Technology Gets Dental Treatment Right In Traverse City

Dentistry Technology has positively changed how dental care is experienced. However, it is interesting how much treatment is still done using 'guestimation' - to some extent. While basing treatment on expertise and experience is often all that is needed - 'really knowing' what is going on in the mouth is the leap forward we should expect today.

Basically, each person's oral anatomy is different - teeth, bone and the disease both will harbor like to hide. The type of scanning technology referenced in this Online News Release takes diagnosis and treatment to whole other level...

Northwood Dental Continues To Improve Dentistry In Traverse City Michigan Area

Northwood Dental, led by Dr. Brian Klym, is now equipped with the innovative Kodak 9000 3D imaging system, illustrating Northwood Dental's continuing commitment to quality dental care. Dr. Klym is the first general dentist in the area to acquire this state-of-the-art equipment, which benefits his patients for many reasons:

Improved Diagnostics: Traverse City Dentist Dr. Klym can now determine a diagnosis more accurately and more quickly, helping to minimize repeat visits, saving patients time and money. "Before I even start, I can see the whole three-dimensional anatomy of the root canal where before I could not." Dr. Klym said.

Comfort: Tailored specifically for a patient to sit facing outward, the Kodak 9000 allows patients to see their Northwood caregiver as the scans are performed-making it a more comfortable experience. "You stand up in the machine, and it's very open room, you don't feel confined, no sense of claustrophobia. The average scan is only 24 seconds."

Technology: The Kodak 9000 shows high-resolution images, allowing Dr. Klym to perform more informed and precise procedures. "I get a three-dimensional 'model' of the bone, and that allows me to see things that I can't see two dimensionally," said Dr. Klym. "I can take precise measurements."

Safety: The Kodak 9000 uses significantly less radiation than many other imaging systems. As Dr. Klym explains, "[Other] medical scanners acquire images that use radiation doses of 40-60 times that of the cone beam that we're using. Ours is even less than the typical cone beam, so it's more like other scanners are 80 times more."

The Kodak 9000 imaging system allows Dr. Klym to capture and view three-dimensional images of a patient's mouth, allowing for an unprecedented level of anatomical detail-and a comprehensive assessment of a patient's oral health.

The addition of the Kodak 9000 imaging system is the latest in a series of events illustrating the continued development of Northwood Dental. Dr. Klym and his team of professionals have provided a full range of dental care to the Traverse City area for years, including but not limited to:

General Dentistry
Hygiene/Preventative Care • Periodontal Therapy • Emergency Services

Restorative Dentistry
Dental ImplantsTooth Saving Root Canals • Mercury-free Fillings (natural looking) • Crowns/Bridges

Cosmetic Dentistry
Smile Makeover VeneersInvisalign® clear 'braces' • Teeth Whitening • Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

Sedation Dentistry
Comfortable, safe alternative for patients in pain or anxiety

For more about these services, please refer to

The entire staff at Northwood Dental is hand-picked for their training and experience in all dental areas. Whether seeking a routine preventative visit or restorative implants, Dr. Klym and his team are prepared to give patients a positive and comfortable experience.

And according to Northwood's patients, they succeed. Their dental office website contains testimonials from real patients in the Traverse City area who explain why they prefer Northwood Dental: from complete health to natural-looking results.

Dr. Klym's passion for dentistry runs in the family. His father was an endodontic specialist, bestowing on him an appreciation for dental care at an early age. Now as a general dentist, Dr. Klym is capable and trained for a full range of dental services.

Located in Traverse City, Michigan, Dr. Klym and his team at Northwood Dental continue to grow and seek new patients to serve. They hope to expand their service to help new patients and make a positive difference in their lives.

To learn more about their local office and advanced treatments offered, contact Northwood Dental at (231) 947-7202, or visit them online at

Contact Information
Northwood Dental
Brian P. Klym D.D.S.
10748 E. Traverse Highway
Traverse City, Michigan 49684
(231) 947-7202


Video: Nashville Dentist Discusses How Large Mercury Silver Fillings Split Teeth, Hide Decay...

