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Consistent, connective dentistry communication can improve how consumers understand your brand. Whether it is a downturn or a boom, targeted visual, written, or verbal presentations of your value will raise the priority status for your services or products.

People sit on their hands in a tough economy until value has been redefined for them. They have become wary, which slows their reaction time to marketing messages. Refocus them on the complete dental health and confidence building value you offer.

As a dental coach and consultant for practices who focus on oral health and aesthetic smile makeovers, I avoid putting the emphasis on cost (even if some pricing element is somewhere in the design or message). This is because devaluing professional services leaves little room to promote the higher level elements, which are the life blood of many dental practices.

Using the right photo with a synergistic message can effectively refocus the consumer on value without creating conflicts with costs. Since most of us have a lot less money (on paper and otherwise) than we did 18 months ago, a lower price - especially with higher level treatments like dental implants - would make very little difference in most cases.

For restorative and cosmetic dentists in this environment, value trumps price.

Dick Chwalek
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Coaching Can Dramatically Change Your Dental Practice

Insurmountable problems overcome! Complex issues resolved! Extremely negative environments made efficient and productive! All you need to do is rub this lamp. No, drink this potion. Or was it wave this wand? 

Anyway... There are many things  promoted to dentists on websites that make it sound like solving your new patient, treatment acceptance, team or marketing issues is as easy as signing up for some "Super Secret" FREE Dental Marketing Report! 

When was the last time you got anything from anywhere that was free that solved more than a minor problem? (Except for the little blue pills the doc gave you last week because of your underperformance incident.) Of course, the other side of the coin is most dentists won't be able to make changes unless the solution has some "easy" elements. There just is not enough time in the day to add a complex process to the mix and see it through.

However, not attempting to solve your dental practice communication dilemmas, even if the solution is complicated to implement, is very risky in the current environment. Consumers need you to be up to par on your communication merely because of the viewpoint, fears and complexity surrounding dentistry. When consumers are holding back on their spending, it is even more crucial to circle the wagons around your dental practice communication strategies, and improve them in any and every way you can.

Luckily, my solution for dentists is fairly easy to implement as well as flexible and scalable. It can be summed up in just two words: communication coaching. Is it magic? Compared to the piles of elephant woo-woo the Internet is trying to sell dentists (for free - yah, whatever) the potential for 'magical' results is much more likely.

Communication is everything. Is it the magical elixir of business success? Dental coaching creates a structured environment to work through all the communication issues that keep you, your patients, team and community from getting effectively 'involved' in your brand. 

I call it developing a connective communication strategy. Imagine being able to solve even the most complex problems by just asking questions. Is this really possible? 

Well, I know of a guy who solved every engineering problem he was asked to solve: and these were some of the most complex problems in the automotive industry during the 1960s. In one case he was able to 'save' Willy's Jeep from disappearing from the automotive American lexicon.

Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but rather than being the super engineer who could do everything, he knew the answers were in the people who worked there. He 'connected' the dots of the problem by empowering those who had the answers to develop them into a solution. 

This engineer worked with car industry giants. Yet he always knew these 'giants' had only a few of the answers, and got even less done if the rest of us were not brought into process. The coaching I offer brings you into the process because without you strategically involved in connecting the dots, your dental practice cannot achieve all its goals. 

This is about more than dental marketing. It connects everything together, in the manner, at the pace, and with the budget that best fits your dental practice situation. This is not a 'system' - or even a technology - it is communication that incorporates on the ground reality with how people perceive it, to deconstruct the environment, optimize the strengths of the team, dentist, the practice brand, and achieve success internally (patient/team) and externally (dental advertising).

Before you call me, listen to this engineer explain how he solved the Willy's Jeep dilemma (links below). Before he 'drove' with giants in the automotive industry he 'flew' with one from the land of 'make believe' just after WWII. That's him pictured next to Tyrone Power's plane - he also painted the flags on it. Read his note on the back of the photo, click here. Also click to see Ty next to the same plane.

Coincidently, the engineer's name is also Richard (Dick) Chwalek. 


Time to End Dental Visit-Patient No Shows

In this economy, getting patients to show up for their appointments is vital for their dental health and your practice survival. Start communication with a connective strategy. From external marketing preparation to internal retention communication, dentists need to be persistent and consistent.

Excerpt from latest dental marketing article from Dick Chwalek, dentist coach and dentistry consultant...

Avoid Dental Visit Dead-Air... Cancels & No Shows!

Dental treatment cancellations and hygiene visit no-shows are frustrating for your team, for you, and for your future. No-shows take the air out of the day, leaving everyone in a funk. Cancellations are deflating for everyone involved, the entire dental team and patients. Patients miss out on the timely care they need and you lose the revenues that are impossible to make up.

