Works While They Wait - Wait No Longer to Access What Is On Hold In Your Revenues

There are many marketing services out there. My colleague in dental marketing Jeff Wilson (pictured) of Business Audio Source and OnHold Music Source provides the "What's Holding Them Back" solution to the equation...

Marketing Your Dental Services to Would-Be and Current Patients

As the dentist or practice manager, you've invested time and money in running a successful dental practice but are still coming up short of where you want to be. Bringing on new patients is an obvious way to increase your bottom line, however the patients you already have are generally worth more than the new ones you're trying to get in the door.

Current Patients Your current patients are in need of advanced dental treatments and makeover veneers but continue to put off treatment. Cost is likely a primary factor but many patients are just indecisive or simply procrastinate their treatment. If you bring up cosmetic dentistry services with your patients you will unwittingly turn some of them off without even realizing it. So how do you market to your patients, at a time when they are focused on their dental health while you have their complete attention and do it without the possibility of seeming desperate, pushy or turning anyone off? By using informative marketing messages played to your patients while waiting on hold.

You may think your patients don't typically wait on hold for very long... but, they don't have to! You can deliver your most compelling marketing messages in less than 15 seconds.
New and Perspective Patients If you're not attracting new patients your practice can only grow smaller. Despite the best dental marketing, most new patients find your phone number on a list filled with other area dental practices provided by their insurance provider. They'll pick the three closest to their home or work place and call to ask a few basic questions. What makes your practice stand out? In the few seconds your new prospect waits on hold, custom hold messaging can paint a vivid picture about your practice, your dental niche, and the technology you provide. An effective hold message gives your practice that add image boost to help land new patients.

On Hold Marketing Works The reason Custom On Hold Messages are so effective is because they target a captive audience, at the exact time they are actively engaged with your practice and most interested in your services. No one who calls your practice is calling to be put on hold. But, they accept being placed on hold and are listening for their turn to speak with a staff member. This is a golden opportunity to connect with your callers while they are totally receptive to your message. In fact, if you have anything less than a well produced custom hold production you risk annoying your callers.

The alternative to custom hold messages Statistics show more than 70% of the people who call a private medical practice, be it their dentist or primary care physician, are placed on hold. On average hold time is greater than 45 seconds. You don't have to play a custom hold message but you do have to play something. Here are the alternatives.

Silence - Silence equals nothing. If you do nothing, your callers will wait on hold in complete silence. Leave them on hold for more than a few seconds and they're likely to think they've been disconnected. A minute on hold in silence seems more like five. If your practice plunges callers on hold into silence, ask your receptionist how often calls on hold hang-up, or how often patients call back and wonder why they were disconnected. Wonder how many didn't call back?

Radio - Playing a radio station over the hold lines is a broadcast and licensing violation. It's also guaranteed to annoy callers with commercials, banter from DJs, and possible static in the connection.

CD/MP3 Player - You now have control over commercials, and static but you're still in violation of music licensing and are wasting an ideal opportunity to connect with your callers and market your services.

Custom hold message reinforces and increases the value of your current marketing strategies.

How much would your practice benefit with just three extra whitening treatments each week? Or, 5 additional "smile make-over's" every month? It's a modest goal that you can easily attain with the right hold messages. An effective message on hold campaign provides compelling information that plants the seeds of possibility in your patients mind. When they ask for more details about a particular treatment, you've just been given the green light and are now much more likely to be able to enhance your patients smile and oral health, not to mention your bottom line.

Bring the power of On Hold Dental Marketing to your practice. Packages start at just $39/mo. Includes digital player and semi-annual production updates

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Posted by Dick Chwalek

Traverse City Dental Office Sponsors: Cherry-Roubaix 2011 Cancer Survivors Benefit Ride.

    TRAVERSE CITY, MI, July 1, 2011

The 4th Annual Cherry-Roubaix that delivers the State Road Race Championship race as part of their three day event on August 14, 2011 (in conjunction with the Michigan Bike Race Association and USA Cycling) also hosts a choice of either a 20 or 43-mile Charity Ride on August 13 to benefit Munson Healthcare Women‟s Cancer Fund.

Using every fund dollar for its purpose, Munson Women‟s Cancer Fund provides financial assistance to women in northern Michigan who have been diagnosed with cancer and have exhausted other financial means for their cancer-related health care.

Among other related items and health services, Munson Women‟s Cancer Fund covers expenses of prosthetics, transportation, childcare during treatment, and home medications.

“My grandfather, 'Papa', my father, Paul, my mother, Jeanette and my sister, entire family all had cancer.” With such a personal connection herself, Cherry-Roubaix Charity Ride founder Jean Peters feels passionate about the purpose that fuels the Charity Ride and inspires ride participants. “Papa was the first person I ever knew that died. He died of prostate cancer. My father died of Leukemia, and my mother had colon cancer. My sister Lucia has survived three types of cancer including a rare and deadly uterine-lining cancer. Two years later Lucia was also diagnosed colon cancer, and more recently, she had a big chunk taken from her leg as a result of skin cancer.”

