2nd of Series: To See More Patients Consistently – Imagine Dentistry Differently

This is the 2nd Installment of my series on Connective Communication© as how it relates to the way patients and dentists perceive their 'fields of disinterest'...

First, A Quick Previous Portion Review...

Dentistry Reductionism Source Discovery:
Words & Questions Above: Who do these words and statements relate to:
    = The Public & Patients Value Perspective of Dentistry
    = Most Dentists View of/Approach to Marketing
HmmmNotice the similarity?

Whoa...! Correlation may just Equal Causation!

Theorem = Patients prioritize the value of dentistry as dentists do the value of communicating the priority to patients.

Theorem Research and Explanation
Dental Communication Math
CE Equations
    100 hours of continuing education + 5 hours communicating to public/patients (beyond 1 on 1) = 95 hours of wasted education
Exponential Remainder:
    Few New patients
    + They do less
    = lower revenues, lower economy productivity & diminished public health
Advanced Treatment Equations

Cosmetic Dentistry over focused + Lack of public & patient communication = 'overselling' sticker-shock blowback!
    The Public thinks and often patients only know dental care as about health & teeth, patch & fill/emergency care
    One tooth at a time dentistry is ingrained - so treatment planning is 'overselling' rather than 'modern approach' with long term value
New Technology + Wow Dental Office + Same general public awareness of dentistry
    = Boom then Plateau as 'cool' wears off and 'ingrained' beliefs take back the day

LEARN about ‘New Patient Availability' and Connective Communication© Results:


Low Priority CAUSE Hypothesis
Skimpy Dental Marketing: penny wise - few new patients rule thus.
    Slam Bam Huge Campaign then Thank You Marketing Man till fear about low revenues reappear
    Cheap Slap About Websites: content is generic, value poor, often traditional perspective stagnant = little good news in bad economic times
Statistics to Back Up My Antics Notes:
"Overall, there was no change in the percentage of the population with a dental visit from 1996 to 2004." (

Ouch! Painless Dentistry Marketing seems to be lacking in the industry.


Next Installment
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Dental Marketing REALITY CHECK UP



LEARN about ‘New Patient Availability'
and Connective Communication© Results:

Connective Communication© = Dental Marketing

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