New Practice in West Chester PA: Implant, Cosmetic - Sedation Dentist

Want More From Your Dentistry?
In Pennsylvania consider the dental office of Ronald Briglia, DMD.

Dr. Ronald Briglia opened his new dental office at 600 E. Marshall in West Chester this fall. It serves dental consumers in southeastern Pennsylvania who want and need a high level of comfort to achieve their oral health goals.

After many years developing the skills, services, and expertise to provide long-term health and esthetically pleasing results for his patients, he now has the environment to match. One where stress is greatly reduced, pain is absent, and informed decisions can be made.

His new facility is one mile from his original West Chester dental office. While the traveling distance is minimal, the new office goes noticeably farther up the ladder of value than both his former setting and that of other practices in the area. The change is crucial for many reasons including making it more likely people will feel comfortable about pursuing dental treatment.

According to statistics from various national health organizations, more than 50% of the population avoids seeing the dentist on even a yearly basis, and this problem is not limited to lower income households. Much avoidance can be attributed to fear, embarrassment, and phobia. With almost 24% of adults having lost all their teeth by age 65 in Pennsylvania alone (source CDC Oral Health), there is a serious need for changing how dentistry is presented and delivered.

The potential for helping people with various dental needs is significant because of Dr. Briglia's unique certification in both IV general anesthesia and oral conscious sedation, and expertise in comprehensive dentistry. Combined with an advanced, calming environment, the likelihood of encouraging those people to come forward is greatly improved.

While clinical results and treatment comfort are vital, Dr. Briglia knows the setting matters too. To remove stress and achieve a higher level of receptivity for complex and necessary treatment, patients are calmed with a rock waterfall, appropriately spacious restroom, various relaxation elements, and refreshments. For those who need distractions, he provides DVDs, Internet, soothing music, satellite radio, Cable TV, and wireless headphones. Visit to see and find out more.

His practice mission goes beyond comfort amenities to achieve the trust, respect, and value missing in too many situations. Dr. Briglia wants to make sure his patients get more from their dental care:
• Respect for the patient's condition not a rush to treatment
• Calm, pleasant, and thorough presentation of the possibilities
• Smile care for consumers who want a dentist focused health on first
• Proper sedation to cover all treatments from implants to oral surgery
• Sedation when acceptable to the patient and applicable to their situation
• No reason to travel from place to place: most specialty procedures performed onsite
• Responsible recommendations with options that make the treatment financially possible

"For years, I have been planning and dreaming of this type of setting. A place that truly complements all the advanced continuing education courses I have taken and the level of dental care my team and I can provide. The new practice spotlights the major changes in dentistry since I graduated from Temple Dental School in 1984."

"As one of the few dentists in Southeastern Pennsylvania certified in oral AND IV Sedation dental care for the fearful, phobic, and time challenged, I wanted to develop an advanced dental 'suite' design makes calm, clear, and informed decisions possible. Making optimum oral health decisions first; then determine a clinically sound, esthetically pleasing, and financially feasible way to get it done." Dr. Ron Briglia

Interview Dr. Briglia and discover how his dental practice makeover and expertise make it possible for consumers in West Chester and southeastern Pennsylvania to attain a much healthier lifestyle.

Ronald Briglia, DMD
(610) 692-4440
Chester County Medical Center
600 E. Marshall • St Ste 201
West Chester, PA 19380