Continuing Education: Does Your Dentist Minimum Do or Much More For You?

In some states Continuing Education for dentists and other dental professionals (hours per year) is barely foot noted in their regulations.

For other states, it's even less than a foot. Like Wyoming, Colorado and Wisconsin; they give requirements the boot: none, zippo, nada, zero, C-Ya!

On the other foot, there is South Dakota, which requires dentists to get 100 hours each year!

Tennessee is somewhere in the middle of the pack at 40. Here is Minnesota dentists are required to do 50 hours. Checkup on your dentists state of affairs in CE must dos.

Dr. White does more than the requirements to keep his patients healthier and happier for longer. Not trust the marketing consultant? I wouldn't either.

My job as a marketer (a.k.a. makeitupasyougoslickster) is not to convince you of anything. The only ethical thing I can do when it comes to your health and what to do is for me to get you to consider something better.

The unethical thing would be to stick you deep into the stale gulf of sub par, roll you in the same old, enough-to-get-by short term value dentistry, dipped in the schemes of lackluster and divert you from the very little continuing education other dentists seem to muster.

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Advanced Periodontal (Gum) Treatment: Soft Tissue Health~Local to Systemic

Dr. Kent E. White of Nashville recently attended a vital continuing education course covering periodontal (gum) disease management and tooth loss prevention.

With about 80% U.S. adults having some form of gum disease, the need for more extensive training and education to help patients here in the Nashville area and around the country is obvious. Dr. White and his team are dedicated to providing the highest level of treatment to combat the effects of this all too common and very aggressive gum, enamel, root, bone, teeth and smile appearance ravaging disease.

Fortunately, Dr. Kent White and his team at the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee are able to help patients no matter what the condition of their smile is. While ongoing prevention and early intervention are better than later in the disease progression, patients should never worry their condition is untreatable.

Even if significant tooth loss has occurred, Dr. White can develop a treatment plan to restore oral health and smile confidence. From replacing one or two teeth with dental implants to a complete smile makeover, there are wide range of therapies he can employ. His expertise in cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental care is something many patients have seen give them the youthful and healthy smile they deserve.

One of the most vital elements of effective periodontal disease management is Dr. White’s ability to use many non-surgical techniques to maintain the health of your teeth and even to bring a smile back from the brink. At the Center for Advanced Dentistry the focus is optimal dental health along with maintaining a youthful appearance to your smile. Totally healthy smiles are great looking smiles.

Dr. White uses state of the art periodontal technologies in treatment and for accurate diagnosis. Getting away for the surgical aspects of treating periodontal disease as much as possible insures more people will seek out care.

Some of the ‘comfort technology’ Dr. Kent White of Nashville utilizes is a piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler and irrigator that requires less pressure when removing the build up on teeth and the jaw bone. In many cases, we are able to eliminate the need for local anesthesia during the procedure. The handpiece he uses is designed to improve the his field of vision without causing an increase in heat from the instrument.

The dentistry continuing education course Dr. Kent E. White attended was developed and sponsored by Zila, Inc.

Zila offers comprehensive oral care and cancer screening products.

Healthy Mouth. Healthy Patient. Healthy Practice.

Soft Tissue Management® (STM)® is a program unique to Zila. With more than 20 years of proven results, STM® incorporates the use of Zila dental products for treating patients at all stages of oral health – from healthy to advanced periodontitis.

STM® is:
  • An organized system for early detection, diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of periodontal disease, and for the early detection of oral cancer.
  • A non-surgical approach to diagnose, prevent, treat and manage the progression of early to moderate stages of periodontal disease in a general practice.
  • A program that provides comprehensive and structured practice management tools for early to moderate disease with ongoing support.
Advanced Periodontal Treatment: Soft Tissue Health: Local to Systemic
Learn More about Periodontal Disease.
Dr. Kent E. White

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