Edit Boy Obsessive Bows Out to Tectonic Shift in Video Marketing Production Thinking

Tectonic shifting in my seat, not wanting to change, balking at simplifying my Life Lessons and staunching my marketing digressions untoward the mean side of obsession, turning videos into monstrosities of detail verbosity... Blah Blah!

Okay, it might not have been that bad, each time, but it slowed me down to take so much time on producing each video. I could either produce one mini-series a year or 18 House of Cards in the same time period.

Change Comes If We Really Want It,  
> But Boy It Can Still Be Hard!

Yes, for people (communication consultants) like me, admitting we need to change, but knowing we struggle mightily with it, is twisted ironic. Somewhat like a psychologist who goes to his/her own psychologist right after your session. (It's more common with my therapists.)

Go ahead, razz me about it. I'm fine with it now. A few weeks ago, I would have visibly choked on my inability to make this change. Even a change that I knew 'was coming' at some point. But make me do something before I want, and boy oh boy! 

Improving Communication With Yourself

Actually, it's finding the way out of the trap you've set for yourself that's the most difficult. You can see the need, but can't endure (in your head and in a technical manner) all the stumbling that it will require to find your way out.

To de-trap from my pit of obsession with video editing, I 'simply' needed to call myself out as what I was, and determine what needed to be 'shutdown' to access a less productive mode. Yes, I mean LESS, not messing with more stuff, over-productive production!

In my case, it was the shutting down, not the adding to my skills, that required action in the case of video production. It's not that I don't need to add skills, it's just one person can only do so much (or other things suffer).

This trap is almost like loving to paint with acrylics but only having house paint to work with. Plus in this analogy, I would also need more and more acrylics, and take lessons, and do this and that to keep up, and then see more and more I could do. In reality, buying more software, higher level, etc.

Basically I was struggling to give up my 'comfort food' of making all my little detail changes, video snips and rips to smooth out my glitches and flinching, eye bulging and closing eye tics... Okay, I don;t look that bad, well you can determine that...

But as a radio announcer for seven years (mostly in the 80s), who started editing with an exacto knife, I figured I should use this great new and 'simple software' to perfect myself. Yet, it would just add more and more time, which as a small business I don't have much of. Being my own video editor was not something I could or should add to my daily life.

Therefore, I had to decide on near slick perfection and a video done once every few months.

OR a goofy glitch featuring and tic jarring, only weird if you see them actions... (Just kidding. I hope.) video presentation that said what I want, that could be refashioned later, made better hopefully, as well as add more nuance, which is very important in this day and age of constant replenishing of content.

EDIT BOY Relinquishes His Obsessive Grip
> Let's Hope for Long Term.

Anyway, here is how I see myself, as written on YouTube where this was originally uploaded. It's a true tale of obsession.

I be Edit Boy Obsessive, and as this moniker fits me and causes them as well, I have decided to force myself to do my video lessons of life and marketing sessions in ONE TAKE.

I do write some content but no images will be edited into the video for now. Of course, after you get confronted by the perspective of my face or just my nose, there may be a push to cover it all up once in awhile.

That said, it will help me not go into EDIT BOY mode, if I reduce the messing with it type activities.

Underneath all this virtual, I am a complex person with many complexes... Okay, I said it. I am human. My avatar may disagree, but that is why I am in therapy.

What sucks is that "it" costs me double, and once I get it... the avatar a birth certificate, of which I'm in discussions right now with Mark Zuckerberg, James Cameron and Donald Trump, my financial situation could turnaround... Wait a minute.

Minutes later:

No, none of the three would give me a loan, until I said, I would leave them alone.

Moving on, I hope you enjoy my blinking and goofy facial tics that come from my not wearing reading glasses so my eyes aren't sure what to do so they take a stroll or is it a role down the road! ARGH!

Richard The Chwalek