Lacking It Dental Brands: When New Patients First Question is "Do You Take My Dental Insurance?"

Dentists who provide high value care should not routinely hear as an initial question from new patients something similar to, "Do you take my dental insurance?”

Achieving a consistent, positive presence in a local dentistry market is crucial for a dentist to realize long-term success. This is especially true of dentists who, to be viable, must attract a higher percentage of patients who want and expect more value, and will accept more comprehensive  recommendations.

Unfortunately, many consumers have a generic, if not more negative, view of dentistry. Therefore, without evaluating the marketing environment and the strategies needed to pursue that market now, and upgrading how the dentist presents him or herself to fit the new landscape, each marketing action can lead the audience to form the wrong impression about the dentist's service, and back to the future.

Successfully changing perceptions requires more than in-office pronouncements about quality or search advertising that links to a promotion of free teeth/smile whitening, a new technology or cosmetic dentistry technique.

For example, Invisalign 'clear braces' have a great dental technology concept, but every other dentist uses it or a similar product.

Taking a proactive, pragmatic, strategic approach is necessary to change this impression. The educative value of this tightly focused approach is much greater than the sum of its parts. Understanding the basic components of effective marketing will keep the focus on long-term results.

Evaluating these components offers insight into the effectiveness of your strategy. Achieving synergy in marketing makes it more likely that people are not only made aware of the dentist's image and message, but that patients also react more appropriately to the dentist's recommendations.

Each dental marketing component – high value branding, a consistent neighborhood conversation, and assertive public presence – will be examined to develop a synergistic dentist, dental office brand identity.

In this first installment, I will look at what is the type of high value image dentists should strive to present.

High Value Image

The FOUR components of a high value image include design, message, logo, and presentation, which constitute the overall dental brand.
  • Design:  It includes colors, style of interior, external, patient, and public presented elements, and a cohesively projected image
  • Message:  It involves what is said, how it is said and how often it is being said, how congruous it is between dental team members, and in public advertising
  • Logo: The look should fit the message, service style, services presented, team, doctor, and decor presentation.
  • Presentation: Distribution of the logo/message must be done throughout the environment, not merely on a website and/or letterhead. The promotion of these elements should make them synonymous with the dentist's name and/or practice name. 
Combining these four elements means the brand is able to interact effectively, succinctly and purposefully in the fashion and manner each dentist expects.

Unless dentists create this type of impact, their marketing becomes part of the clutter. With the success of this new level of influence, the dentist can create a better atmosphere of dental treatment acceptance.
The design of each dental marketing piece should make an impressive visual statement that catches the eye. However, the design must also effectively influence and work with the logo and message to uphold the brand.

Few dentistry office brands will thrive or even survive in this economy without a cohesive packaging of these elements. For example, many people have watched an entire television show, even when entertaining, have difficulty remembering the identity of any of the sponsors.

While the dental logo is part of design, in the context of the context of dentistry promotion, it has another vital purpose. Those who develop online advertising campaigns, dental postcards, brochures and other media need to think of how the logo influences the consumer in the marketing, as part of the brand and within every design element.

One basic strategy in design structure is logo placement. Placing the dental logo is very important to building the design brand. The design needs to accentuate and point to the logo. Without this design quality, the dental logo becomes just another element on the piece, like the area coder, rather than the flag bearer of the dentist's marketing.

Online images, advertisements, direct mail and the dental practice's websites will confuse the dentist's audience unless the design components are coordinated and memorable. Synergy of design, message and logo give the brand the ability to speak to the dental services consumer audience with clarity. This clarity has to be present or high value, a consistent tactile, visual conversation, and public presence are more difficult to elevate, raising the awareness high enough for consumers to see dentistry differently .


Practices that wish to sustain an effective level of marketing engagement need to find the right balance, but without engaging the branding issue, dentists will lag behind competitors. Approaching the audience in this refined way will increase the likelihood new patients will demand the dentist's highest level and most healthy appropriate treatment plan.

The competitive environment will continue in various ways because other dentists are making this upgrade, and of course, how the local economy is affecting each and every dentist in their area. The challenge is to move ahead as quickly as possible with a plan that makes sense for the individual dentists.

Yet, like the patient who is skittish about all the costs, and changes in their life involved in this choice, many dentists will put off what is needed till 'a better time' and they miss out on the benefits doing it today would have done for them.

