Minnesota Dental Meeting Last Weekend in April

Many dentists. Much to learn. Lots to do. When it is all said and done, they should have the patients to make it all worth it. More consumers should have the dental health they deserve. Dentists can make it happen with Connective communication.

That said, here are the details...

MDA 2010 Star of the North Meeting

  • Saint Paul RiverCentre
  • APRIL 22-24, 2010
The Star of the North Meeting presented by the Minnesota Dental Association is the Upper Midwest’s main state dental conference. Thousands of dentists and dental professionals from around the region will be able to take in dozens of seminars from clinical to practice management.

Exhibitors representing nearly 300 Twin Cities, Minnesota, regional and national companies will be in attendance as well. The exhibit floor will be open on Friday and Saturday, April 23-24.
Many Northern Dental Alliance Members will also be in attendance and some having booths on the exhibition floor.

NDA Member Exhibitors
NDA Members Attending Meeting


Financial EXIT Strategy: $ Maximizing Business Valuations $

Selling your business is a very important time in your life as well as your employees, customers and even community. For dentists and dental offices, it also comes down to the health of their patients. Rick Epple, a NDA member, is involved in the following forum which will help dentists and other businesses manage this transition so you can make healthy decisions for all...

Minnesota area dentists and other business owners are invited to a BABO (Bring a Business Owner) Event on Friday, March 19, 2010 (details below).

This financial talk and business forum are sponsored by Rick Epple, CFP®, of Epple Financial Advisors, LLC (Northern Dental Alliance member) and Margaret A. T. Cronin of Grandchamp, Guyette & Cronin, PLLC.

Sooner or later, you, like every dental practice owner, will need to transfer ownership of your business. Selling the your dental office is the final part or your role in building it. For most business owners, this is an emotional event. It is also a complex process involving financial auditing, confidentiality issues, title transfers, price negotiations, all while continuing to run your dental office.

Our keynote speaker, Thomas W. Lyons, will address common questions for business owners to consider, including:
  1. How much is your dental office worth?
  2. How will you know the right time to sell your dental office?
  3. How can you protect your assets when retiring?
  4. Are there things you can do to prepare for the eventual sale or transfer or your business?
  5. How can you minimize the taxes due at the time of the sale of your business?
Lyon's presentation will be followed by a panel discussion of experts in the legal, financial, and business valuations areas.

Keynote Speaker
Thomas W. Lyons Founding partner of Faelon Partners, Ltd., a mergers, acquisitions, and consulting firm.

The Panel
Friday, March 19th, 2010 7:30-9:30 a.m.
Golden Valley Golf & Country Club
7001 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley, MN 55427


So please call 952-767-3480 or
email to reserve your spot today.

The event is free to attend if you are a business owner or bring one with you! A breakfast of gourmet French Toast with Caramelized Apples and Spiced Maple Syrup will be served.


Michigan Dentists' Dentist Designated Invisalign Orthodontics Preferred Provider

Looking for a dentist with a comprehensive focus?

Searching for a solution to straighter teeth?

Want an alternative to standard metal bracket braces?

If you reside in Northwest Michigan, consider visiting Dr. Brian Klym.

Preferred Invisalign Provider

With years of experience, numerous hours of training and multiple teeth straightening treatments performed, Dr. Brian Klym of Traverse City has been designated a Preferred Provider by Invisalign. Known as the clear alternative to braces, this comfortable and removable orthodontic system has helped Dr. Klym straighten the smiles of many of his patients.

Invisalign realizes trust plays a major role in the choosing of a doctor-no matter what type of treatment they perform-whether medical or dental related. The invisible orthodontics pioneer carefully determines which general dentists or orthodontist specialists will be their Preferred Providers; updating the roster each year.

Preferred Providers have achieved a specific level of clinical training and experience in Invisalign treatment. As of today, Dr. Klym is the only practitioner (dentist or orthodontist specialist) in the Traverse City area to be selected by Invisalign.

Invisalign asks dental patients to look for the Preferred Provider 2010 designation when they visit the dentists or orthodontists' websites or arrive at the office for their initial consultation.

This advanced orthodontics technology provides an option that is conducive to the lives and smile straightening needs of adults and teens. Convenience, comfort and confidence in his services and Invisalign's system are key elements making consistent treatment success possible for Dr. Klym's patients.

With Invisalign's 3D imaging technology, Dr. Klym produces a complete, digitized treatment plan. Each stage of the orthodontic therapy, from the initial position of the patient's teeth through the final desired position, is on computer. The Traverse City general dentist has successfully completed multiple smile alignments utilizing this dental technology.

According to Dr. Klym, "Advanced dentistry is about options. One-size-fits-all treatments make it difficult to achieve the goals patients have. Traditional bracket (metal) braces are still vital for treating patients when required by the orthodontic diagnosis. However, Invisalign is a superb alternative for many people with uneven smiles, crooked teeth or smile gaps."

