Introducing the Northern Dental Alliance

What we don’t know can HELP us! This is the premise of the Northern Dental Alliance. NDA gets dentists the right information at the right time.

Discover how you can make your future much brighter: by enhancing your retirement and overall wealth, improving dental case development skills, better facilitating your practice purchase or sale, adeptly navigating all your legal needs, and marketing your dental expertise and services more effectively! NDA is ready to help you no matter where you are located: east, west, north or south!

Who is the Northern Dental Alliance (NDA) and what do they do?
➢ Northern Location – National Relevance
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NDA Members...

Dental Practice Transitions – Mike Haase, Aftco
• Makes the most out of your biggest asset. Preparing you for the unexpected.

Health Law Services – Michael Weber, Weber Law Office -- serving dentists and other health professionals
• Providing quality and responsive legal services, including professional licensure, business, employment, regulatory compliance, and health-related trial work.

Dental Laboratory MN – Randy Renstrom and Nick Schuett, Renstrom Dental Studio and Crocus Dental Technology
• Exceptional, cost-relevant crown and bridge, case design/development, esthetic, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry

Dentist Wealth Management – Rick Epple, CFP® - Epple Financial Advisors, LLC
• Develops and puts in place a plan to achieve financial independence. Tying your business and personal life together.

Integrated Dental Communication MarketingDick Chwalek, Niche Dental
• Identifies your Niche. Creates your Brand. Integrates your Marketing. Implements your Strategy.