Dental insurance, rather than being something disliked by dentists, or scorned, should be placed in the area as a supplement to the reality of what is possible, not an impediment to getting there, or even thinking about get there. High value branding is a foundation for changing perceptions, and then moving towards success for all parties involved!


This has been the basics of high value branding, next up a consistent neighborhood conversation, and then the last topic in this dental marketing consulting series will be activating an assertive public presence – will be examined to develop a community aware, synergistic dentist, dental office brand identity.

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Express Dental Marketing creates the most appropriate and effective campaigns for family, general, cosmetic dentistry practice and specialty orthodontic office.

While direct mail isn't magical, dental postcards and other mailers are best used in way that complements the consumer reality. Dentists need to gently but regularly nudge consumers out of  avoidance, delay and denial habits. A consistent direct mail campaign will keep consumers from remaining complacent and staying away from the dentists office even longer.

Success Achieved by Focusing On A Refined Audience and Ideal Patient

A targeted demographic list will often greatly influence the dentist's or orthodontist's success rate. A consistent dental postcard campaign sent to consumers who are most able to access dentistry services (using demographic criteria such as income and location) will create more cost effective results.

Express Dental Marketing Helps Determine The Best List

Dentists and Orthodontists should realize that high-value services are more likely to have success in this or any economy. People who need a lot of dentistry and/or want a total cosmetic smile makeover, or want to straighten their smile are looking for the right dentist, orthodontist and will pay whatever it takes once they find him or her.

Rather than waiting on the consumer to come around to your way of thinking by happenstance, dentists and orthodontists need to be out there, uncover and 'create' healthier and happier people today.

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Dental Webinars for Dentists, Teams and a NDA MN Students' Seminar

Gayle Christensen
Learning up higher slopes. Making the upgrade. Rising to new insights.  However dentists and dental professionals would phase or phrase it, these webinars provide various ways to reach their goals.

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November - Dentistry Office Webinars



8 November 2012: TWO Webinar Topics

Strategic Dental Office Scheduling Webinar
 12.00pm until 1.00pm (CST)

--- Presented by Lorraine Dudley

Take (and keep) control of your dentistry office schedule and capture the "treasure" that is hidden in dental patient charts.

Customer Service for the Dental Practice Webinar
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Give your practice a competitive edge with unparalleded customer service that comes from the heart.

9 November 2012: ONE Webinar Topic

Breakthrough Dental Office Communications Webinar
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--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

How to become the leader you never thought you could be: Enhance communication with your patients and staff by understanding your own behaviors and how they affect others.

14 November 2012: MANY Seminar Topics, Live On Site

U of Minnesota Lunch and Learn / NDA
 11.50pm until 12.40pm (CST)

--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

As a proud member of the Northern Dental Alliance Group (NDA) Gayle will be presenting a brief synopsis on each NDA member and the services they provide in dentistry.

15 November 2012: ONE Webinar Topic

Financial Victory for Dentists Offices Webinar
 11.30am until 12.30pm (CST)

--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

Increase your collections and smile all the way to a healthier bottom line!


Gayle of Christensen Dental Consulting, Ham Lake MN

She is also a Northern Dental Alliance member

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MN Angie's List Rep Meeting Turns Toward VALUE Dentistry Marketing Discussion

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Last Friday (10/19/12) I had a good meeting with Spencer H. a representative of Angie's List in Twin Cities, MN. We discussed dentistry, advertising for dentists, and the group I co-founded with Rick Epple, Northern Dental Alliance, and many other topics. The most vital issue that came up was my concept of the high value dental consumer.

The 'high value' dentistry consumer approach focuses on the value someone puts on dental care versus marketing strategies that are more concentrated on demographic like the consumer's income or other financial demos and in the dental industry more specifically, how marketers tend to focus on perception and use of dental insurance. These elements are not dismissed in 'value dentistry' but are secondary, in a lower parallel placement as to the higher objective of building value.

Some consumers may spend 'a lot of money' on other items, such as a car, lake home and significant jewelry purchases. Many consumers' smaller value choices can also add up to what it would cost to 'access' the level of dental care they may need, beyond the basics, like a cleaning, solving a pain issue or once in a year or three for emergency dentistry treatment.