It is not possible to x-ray through silver-mercury dental fillings - so dentists cannot see decay, disease, etc - underneath.

Plus the bigger metal fillings are - the more likely they are to crack or even split apart.

Dr. Kent White - a Nashville TN area dentist - approaches dentistry comprehensively - but starts wherever a patient is able to. Dentistry is most expensive when you wait - contact his office for more now.

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Dental Website Content: 4 NEW PATIENTS! NOT 4 YOU/ME...

Quick Navigation. Short Sentences. All about Style. Get in. Get Out!

And Of Course, That Pesky Call to Action! ZAP POW. Brown Cow! Mow. Wow.

Uuuh. Why? Who Told You DAT!

Web Designer? Your Team? A Patient Who Works On Website?

Or was it You - Dentist Person? Sneaky....

Everybody Wrong! Even me. Yes, difficult to believe I wrong. First time. Ever.

Actually, All Are Right.

I can't offend anyone - against my nature. At least not until I am paid my Exorbitant Fee for my dental consulting mumbo jumbo gums-bo.

I am only asking for all this money to help the economy grow - altruistic is my middle name.

Where is this all going - besides into my pocket? Basically, if you have read this far: case closed. Meaning - when something is important to you - you will read and search and click and do it again until you are done.

Nothing is TOO long. NOTHING is TOO much if you really need to make sure - which might be like patients who are afraid to come in and those who do not 'TRUST' dentists.

What works is what works not what we think works.

For examples... (not for - two examples.)

Dental Postcards don't work because they are junk mail. But, I can show where patients come in because of them.

Outdoor Advertising is too costly and I like online stuff - thingies. Yet, I can show how more money makes MORE money even in this economy.

Misperceptions about what works and what does not is common because we are quickly influenced by 'wrong experiences' - WE HAVE.

People who have the GOOD experiences like these marketing concepts. We are STUCK inside our brains of anecdotal likey, like. Experts in narrow aspects of any type of marketing believe their marketing works. They MUST think that way.

Otherwise their brains will explode into - doing what I do - NOT getting stuck in a rut of wrong way wilson.
Patients who already KNOW how much they will pay for dentistry or the size of treatment plan they believe is valid are doing the same thing.

What I do is look at what the consumer actually wants. I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN what experts in any part of the business believe WORKS! They NEED to SELL Their PRODUCT.

(And I will sell their product = but NOT at the level they might want or in the exact WAY they have pushed.)

YOU DONT GIVE A DAMN about marketing - you want NEW PATIENTS!

QUIT looking what for works. Nothing works except what WORKS.

YOU KNOW DENTISTRY. Patients NEED YOUR EXPERTISE - so stop trying to figure Marketing Out!

I have 14+ YEARS of looking away from the DISCO BALL of maybes and trinkets of marketing flop flip and focusing on REAL COMMUNICATION!


Communication is what you need to GET NEW PATIENTS!

Good Marketing is Communication without the 'works' - we see - but what patients need to see/understand.

Having worked at a pizza place for a few years - I know the works is $14.99 for a large - medium is $12.88.

You want MORE than what works - you want to do MORE than what marketers have NOT been doing for many years, which is getting more patients to do more, and some TO DO ANYTHING!

COST Is a RED herring. 40% of the people NOT going to the DENTIST are considered HIGH INCOME!

HALF OFF is HALF WIT MARKETING. (Except Whitening - which is Not expertise.)



RED is WRONG. Half Off Never. Take THAT to the BANK.

If cussing a BLUE STREAK got you TONS of NEW PATIENTS, you would SIGN ME ON to BLUE THINGS UP, RIGHT!?

I do marketing supported by a passion for communication. Consumer health is NOT about CALLS to Action. PAIN, embarrassment and disease is the CALL to Action.

Dentists just need to BE IN THE ACTION - regularly, creatively and consistently - AND comprehensively.

Include a well researched plan. PLUS tracking to refine and enhance and get back out there with BETTER.

