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Recently Dr. Briglia and his Total Confidence Dentistry team were featured in the Top Dentists issue of the Main Line Today. Review their profile and link to more information below...

Our Dentist Team includes...
Ron Briglia, DMD, Glenn Schreiber, DMD and John Nikas, DDS

-- The Main Line Today Dentists Profile as published...

You'll find it all at Total Confidence Dentistry in a professional and relaxing setting! Dr. Ron Briglia has built a reputation for compassionate care and establishing patient trust. With over 25 years of experience and continuing education, Dr. Briglia exceeds patients' expectations. Certified in oral and IV sedation, he provides comfort to even the most fearful patients.

Dr. Briglia has teamed up with Dr. Glenn Schreiber, general dentist, practice limited to Endodontics (root canal); and Dr. John Nikas, a Board Certified Periodontist. Together, they provide patients with everything from basic care to advanced restorative and reconstructive dentistry.

Advanced dental care options are available in one convenient location. Patients with busy schedules can even choose to undergo multiple procedures in fewer appointments saving time and money.

Services include: implant supported dentures, crowns and bridges, pain-free root canals, periodontal surgical services as well as smile makeovers, porcelain veneers and whitening. Consider making an investment in yourself, your health and your smile!

Give your teeth and gums the exceptional care and attention they deserve by scheduling a consultation with our highly-trained professionals today. You won't find a friendlier environment than Total Confidence Dentistry and we look forward to meeting you!

Located here on and at 600 East Marshall Street Suite 201 West Chester, PA 19380


Dr. Ron Briglia and his team of dentists are ready to restore and enhance your smile. Request a Complimentary Restorative, Cosmetic or Sedation Dentistry Consultation using our on-line form or call (610) 692-4440.

Dick Chwalek is National Dental Marketing Consultant in Minnesota.


Connective Communication: Part 2 = Advanced Dental Marketing

> Effectively Divide & ‘Devine’ – Part II

The Marketing π Formula Connective Communication© creates a context and a filter (strategy) for separating complexity from simplicity. While there will always be dentists who will want to do it themselves with some portion of them being successful, the law of advertising development gravity is still in effect: the limits of time and marketing experience/awareness.

Time to accomplish all the tasks (which have not magically disappeared because of the web) and time to simply think about strategy is required. Additionally, the value of communication and dental marketing experience and expertise will always have value.

If, at one point in the distant future, machines sideline dental marketers and consultants, it most likely will correspond with the departure of human involvement in dentistry.

More importantly, the Connective Communication© strategy overcomes many of the obstacles faced by dental offices looking for patients and patients deciding to go to the dentist and pay any fees that are not covered by insurance. The most common question I get about dental marketing centers around this seemingly intractable issue.

The economy has impacted it in an obvious way, but in reality it was the good economy that covered up the ineffectiveness of promoting dentistry as most dentists do it. Of course, the biggest problem is that few dentists are promoting themselves.

In a recent survey, I developed for a dental laboratory (50 of their 100 or so dentists responded), over 90% of their dentist clients did no external marketing: insurance, team and patient referrals were often the top three choices. And, only a few those dentists (in the other ten percent) did something besides the yellow pages or a ‘website’.

What is the reason for this low rate of external advertising participation? It is a lack of understanding in the value of a well-rounded strategy, which is solved by the Connective Communication© equation. The added value is the formula’s ability to offer the dentist a way to structure their marketing plan without being overtaken by the marketing apparatus.

Trust is built in the value of doing more marketing and better communication because the dentist is in control and success is attained because they proceed with a complete plan. Rather than only implementing elements they like, have been promoted by their colleagues, overhyped online or oversold at seminars.

Without building trust and improving success potential for more dentists, marketers will always be fighting over the same group of dentists. The group consists of many sub groups: dentists looking for deals, dentists who want a guarantee or dentists who want to do most marketing by themselves. And finally, the biggest scuffle is over dentists who are jumping from marketer/consultant to another because nothing ‘works’ consistently.

Ironically, consistency works consistently. Flossing really good for one month and then waiting to ‘see what happens’ is a good analogy to the DIY or one big, next thing dental marketing bandwagon. When a patient has a broken tooth, flossing to repair it would be a less than perfect solution, but dentists often expect the Internet to do things it cannot like reach into homes and wake up the consumer. Something direct mail/dental postcards are able to do. “Nobody likes junk mail” – except when they need/want the services promoted.