Instead the consumer forgoes any dentistry (or for long periods of time), which causes future deterioration to be more extensive. Having 1% of the population change their habits, move ahead decisions weeks, months or years, can be beneficial to the patient, dentist and even public health.

Value actually excludes very few people. (SEE home page for pertinent stats.) While those not able to pay for any dentistry because they are barely getting by overall, do need a destination for their care, too many people, who do not have good dental health, could do more, if not much more.

By transferring their value perspective (then funds) to a better oral health place, dental consumers would save money in the long run, and/or avoid other health problems, embarrassment and all the issues from tooth loss. In addition, the statistics show an increased mortality risk for those with dental disease.

Therefore I see the data adding up to the availability of a pool of dental consumers who are on a fence (from fear, bad experience), or slightly below a sight line to understand the advances (and/or value of them). These advances include such treatments as dental implants, smile makeover veneers, removable clear braces, sedation dentistry and more effective ways to control periodontal disease, and eliminate its most harmful elements.

Giving these wary, and out-of-sight-line, consumers a comforting word or a step up to understanding value with Connective Communication© - a platform of marketing entities, vehicles, destinations is paramount. Each strategy has its specific effect on the movement towards advanced dentistry value appreciation.

  • External obvious elements like billboards or OOH media of some kind stay in front of the consumer more continually. 
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Basically, dentists can do as much as he/she wants, and just bring me in to fill in the Social Media content gaps you have or add to your content.

We might take a little time developing your personality - into my tweets - but each tweet is mostly saying, "Try us out, this is what we do, we want you to know, etc."

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West Chester PA Dental Office Announces 2nd Annual Halloween Candy Buyback for our Troops

• Candy Donated at our practice will be shipped to our Troops for the Holidays

Be sure to WATCH for Dr. Ron Briglia, 
and his Total Confidence Dentistry, West Chester, PA team

- For the second year in a row, Dr. Ron Briglia at Total Confidence Dentistry is hosting Halloween Candy Buyback to provide candy for our troops overseas during the holidays.

Total Confidence Dentistry is redefining the phrase "put your money where your mouth is." This Halloween, trick-or-treaters can bring their candy to Total Confidence Dentistry in West Chester and receive $1 per pound (up to 5 pounds) and receive cash for their candy along with a goody bag filled with coupons from local merchants.

Parents who bring their children also can sign up for a raffle to win gift cards, restaurant coupons and other items donated by local merchants. Visit the website to see supporting sponsors:

"We know kids love candy, but all those sweets are a real hazard to their teeth," says Dr. Briglia. "We are offering kids a chance to ditch their excess candy. They can still have all the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well."

Total Confidence Dentistry will send collected candy to Stockings for Soldiers ( and Operation Gratitude (, organizations that ship care packages to our U.S. Troops overseas to make their holidays a bit brighter.

According to a recent Ad Council Report, "dental decay is the most common chronic childhood disease with more than 16 million kids suffering from untreated tooth decay in the U.S. The mouth is the gateway to a person's overall health and an unhealthy mouth can be associated with obesity, diabetes and even heart disease. In the U.S., oral disease causes kids to miss 51 million school hours and their parents to lose 25 million work hours annually.”

"Visiting your dentist twice a year and brushing daily are great preventative measures, but doing away with excess sweets altogether would really give your teeth a healthy boost," says Dr. Briglia.

Candy will be collected at Total Confidence Dentistry, the office of Dr. Ron Briglia, in the Chester County Medical Bldg, 600 East Marshall Street, Suite 201, West Chester, Pa. on Thursday, Nov. 1 and Friday, Nov. 2 from 2:00 pm-7:00 pm. The candy must be unopened. Please no bites. It will then be shipped to our troops overseas. Also donations by WaWa stores, stop in at nearby WaWa stores for details.

Dr. Briglia and Total Confidence Dentistry thank families for their support. For more information, please contact Total Confidence Dentistry at 610-692-4440 or visit their website at
  • 600 East Marshall Street
  • Suite 201 
  • West Chester, PA 19380
Total Confidence Dentistry offers expertise in:


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Third Quarter Market Review from NDA Member Rick Epple, Financial Advisor for Dentists

I guess, like myself, dentists also every quarter find ourselves saying the same thing about the market: what a difference a quarter makes! In the first two months of 2012, the U.S. stock market was recording excitingly positive returns. The U.S. economy seemed to be back on track and there was talk that the Eurocrisis was finally behind us. Even the pullback in March left the markets in positive territory.