Peters emotionally bonds with the many Charity Ride cyclists somehow touched by cancer in their lives. “My friends and their family that have had cancer include Joe, Marge, Kim, Kristin, Bill, Bud, Marta, Arabella, Mary Jean, Lucho, CiCi, Dayne, Jim, Maxine and my kitty, Roscoe. And of course, generations of Americans feel connected to famous cancer victims like John Wayne, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Dennis Hopper, Gregory Hines and Lance Armstrong.”

Peters reflects on a recent report that compared to 1993, Americans are now 18% less likely to die of cancer. “So why commit to the Cherry-Roubaix Charity Ride if cancer sufferers have been on the decline? Because everything we do to combat this insidious disease has an impact. An eighteen percent improvement simply means those patients are not dying, but they and their families still have to endure the illness. That means people in my life, people in your life...and maybe even you.”

Straightforward and compassionate, Peters hits the mark. “Cherry-Roubaix Charity Ride cyclists ride because they care. Some are remembering those lost, some are fighting for those who are battling right now, some are paying it forward. Me? I am doing all three, and I am quite certain anyone who generously signs up for the Cherry-Roubaix Charity Ride is doing the same thing.”


The Northwood Dental office in Traverse City is excited to be supporting and sponsoring this exciting cycling event as a Team Level sponsor. Dr. Brian Klym will also be racing on Sunday, August 14 as part of the Hagerty Cycling Team as a Cap 4 Racer.

More About The Cancer Survivors Fundraisers

Commit to one of two ride distances out gorgeous Old Mission Peninsula on August 13, and Peters guarantees that as participant, cyclists will get more than they give. “The 'Sisterhood' is leading us out the shoreline road from downtown Traverse City, and everyone, speedy or slow, is working to ride cancer into the ground by helping our friends and neighbors get help they need from Munson Women's Cancer Fund. We may not know who combats cancer now or in the future, but today we can do something.”

Peters confirms, “Our Cherry-Roubaix Charity Ride community inspires and needs your help. Get on a bike, have a good time, get a cool tee shirt, enjoy revitalizing comradeship and refreshments at Jolly Pumpkin on Old Mission Peninsula, and join millions globally who take a step in their own way to wipe this condition off the face of the earth. I'll be over your shoulder with you. Hundreds, including me, are very grateful for your choice on August 13 to ride together to defend women's health, support our friends and our families, and kick cancer to the curb.”

View photos, discover information, or register today for the Cherry-Roubaix Charity Bike Ride to benefit Munson Women's Cancer Fund at Cherry Roubaix Cycling: Charity Ride Web Page. Learn more about at MunsonHealthcare.Org Monson Women's Cancer Fund Page.

Jean Peters, founder of the Cherry-Roubaix Charity Ride, is also Cherry-Roubaix Technical Director and a member of the Cherry-Roubaix Board of Directors. Email Peters at Particular inspiration for this sharing of information is dedicated to the memory of Jean Peters’ dear friend, Jim B., a wonderful man, artist and supreme gardener whose gentle soul was relieved of his battle with cancer in late June 2011.

Cherry-Roubaix series is a three-day weekend event. The State Championship Road Race is on Sunday, August 14. The championship course begins and ends high atop Sugarloaf Resort in Cedar, Michigan.

The Grand Traverse area is a popular cycling destination and an amazing place for vacation value. All ages find opportunities to participate or take a break from fast-paced Cherry-Roubaix action. Relax on miles of pristine beaches, take a wine tour across Leelanau or Old Mission Peninsula, enjoy time at a ball game, climb the sand dunes or unwind in a charming movie theater after spending a few hours shopping and dining in quaint downtown Traverse City.

  • The weekend begins with evening Sprints on Friday, August 12 at Traverse City’s Friday Night Live, and the excitement continues on Saturday, August 13 with a rip-roaring full day of cycling.

  • Early morning cyclists of all levels may participate in the Cherry-Roubaix Charity Ride to Benefit Munson Women’s Cancer Fund followed by the high-energy Cherry-Roubaix Old Town Criterium. The criterium thrills spectators as racers explode into a one-mile course through the streets of Traverse City.

  • Simultaneously with the Old Town Crit, the Kids Fun Ride and Cruiser Classic mix up the action for all to enjoy.

  • The weekend crescendos in Leelanau County on Sunday, August 14 at the launch of the Michigan State Road Race Championship, the demanding race to determine the best of the best in Michigan. Hills and turns of the of the old 1980’s State Road Race course unforgivingly challenge and test racers from around the state.

Three days of Cherry-Roubaix events across the resort landscape of the Traverse City area satisfy cycling fans of all ages, from families looking for a fun, northern Michigan getaway to die-hard professional and amateur racers seeking incredible races in a supportive cycling community.

Click to find maps, a downloadable media kit, and Cherry-Roubaix info or call John Sohacki, Event Director at 231-342-2003.
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Posted by Dick Chwalek