of over-leveraged preconditioned realities and proper dollar amassing for themselves habits.
Their health CREDIT has come due and their fiscal integrity is in DEFAULT, so what else should they expect -- except for u.s. to SWAP out their reason for living in this country where only monetary success card holders deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Sorry for my diversion into diatribalism. Back to REAL American programming...

>> The following audio selection demonstrates a really effective solution process - achieved by a really effective REAL American. While I have a conflict of interest in making this determination (it is my father), the story he tells involves solving a problem of a well known car company - you probably have heard of - the company - not the problem. No, not Toyota, but they could learn something from him, too.

Engineer 'Saves' Willy's Jeep By Merely Communicating

Sincerely, Dick Chwalek
Dental Communication and Marketing Consultant

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