Then came a rough second quarter where the market indices fell across the board, nearly wiping out the first quarter gains. Now, in the last three months, while many close watching investors, whether dentists or otherwise, were still anxious about Europe, deficits, paralysis in Washington and unemployment, the markets have delivered an unexpected gift: a steady, gradual rise in stock prices that seemed, week by week, contrary to the mood expressed in the financial press.

Here at the end of the third quarter, entering the home stretch for the year, the returns on many of the broad stock indices are, surprisingly, well into double-digit territory. Market historians will look back on the past three months as a bullish quarter, and probably conclude that investors in the first three quarters of 2012 must have been feeling ebullient bordering on giddy.

Overall, the Wilshire 5000–the broadest measure of U.S. stocks and bonds–was up 6.15% for the third quarter, and is returning a robust 15.85% so far this year. The comparable Russell 3000 index rose 6.23% during the third quarter, and is now up 16.13% for the year.

The other stock market sectors moved in a very similar pattern. Large cap stocks, represented by the Wilshire U.S. Large Cap index, were up 6.25% for the quarter, and now stand at a 15.97% overall gain so far in 2012. The Russell 1000 large-cap index gained 6.31% for the third quarter, putting it up 16.28% for the first nine months of the year. The widely-quoted SandP 500 index of large company stocks gained 5.76% in the same time period, and is up 14.56% so far this year.

The Wilshire U.S. Mid-Cap index index rose 5.59% in the three months ending September 30, up 11.86% for the year. The Russell midcap index was also up 5.59% in the recent quarter, with a 14.00% gain so far this year.

Small company stocks have posted returns nearly identical to the large multinationals. The Wilshire U.S. Small-Cap gained 5.16% in the third quarter, up 15.19% in the first nine months of 2012. The Russell 2000 small-cap index gained 5.25% in the three months ending September 30, and has returned 14.23% for the year so far. The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index was up 6.17% in the third quarter, up 19.62% year to date. Twelve years after the “tech wreck” disaster in this sector, tech stocks appear to be market leaders again.

The next time you read gloomy headlines about the economy, remember that every single industry sector in the SandP 500 is posting gains so far this year, led by telecommunication stocks (up 21.04%), information technology (up 20.64%), consumer discretionary goods manufacturers (up 19.99%), and financial stocks (19.88% gains so far this year).

Global stocks have not been as robust as American shares, but they, too, are in positive territory. The broad-based EAFE index of developed economies rose 6.14% for the third quarter, and is now in firmly positive territory, with a gain of 6.95% so far this year. For the first time this year, European stocks are showing gains for their investors, in dollar terms, up 8.13% for the recent quarter, now up 8.00% for the year.

The EAFE Emerging Markets index of lesser-developed economies rose 6.97% in the third quarter, and is now up 9.41% for the year. Interestingly, the highest returns of any global index came from emerging African nations (minus Zimbabwe, which is one of the ways that EAFE calculates its indices), which are up an aggregate 34.70% so far this year. Second place goes to an index made up of the Jordanian, Egyptian and Moroccan stock markets, up 32.81% in the first three quarters of 2012.

Commodities have also moved into positive territory, with the SandP GSCI index rising 11.54% for the quarter, now up 3.47% this year. Energy and petroleum prices are up very modestly (0.55% and 0.93% on the year respectively); the biggest mover is agriculture (up 18.44% so far this year), with grain prices rising 31.05% due to the Midwestern drought.

On the bond side, those of us who could not imagine how U.S. Treasuries could possibly offer lower yields are watching it happen. The 12-month T-Bonds are now yielding just 0.15%, as investors seem to be happy to essentially lend the government money with a promise that they will get it back again 12 months later.

A dentist like you, locking up your money for three years would get 0.31% a year. Ten-year issues yield 1.63%, and 30-year Treasuries bring a 2.82% annual coupon yield. Muni bonds are also down from where they were last quarter, with aggregate yields of 0.203% (1-year), 0.286% (2-year), 0.624% (5-year) and 1.742% (10-year). The aggregate of all AAA corporate bonds is yielding 0.76% for bonds with a five-year maturity.