What Causes Dental Visit "Dead-Air"?
In the radio business, which I worked in for seven years, this "open space" is called dead air. Listeners miss out on programming (music, news, etc.) tuning out if it goes on too long. Advertisers start to squirm, wondering if their big sale today is headed for disaster. They will forgive you if things start up again within a few seconds or minutes or the reasons are unavoidable. But if it goes on too long (no matter why) or happens too often for no good reason, future ad sales would suffer.

Is it the storm that is passing through or is the disc jockey stuck in the restroom? Like the radio station listener or advertiser, it is hard for you to understand why "dead air" is occurring. Is the dental patient missing because of a family event, car trouble or a business conflict?

This type of event might be harmless, short, and infrequent for some dental practices. But when "dead air" occurs in your practice more than once in a blue moon, your ability to build the type of practice you want can be put in jeopardy. Dental technology and facility updates are postponed. Continuing education might be put on hold. Dental team salaries are constrained. Your retirement fund is reduced...

Complete "Dental Visit Dead-Air" marketing article at

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Traverse City Michigan Dentist Certified in Oral Sedation

Almost 150 million Americans avoid going to the dentist every year because of some level of fear or anxiety. Restorative and Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Klym serves Traverse City area residents who want to improve their oral health and smile confidence in a relaxed setting without treatment discomfort.

Dr. Klym recently took another big step in expanding his advanced dentistry expertise. In December, he completed his certification in the DOCS oral conscious sedation program, which greatly reduces his patients’ concerns about discomfort and pain. The DOCS training makes it possible for him to provide anxiety-free dental treatment when needed or requested (

As a Fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) since 1998, he has constantly pursued training to help more people get healthy ( With sedation and advanced treatments like implants, even those who have held off for many years and have serious dental health issues can have the smile they want.

According to Dr. Klym, “Each time my team and I are able to help patients overcome their fears and provide the care they need, we are still amazed at how positive, and often life changing, their response is.” Whether it is health or appearance related Dr. Klym knows that in this economy lasting value is what Traverse City area residents want, and more importantly, deserve.

Having the confidence, energy and health to accomplish our goals is even more vital today. Dr. Klym and Northwood Dental team offer all the dental care services patients need, builds the trust they require, and has the smile makeover expertise to deliver.

Brian T. Klym, DDS • DOCS Oral Sedation Certification
Traverse City, Michigan 49684

Northwood Dental services include Invisalign invisible braces, dental implants, smile makeover veneers, root canal therapy, and smile whitening.
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Announcing Jet Pins Model System In the US: for Dental Laboratories

Improving the quality of restorations is a daily goal for every dental lab. Eliminating as many inaccuracies as possible is the main way for achieving higher levels of quality. Solve many more restoration inaccuracies with the Crocus Dental Technologies Langner Jet Pin System.

Jet Pin Model System Videos

The following videos demonstrate the value the Jet Pin model system offer your dental lab and your dentist clients. See how to give your laboratory model room a step up in consistency and quality.

One factor that greatly influences quality is the stability of the die in the working model. If the die doesn’t seat in the model in exactly the same position every time, inaccuracies can occur in the proximal contacts and even in the occlusion

The Jet Pin System was developed in Germany by Jan Langner. Introduced to the US market by Crocus Dental Technologies, the Langner Jet Pin system, is now available exclusively from Renstrom.

The most obvious characteristic of the system is its increased number of pins compared to traditional die pin systems. More pins mean more die stability and more stability means more accuracy!

Each die is now stabilized by four pins, one each on the lingual, buccal, mesial, and distal. The two additional interproximal pins ensure a secure fit and prevent any lateral movement of the die.
State of the art dental laser guided pin drilling system and computerized powder/water ratio control for die stone help.

Your dental lab team members in the model room can take full advantage of the accuracy of the Jet Pin system. The net result is that your lab can consistently give your dentist clients the accurate contacts and occlusion they require.

Is the quality of your ceramic and porcelain smile makeover restorations superior to all others?

With the Langner Jet Pinning system, your dental lab can improve the fabrication process while at the same time produce a better quality product,
This unique pinning system allows a technician to fabricate and fit crowns on a stable, more accurate die and model, ensuring consistent and predictable results.

For more information and ordering details, contact Crocus Dental Technologies

Call 800-246-4519

Vadnais Heights, MN 55110-3349

Part of Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc.