Of course a proper strategy is required, which most dental marketers do not offer since it is easier to sell the ONE SIMPLE solution product, service or system. Selling one ‘simplistic’ idea to thousands of dentists provides the ‘multiples’ in profit generation bigger companies thrive on. What dentists get from usually is not in the same ‘profit’ league.

The compounded irony is that this paradigm also equates to the same scuffle dentists have over the stagnant group of patients they get from the same old sources: insurance, patient and team referrals. And if you haven’t noticed, those patient numbers are not growing very much.

Connective Communication© has the potential to transform the landscape of your dental office marketing. Everything else is merely nipping at the heals of the dental health dearth in participation in this country.

Sadly, overseas dentistry occurs in large amount due to people putting off dental treatment: ten years of no dentistry adds up. Therefore, it is very Cost of dental treatment becomes a large issue because inconsistent or too often nonexistent marketing did not bring in the dental consumers earlier.

Anyone that can travel overseas for their dental care had the money to do little things each year for the last ten that would have save them much more money, time and headache. Communication is everything – do it in slipshod manner with half pint marketing tactics and dentists get the same result consumers do with their half hearted dental care habits.

More about in future dental marketing consulting posts. Read the introduction here: Connective Communication©

Sincerely, Dick ChwalekDentist Communication Coach & Dental Marketing Consultant

CALL 1.888.380.0020, Talk to Oli to set up with consult with me.

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Heritage Construction: MN Dental Offices Builder Case Study

builders_dental_smile_brooklyn_treatments_center_mnNorthern Dental Alliance member Heritage Construction Companies of Elk River builds and remodels dental offices throughout Minnesota and the region.

This case study covers three offices: two were expanded & remodeled and the other was new practice construction.

All three building projects involved the same client: Smile Center. The offices are located in Big Lake, St. Paul and Brooklyn Park.

Smile Center Location
  • Brooklyn Park, MN
  • Size: 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Competitive BID Project 

Project Details

A new sixteen chair dental facility built with high end architectural features. Heritage Construction developed and built the stone and stucco building incorporating high atriums and other design highlights in combination with an extremely user friendly layout for the dental practice.

The pre-construction phase of the building had some challenges due to its close proximity to Brooklyn Boulevard. In addition, a large concrete bridge pier as well as an entire building foundation were discovered during the first day of excavation.

Heritage devised solutions and continued with constructing the new building. The facility was completed as proposed and the dental group was very happy with the building process.

"The biggest thing that stands out about Heritage Construction is how professional they are as a company. Their honesty and follow through on all projects, no matter how big or small, and their attention to detail makes the construction process so much easier."
Joan Hauge - Smile Center

Smile Center Locations

  • Big Lake, St. Paul
  • Interior and Exterior Expansion
  • Parking Lots and Offices

Project Details

Heritage has partnered with Smile Centers several times to provide the building services they need – whether interior, exterior or both.

For the last two projects in Big Lake and St. Paul, Heritage has provided the assistance needed by the Smile Centers. In both locations, the facilities needed larger parking lots to accommodate patient needs for parking.

Heritage built and expanded the parking lots, including a double parking lot addition in Big Lake.
The St. Paul location also needed additional offices for staff needs. Heritage built out two new offices to match the current location and provided the additional space that was necessary.

REVIEW Other Dental Office Construction Projects Developed by Heritage.

Contact Heritage Construction today to learn how our team of professionals can efficiently customize your medical or dental office building project to suit your specific business requirements.


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Dick Chwalek,
Also a NDA member.

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Recently Twittered: Your Brain Minus Teeth = Gray Matter Drained

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  1. Basically, Regular brushing-flossing-dentist visits will save more than just your teeth, it can save what matters most - the gray matter.
  1. Missing teeth & oral disease of any kind seems to increase mind altering misfires. So boost up dental health or let the dumbing down begin.
  1. Boston U researchers also found: More cavities usually meant lower cognition. People with no tooth loss tended to do better on their tests.
Tooth loss drains brains. Study shows more cognitive decline for each tooth lost. Should change the adage from 'Dress' to Brush for Success.Want to know more about how dental disease drains the brain of its cognitive powers? Link here -

Dick Chwalek, Niche Dental

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