Dentists, Ask Rick Epple to Develop Your Solution

Is there an explanation for this three-month bull market during what can only be described as trying economic times? People who have long experience with the investment markets are fond of saying that rallies “climb a wall of worry;” that is, the markets go up most steadily when it requires courage to buy into them. These past three months seem to be one of the best examples of this adage that you are likely to see. Today, it requires a certain degree of courage to believe in the long-term future of the economy and the long-term return on investments, and yet the market rise is evidence that many investors are finding that courage amid the discouraging headlines.

Some economists think that the stock rally was a gift from the central banks. For months, it was rumored that the U.S. Federal Reserve Board would engineer another stimulus package, which had already been dubbed “QE3″–and indeed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the Fed would inject $40 billion a month into the market for securitized home mortgages, adding to the money supply, possibly driving down mortgage rates and (again possibly) stimulating the housing and homebuilding sectors of the economy into hiring again.

Meanwhile, the European Central Bank has finally announced that it would do what economists were calling for three years ago: purchase Eurozone government bonds to reduce the borrowing costs of countries that are restructuring their finances–notably Spain and Italy. After two press conferences on different sides of the Atlantic, some of our worst-case economic scenarios (a 2008-like collapse of the Eurozone banking system; a U.S. recession) seem to have become less likely to occur.

The U.S. economy is certainly not in danger of breaking any speed records as it continues to climb out of the Great Recession; in the last week of September, the government announced that from April through June, GDP grew just 1.3%. Economists remain wary of the “fiscal cliff”–the simultaneous expiration of lower tax rates and automatic federal budget cuts–that will take place, absent Congressional intervention, at the stroke of midnight, December 31. Add in the discouraging 8.1% unemployment rate, and there is plenty of reason not to be bullish on stocks for the last three months of the year.

But of course that was also true before stocks went up the past three months. Optimists can point to 96,000 new jobs added in August, and the fact that long-term, the unemployment rate has been trending downward from around 10% at this time three years ago. A Bloomberg News survey recently forecast that the U.S. economy will grow 2.1% over the next three months, and the forecasts from the Federal Reserve Board anticipate 2.5% to 3% GDP growth in 2013. At the upper end of that estimate, we are talking about a return to economic normalcy, and a chance to chip away at the jobless rate.

Who knows who’s right? All we know for sure is that the global economy is in a slow-growth recovery, with little indication that growth will accelerate dramatically or that the U.S. will slide back into recession. Buying stocks today is a bet that the hard work of millions of people still employed will produce positive results over the long term, which will ultimately reward the owners who hold their shares.

For as long as the markets have existed, having my dentist clients stay invested has been a good long-term strategy–and in the face of so much short-term uncertainty, this is about all we have to go on.

About Rick Epple CFP® My focus as a Certified Financial Planner is to help business owners reach their personal and financial goals, and this blog will provide objective information on a wide variety of related topics, from goal setting to estate planning. Also Northern Dental Alliance co-founding member consultant.

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Good for Silver Dental Amalgam Fillings to Often Outlast Your Natural Teeth?

Dr. Kent E. White, a Nashville area dentist, approaches dentistry in a comprehensive fashion. Wherever a patient is able to begin their dental care, he can move ahead at that point.

All dentistry is most expensive when smile health is delayed. It's not possible to x-ray through silver-mercury dental fillings - so dentists can't see decay, disease, etc. - underneath.

Additionally, the bigger metal fillings are more likely to crack or in some cases also split apart. One vital idea to remember, pain is often the last thing to notify you that something is wrong.