He continues: "No matter what kind of cosmetic, restorative and/or preventive dentistry is needed or wanted, I make sure patients receive the proper care. A thorough examination is required to determine what is best in each case."

Patients and consumers should do their research on how this advanced teeth straightening solution transforms smiles.

Visit for more about orthodontic treatment and Preferred Provider selection. Then review Dr. Klym's background on Finally, patients with orthodontia and smile alignment questions should schedule a smile consultation at the Northwood Dental office to determine the most effective treatment.

Background and Complementary Expertise
Dr. Brian P. Klym received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan in 1996. He opened his Glen Arbor practice in 1998. Then in 2005 he relocated to Traverse City, Michigan and created a modern, comfortable office space, where he treats patients in a comprehensive and caring manner. As well as continues to enhance his knowledge and skills through ongoing education.

Dr. Klym is a member of the American and Michigan Dental Associations. Is certified in oral conscious sedation dentistry by the DOCS education program. He is a highly acknowledged member of the following organizations because of his extensive training and hands-on coursework: Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry (OBI) and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

He recently completed the yearlong dental implant fellowship at the prestigious Misch Implant Institute, headquartered in the Detroit area. In addition, his father, a root canal specialist (endodontist), inspired him to consistently develop his skills in endodontic therapy, a tooth-saving treatment. Dr. Klym is also a Clinical Consultant for Dental Advisor Magazine.

Comprehensive Dental Marketing
Contact Dick Chwalek
866-453-1026 ext 251

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Fee-Only Financial Planner for Dentists Video Presentation

Rick Epple presents the concept of fee-only financial planning. Learn the value of his fiduciary responsibility and how that focus provides substantial assurances in the guidance of your investments and overall financial future.

Whether it is tax planning, life insurance coverage, stock portfolio allotment and all other ways dentists like you place your income and investments.

Rick's firm, Epple Financial Advisors is located in Wayzata, Minnesota. However, he works with dentists around the country on their goals for financial independence.

He knows most dentists have two main concerns: their financial future and choosing the right advisor. Everyone wants a financial advisor with ethics and integrity. Those characteristics are vital part of creating a successful plan.

According to Rick, "I want to be the financial advisor whose integrity and character would be make my own family members feel comfortable. And I want to help each client create enough wealth so that they have the resources to live a life with no regrets--the life they dreamed about."

View Rick Epples profile on LinkedIn

Read his latest Article - on the NDA website:

Besides being the founder and president of Epple Financial Advisors, he is also a founder of the Northern Dental Alliance and a member. In addition, he is a leader in the financial planning community. He serves on the Midwest Regional Board for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and for a number of years was the Director of Career Development for the Minnesota Financial Planning Association.

As a qualified professional in the areas of retirement strategies and investments, Rick has been interviewed and contributed to articles in the Washington Post, Money Magazine, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, Parent's Magazine, NAPFA Advisor, and Fortune Magazine. Rick has also contributed to the Book "Just Give Me the Answer$: Expert Advisors Address Your Most Pressing Financial Questions".

Epple Financial Advisors
1000 Twelve Oaks Center Dr., Suite 101
Wayzata, MN 55391


Improve Dental Treatment Acceptance: Make Value Standout

Comprehensive dentistry improves lives. Therefore, when patients walk out the door without accepting your treatment plan, everyone loses.

Whether people want to pay or not is NOT the issue. The issue is communication: done well or not done well. Improving your case presentation communication, which means knowing how to handle objections, is vital to the patient's dental health and your practice revenues.

Making money is what a business needs to do. While over treatment or over selling dentistry could be an issue in some cases, the UNDER PURCHASING of dentistry in the U.S. is a blatantly obvious travesty of unhealthy proportions.

Read the dental visit and health statistics on the home page of for more on the lack of dentistry acceptance and its resultant problems.

Claudia Walters of CW Dental Consulting is able to provide you with exceptional training in an affordable and efficient manner.

Her Skype Video dental/dentist office consults and detailed training, practice management & teamwork coaching and extensive list of easy to implement scripts can significantly improve patient health and dental office revenues.

Claudia will help you guide patients to total oral health even when they present objections that seem to stop them from achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

It is critical to have an answer to each of their objections when presenting dental treatment. While cost can seem to be a non-negotiable obstacle, it often is a way to postpone a decision not to completely avoid it.

Sticker shock to your treatment plan recommendation can be an initial reaction, but it does not need to be a fatal blow to the process.

Whatever the objection or question Claudia will help you change the dynamic towards accepting an appropriate oral health improving and smile confidence building treatment. Whether it is cosmetic dentistry veneers, Invisalign braces or dental implants, make your case effectively every time.

Be on top of your game in 2010. Contact CW Dental Consulting to redirect objections to show your patients the way to better dental health. Claudia Walters:

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& Connective Communication