Do MORE With Less… “Niche” Your Dental Practice!

Consumers want what you offer, every bit of it. But that is the problem. There is too much “every” so nothing develops deep value. Narrowing your dental expertise to a niche makes it much easier for them to “want more of it––now”.

Yes, many people stop at cost and some stay away because of fear, but a large percentage of the public puts off more dentistry because of ignorance. All they “see” is dentistry of the past or a generic cosmetic dentistry concept.

Stand out by developing your dentistry niche! I work with a Connecticut dentist that prospective patients call up and say, “You are one of only two cosmetic dental specialists in the area.” While he lets them know he is NOT a specialist–he is perceived as one because of his niche focus (and his peers lack of focus).

He offers every service, but effectively mines his dentistry niche. The economy has been tough in his area for many years, but he draws people from all over who want “his” level of care.

Recently in KC, I met with about 25 dentists from all over the U.S. – some said they attracted patients because of their niche focus. Many patients they attracted with their marketing left other dental practices that actually did this “kind of work”, but patients were clueless. Some dentists at the KC meeting were also in that position: patients unaware of their expertise in cosmetic dentistry. Imagine how many are not going to any dentist because of ignorance. How many are leaving your dental practice?

If a dentist’s patients don’t know about their expertise, how can the public ever figure it out without the communication process changing? Go beyond dental services; niche your dental expertise. There are too many services, which confuses the consumer. Then all the dental technology – that your competition also ends up promoting in 6 months – which throws more fuel on the fire of confusion-ism.

Most people hang with the herd, dentists as well as consumers. It is so loud and crowded that we move together, and change little. Then all of a sudden the herd stampedes – we cannot see the cliff – and end up going over it with the rest of them.

For example, everyone’s following the pricing model (consumers and dentists): pretty soon dental expertise will fall off the cliff of irrelevance. Communicating a niche is the other path. It builds expertise value. You’ll do MORE with less (confusion).

Come to Renstrom Dental Studio on February 7, 2008 and I will give you a primer on how to profit from your niche.

And Remember… Define, Refine and among other things get your dental niche Online!

Sincerely, Dick Chwalek • NicheDental.comDental Communication Integration Consultant