Jet Pins Dental Model System: USA WebsiteGermany Website


March Seminars for Dentists

Need answers? Staying viable and healthy during a crazy economy. Solving every day business challenges. Achieving Legal Wellness. Better Dental Team Communication. Attracting New Patients. Employment Issues.
Get the right answers from Northern Dental Alliance members. The only obligation, reserve your spot--limited seating!
This hybrid, dual topic seminar on March 13, 2009 will present successful strategies for dentists and dental practices to develop and protect their personal and business investment.
Pertinent and specific information to build your success repertoire. Plus a box lunch for your convenience and nourishment.
Seminars Presented by Northern Dental Alliance

11:45AM Presentation 

  • Presenter: Dick Chwalek - Niche Dental

  • Topic: Communication is Everything • Preparing Patients for Out-Of-Pocket Value

  • Summary: See Below

1:00PM Presentation 

> Presentation Summaries 

Communication is Everything: Preparing Patients for Out-Of Pocket Value

Dick's talk will focus on building value in your services and expertise. His approach is based on preparing the consumer to choose a higher level of value by creating a connective communication structure.  The consumer is too often behind the curve on what is available and why paying much more can be worth it. Rather than letting insurance be their guide and making sticker shock your sidekick, position your recommendations to be the undeniable and unavoidable solution. Make the macro-economy irrelevant; standout so those who will pay for value know you are there!
Key Communication Concepts Covered
  • Communication is Health, Expertise and Revenue

  • Building New Communication Routes

  • Prepare Consumers, Your Patients

  • Creating A Framework

  • Avoiding Generic

  • Being Specific  

Legal Wellness in Dentistry • The Value of Prevention

Michael will discuss in his session the assessment of a dental practice’s “legal wellness,” with a special emphasis on insurance audits, recordkeeping, and the importance of employment agreements.
The session uses and refers to a legal wellness” checklist, which can also be a resource for dentists to discuss, and potentially prioritize issues, with their legal counsel.

Remember to RSVP • Lunch is provided

Event Hosted by Rick Epple, Epple Financial Advisors


Strategic Tips For Building Profitable Dental Practices in 2009

When it comes to being successful during a downturn, communication is everything! Dental practices that want to thrive need to consistently present the value they offer to more consumers and keep their patients better informed as well.

While building dental expertise is vital, its potential is very limited without a connective communication strategy to make it actually available and understood by others. It is time  to give your expertise a high priority status.

The current economic situation has created many businesses challenges. Dental practices need to respond in various ways to encourage consumers to make dentistry a higher priority. Consumers will only delay longer without ongoing reminders. Additionally, current patients need a higher level of communication and stronger referral skills.

While regular preventive dental visits can be delayed without a short-term downside, significant health problems and personal reasons will not wait for an economic recovery. When emergencies arise and toothaches occur, your dental office should have a public presence to keep your patient numbers on a growth trajectory. 

Dentists who offer high value services such as Invisalign braces, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and smile makeovers should make sure they are the ones these patients will know of when they start looking. Sedation dentistry marketing is also a way to move consumers who have put off dental treatment because of fear to get the care they need now.

Take these steps to keep your dental office profitable in 2009.
The Best Dental Marketing Plan has THREE Elements

ONE: Be A Publicly, Proactive, Persistent Dental Practice
  • To grab people who are not considering dentistry right now
  • Usually includes a traditional dentistry marketing element or format 
  • People need to be made aware of your cosmetic and restorative expertise and services 
  • While public marketing is not cheap, done right, dentists can bring in new blood fast 
  • Waiting for referrals, or consumers to think about or searchers is risky in a downturn
TWO: Completely Cover Your Current Dental Patients Angle
  • Patients want others to know about you if you do things well 
  • This is hardly ever done well - it is often generic, impersonal, and infrequent 
  • Referrals and smile makeover case acceptance result from effectively communicating value 
  • Find more ways to connect with dental patients and more formats to ask for referrals 
  • Where you communicate now - add elements that say something new about you 
  • Referrals still make great patients, but the new landscape requires new methods 
  • Use dental technology to better inform patient of your services and expertise
THREE: Network Your Internet Connection: Dental Websites
  • The Internet is where your patients, and consumers are, and will be looking for you 
  • There are a thousand ways to attract new dental care patients online: spread your wings 
  • Internet evasion will shrink your community influence, referral power, expertise value 
  • Remember most other dentists are doing one thing, if any, and often haphazardly 
  • Keep adding to your online dental advertising repertoire, weaving in your highest value services
Downturn Dental Marketing ConclusionAssertive and persistent public and internal communication is essential for your dental practice to be viable today and long term. Dental marketing is not only a good thing it is the only thing that consistently gets consumers and patients enough information in the quantity, quality, and the right time of day for them to absorb it effectively. To achieve the success you want in 2009, get the marketing you need to reach your revenue goals.

Commentary by Dental Marketing Consultant Dick Chwalekand Niche Dental communication coaching guides you to better, faster, and fit-your-needs solutions.

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