When it comes to developing your WEBSITE, don't develop it like YOU LIKE - develop it so it builds VALUE in a way that REAL PEOPLE who need dentistry need it to be developed.

> What I look for:
> especially when working with a Dentist that has extensive skills and at least a decent amount of content.

1st Level: quickly want address and/or phone#/email

2nd Level: want services/doc CV basics - look, design, feel of website/etc.

3rd Level: need to see/experience reason to trust - 'value/cost' perception fit theirs - details start to matter - B/A pics/Testimonials

4th Level: need to be assured doc is the best, has everything in place, lots to backup - in triplicate plus 10 -
-- where just having "lots" of information works all by itself - of course, better written/designed/laid out - works better than lots and not.
-- these patients have searched and searched and/or worried and worried - and the 'best site' they find will be the winner.
(will look around a lot - maybe come back - talk to others - come back again and again but when they do - they are READY! Case presentation is them giving you a suitCASE of cash flowation and trust admiration. Good dentistry is NEVER about selling - it is about communicating value effectively - selling is a killer if the connective communication is not established.)

Most important: keep at it - add more when pertinent. Not look like every dentist same or visitor perceive expertise as generic. Plus will always be dentists who keep enhancing presence.

Need be Consistent & Persistence at Demonstrating Value Effectively: Pics/Quotes & Articles and/or Pages. It is -- same/same -- only diff is how it weaved underneath.

My value as a consultant is providing the context of many perspectives on marketing dentistry to consumers.

While my expertise my overlap your designer or web developer in various ways - they are the experts in putting it together well - determining how to fill pages or set up navigation.

Total pages to me is irrelevant: constrained more because of cost and/or time as well as 'wealth of content' available from client.

The Site builders/The Dentist/Me The Consultants are only ones who read entire site (or even think about how big it is).

Dental visitors view only what is pertinent to them: maybe only one service element - like implants.

Lower content volume perception (wherever located/how linked) tends towards 'value less' expertise. Of course, content is laid out in a cascading fashion - not a 'stuffed in sack' presentation.
Oliver (Oli) Gonsalves
Niche Dental New Client Liaison, Direct At:

Marketing Commentary By
Dick Chwalek -
Dentist Marketing Coach, Dental Communication Consultant.


33 NEW Dental Patients Per Month Average

For over a year - one dentist - one location - best Month June 2010, Best June Ever 2010, Best Month Ever June 2010!

How was it done?

With Connective Communication.

Complexity Simplified 4Success!
No Gimmicks. No Pressure. Just Real Healthy Marketing

Yes, U Can Do-it-Yourself (DIY).

Go sink your teeth into the easy as pie of cool - Google, Yahoo, Bing bling - whipped up online gorging.

Then more and more dentists start biting into it and you start all over again, and again, and again and...

All that you have is pie online your face. Here is a napkin and some info that will Chart a better PI for your dental office advertising.

Even though virtual space is great in many ways - understanding the reality of the communication environment (real human beings inhabit) is crucial to success in this day and age, and tomorrow too.

Marketing is a lot like dentistry. When undervalued, underfunded and time crunched, what is the result?

Example of how insidious DIY can be:

I know of a dentist who placed his own veneers - pretty sure - prepped them too.

Another who said (on national TV if I am not mistaken) he wouldn't let other dentists do his teeth - because he thought they may not do a 'good job'... Or something to that effect.

How many consumers are doing that right now!?

Doing their own dentistry - not prepping teeth - but doing very little home care, avoiding the dentist visit or have 'given up' because of fear, trust or ignorance about the value advanced dentistry now offers.

ANSWER: About half of consumers are not doing enough (45% or thereabouts).

Yes - money/cost is an issue. But many of those 45% of consumers have money to 'spend' and are probably still spending a good portion of it (or could)?

Let's say 135 millions Americans are not going to dentist 'regularly' - total.

175 Million are adults over 30 (US Census 2009) the cohort most likely to have their own money to spend and would have more dentistry needs then the younger cohort.

