Reality Dental Marketing Principles

These concepts are most valuable to dentists who have tried all the generic dental marketing strategies and products. Dentists with significant expertise that desire to develop a patient base who want and will pay for a higher level of results. Consumers who need re-constructive dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and smile makeovers.
  • Consistent and persistent communication is a large percentage of success
  • Creativity and uniqueness is necessary for differentiation and achieving a competitive advantage
  • Effectiveness will dissipate with competition, familiarity, economic conditions, societal changes, technology advances, etc.
  • Constant enhancement and refinement are required to overcome dissipation
  • Almost anything will work, if no other dentists (or very few) are marketing
  • Dental care has a history, which means the consumer has an attitude about it that makes it more challenging than other services and products
  • Helping consumers navigate around dental insurance reliance and dental phobias make the phone person key
  • Dentists need to be the BRAND not dental services or technology; otherwise patients will more often see recommendations merely as a starting point
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Dick Chwalek
- Dental Marketing Coach and Consultant

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