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ASSORTED Dental CE/Exam Listings
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    • Predictable Techniques for a Complete Ceramic Rehabilitation PART 1
      • Dentist, Dr. Mike Malone; Mike Bellerino, CDT
  • Patient-Driven Conservative Esthetic Dentistry
    • Dentist, Dr. Michael Miyasaki; Mike Milne, CD
  • Dental Technology and Case Acceptance
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Andy McKamie
  • Guidelines for Selecting Direct Restorative Materials
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Harry Albers
  • The Clinician, Lab Ceramist, and Patient's Perspectives: Pt 4
    • Presented by Dentists, Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Lee Ann Brady
    • and dental ceramist Matt Roberts
  • Digital Artistry - Beyond Imagination
    • Dentist, Dr. Alex Touchstone; Dental Expert, Lee Culp, CDT
  • The Clinician, Ceramist, and Patient's Perspectives: Pt 2
    • Presented by Dentists, Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Lee Ann Brady, 
    • and dental ceramist Matt Roberts
  • The Clinician, Ceramist, and Patient's Perspectives: Pt 3
    • Dentists, Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Lee Ann Brady
    • and dental ceramist Matt Roberts
  • Full Mouth Part 4 - Laboratory Procedures
    • Presented by Dentists, Dr. Cherilyn Sheets, Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette
  • The Dental Treatment Plan
    • Dentist, Dr. John Cranham; 
    • Expert Dental Presenter, Shannon Pace, DA II  
  • The Art of Digital Photography (for dentistry)
    • Dentist, Dr. Mike Koczarski
  • Advanced Esthetic Dentistry: Achieving Optimal Results
    • Dentist, Dr. Ross Nash
  • Complete Dentures Technique
    • Dentist, Dr. Aldo Leopardi
  • Real World Endodontics (root canals)
    • Dentists, Dr. Ken Koch; Dr. Dennis Brave


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Dental Material Resins

  • Guidelines for Selecting Direct Restorative Materials
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Harry Albers
  • Comprehensive Adhesive Dentistry to Restore the Adult Crowded Dentition 
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Chris Pescatore
  • Direct Composite for the Expanded Duty Dental Assistant
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Ryan Schwendiman
  • Esthetic Direct Composites Made Simple
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Steve Poss
  • Ultimate Esthetics with Freehand Composite Bonding
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Corky Wilhite
  • Mastering the Art of Direct Resin Anterior
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Ron Jackson
  • Art; Science of Direct Resin Restorations
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Newton Fahl

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  • Crowns; Bridges: The Esthetic PFM
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Mike DiTolla
  • Comprehensive Adhesive Dentistry to Restore the Adult Crowded Dentition
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Chris Pescatore
  • Anterior All-Ceramic Restorations
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. David Hornbrook
  • Conservative Prep for Anterior Porcelain Veneers
    • Dentist Presenter, Dentist, Dr. Ross Nash
  • Creating Exquisite Posterior Provisionals
    • Dentist Presenter, Dentist, Dr. Robert Lowe
  • Anterior All-Ceramic Restorations
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. David Hornbrook

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Direct Link: Presented by Dentists, Dental Professionals Continuing Education Courses.


OTHER Restorative Dentistry, and Dentures
  • Restoring the Severely-Worn Dentition
    • Dentist, Dr. John C. Cranham;
    • Dental Expert Buddy Shafer, CDT
  • Complete Denture Technique
    • Dentist, Dr. Aldo Leopardi
  • Fully Edentulous: Overdentures and Anchors
    • Dentist, Dr. Maurice Salama

Advance Dental Career • Clinical Performance



  • Power Bleaching; Home Bleaching - Shannon Pace, DA II
    • Expert Dental Presenter, Shannon Pace, DA II
  • Power of Whitening to Build Your Practice 
    • Expert Dental Presenter, Gary Takacs 
  • Tooth Bleaching Course
  • Tooth Bleaching Additional Exam(s)
  • Tooth Bleaching E-Book

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    • can be caused by diseased roots/damaged nerves
  • The Art of Endodontics
  • Real World Endodontics
    • Dentists, Dr. Ken Koch; Dr. Dennis Brave
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches Additional Exam(s)
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches E-Book

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    Implant Dentists, Implants Dentistry

    • The Standard of Care for Implant-Supported Overdentures
      • Dentist, Dr. Joe Carrick 
    • Advanced Techniques for Minimally Invasive Surgery for Dental Implants with Immediate Temporization
      • Dentist, Dr. Tim Silegy
    • Creating the Ideal Prosthodontic Platform: Implants or Endodontics in the Esthetic Zone, 2 Discs
      • Dentist, Dr. Tom McGarry
    • Immediate Implant Placement and Temporization
      • Dentists, Dr. Maurice Salama, and Dr. David Garber
    • Multi-Disciplinary Esthetic Implant Treatment
      • Dentists, Dr. David Garber, Dr. Henry Salama; Dr. Maurice Salama


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