Of That 175 million - About 40% of that 45% are high income individuals who don't go to the dentist regularly - about once in two years or less.

That is about 70 Million people. Obviously, the economy has changed this number somewhat.

NOTE: To be clear - this is not about gouging high income earners and forgetting those who might never have the money to 'buy' dental care themselves.

The focus is not one group to the deficit of the other - but that the economy runs on money - rich and poor people need to be dentally healthy. If we all value dentistry more - more of us will save more of our dollars for it.

So we have 70 million people who probably are 'rich' enough to do more dentistry. Since we know some can't now (hopefully soon), others just won't ever want to do more and the 40% might be off by some. Let's go with just 30 million people.

There are about 135,000 General Dentists in the US.

Maybe 10,000 Dentists* are doing enough marketing that 'changing over' to Connective Communication (or any strategy) would not make sense.

Another 25,000 Dentists* are just not going to budge from their stuck in the mud stance: Marketing dumb. Me go under soon. Need energy to swim.

Another group are associates and dentists who work with a franchising operation with many dental offices and would do it differently: 10,000 Dentists.*

Even another group does dentistry 'under the direction' of the dental insurance companies**. Insurance is good except when it influences us more towards 'good enough' rather than done right. This can be done by 'capping' fees and/or by making dentistry a cost issue more than a health issue.

Actually another cohort: Some are retiring and new ones coming onboard, but many young dentists 'know the internet' and just have too much energy and maybe time on their hands that they will be more likely to do it themselves. That takes out maybe the youngest 10,000 dentists.*

That leaves us with 60,000 Dentists* who in the next five years would be likely to move ahead with a strategy that actually changes things rather than reacts to them and then run after them in a huff and puff of mixed bagged mediocre muddle through marketing.

*Numbers of dentists are Approximated by me - generally what I have seen in percentages over 14 years of working with 300+ dentists - in various circumstances - but you can always check my math to be sure.

This means there are 500 consumers who have the money - to buy something right now - from each of those 60,000 dentists.

They are not doing this 'dental care upgrade' because - as Sgt. Schultz once said - or many times: I see nothing! New on a regular basis about why I should do anything different. Plus I am busy running from stuff I fear, to things more important, more valuable... Hogan. Hogan. Get me my limo!"

Now these 500 are the most likely to do something right now and with a decent push. The potential number of people who will do MORE dentistry than they ever would have (using Connective Communication) as well as sooner are limitless...

Next year, there will be more - younger ones getting older - less wealthy getting wealthier.

PLUS those in a cohort where the money was 'tighter' and might still be - will also start understanding the value of dentistry in their lives and the length of their lives as well.

And the tougher to convince cohort - maybe another 30 Million plus - will be influenced by people they trust now and with the Connective Communication you do - will come to you faster and first.

However, if you just look at this 500 number and figure they will do $5,000 on average in new treatment - that is $2.5 Million dollars. That is for treatment only, which means another 10, 20, 30+ years of regular visits - without insurance companies** nickel and dime overseeing you at every tooth turned.

So how do you make this kind of impact that will effectively encourage consumers to upgrade their dental care value status, and become your new patients?

CALL Oliver (Oli) Gonsalves
Niche Dental New Client Liaison, Direct At:

He will find out what your needs are and then you and I can talk.

Sincerely, Dick Chwalek
Niche Dental President - Consultant, Coach.

**INSURANCE COMPANIES DISCLAIMER: While I believe they 'work for many people' and provide a 'valuable interim' service - they cannot be dentistry focused - which is what someone in need of 'care' requires - or insurance companies would be dentists - free market has its price too.

That Said - many consumers are wedded too tightly to the 'opinion' of the insurance company's fee limits - as if the limits have a meaning related to 'good care' and are associated with any type of long term beneficial treatment plan.

Imagine having 8 broken bones and waiting to get all fixed over 8 years. Then considering what you have done to your body during that time. One tooth at a time dentistry is death by a thousand drill squeals.