VIDEO: Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville Hygienist Talks About Dr. White's Approach

Music City Tennessee Dentist, Kent White's MAIN GOAL is avoiding teeth in crisis.

Melissa has long term experience in dental hygiene-preventative care. She is excited about the proactive and comprehensive treatment style Dr. White has brought to the Nashville TN office she has worked at many years.

Besides complete, careful diagnosis and advanced techniques, no patient is rushed or pressured into doing more than they want. At the same time, Dr. White develops individual treatment plans and recommends the best way to proceed. When possible, a phased schedule can be implemented to get the rewarding results each patient wants cost effectively.

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CBA: Latest Addition to The Northern Dental Alliance Team, a firm focused on Retirement Plan Design, Administration

Further Strengthening Their Breadth of Member Expertise, the NDA Welcomes Aboard Cash Balance Actuaries…

Charlie Steingas, owner of Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC, has joined the Northern Dental Alliance (NDA).

A Minnesota-based organization, NDA also advises dentists in the areas of office safety, construction, marketing, laboratory services, banking, practice transition, staffing, retirement plans, and personal financial strategies.


The Northern Dental Alliance provides a comprehensive platform for dentists to structure highly successful and secure businesses, achieve superior oral health and smile enhancement restorations for their patients as well as protect and improve their financial future through proper retirement, investment, and transition planning. Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC increases the depth of knowledge and resources every NDA member can offer their dentist clients.

Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC, provides as much help with your small 401(k), Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, or Cash Balance Plan as you need. Explains Steingas, “Our services are priced very competitively and the quality of work and timeliness of service is second-to-none. “We will help you make your retirement plan work for you to meet your goals as a dentist and a business owner.”

Charlie provides complimentary proposals and plan designs at no charge. Please contact him if you are interested in increasing your tax deduction by contributing more to a qualified retirement plan or for him to take a quick look at your current plan to make sure it is meeting all of your goals.

Steingas also says, “Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC does not provide investments or investment advice, nor do we take commissions or asset-based fees of any kind. We charge a flat fee strictly based on our fee schedule which depends only on how much work we provide for your plan.”

CBA Client Testimonial: “Charlie was able to triple my retirement plan contributions without requiring any additional contributions for my staff. He’s also much better at helping me understand my 401(k) plan than my previous TPA.”

As with all Northern Dental Alliance members, Cash Balance Actuaries is an independent firm. Dentists can select individual NDA consultant members and then 'build a team' if desired. Each member is an independent advisor and diligently works in the best interests of the client.

Areas of expertise NDA members represent include business banking, equipment/facility financing, laboratory services, cosmetic/implant dentistry education, OSHA training, infection control, fee-only personal financial/tax planning, retirement strategies, new office building/remodeling, practice purchases/sales, Transitions Mike Haase, Aftco Transition Consultants & dentist transitions, staff recruitment and dental employee placement, and dentists marketing consulting & dental office advertising campaigns.

The Northern Dental Alliance welcomes Charlie Steingas as a member, and is excited to offer his expertise and knowledge to current and future dentist-clients. The professionals of Northern Dental Alliance work with dentists to improve their businesses, enhance their clinical techniques, maintain and improve team skills, protect their practice and personal investments, and increase their personal financial security.

Charlie believes having a niche focus on dental businesses works well for his firm and the dentists he works with. He understands that most dentists have other things to focus on besides their retirement and taxes and his goal is to make everything run as smoothly and cost-effective as possible. Dentists have worked hard to get through school, start or buy into a practice, grow the practice to profitability, and they don’t want taxes and fees eating into their hard-earned assets. With tax rates on the rise, one of the only true opportunities still offered by Uncle Sam is a qualified retirement plan.

The business philosophy of Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC is to exceed the client’s expectations in timeliness and quality, and to never have any surprises with regard to their plan. The success of this philosophy is proven by the satisfaction and loyalty of Charlie’s clients.

The addition of Charlie Steingas and Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC is a sign of a growing industry need for groups like the Northern Dental Alliance.

LEARN more about the qualified retirement plan options:

Visit or Or Call Charlie: (952) 500-8696.

NDA Contact Information

  • Northern Dental Alliance
  • c/o NDA Member, Rick Epple

  • 1000 Twelve Oaks Center Dr, Suite 101

  • Wayzata, MN 55391

  • 866-556-6213

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Dick Chwalek, President of Niche Dental


Founder/Member of the Northern Dental Alliance Located in MN


1ST Installment: To See More Patients Consistently – Imagine Dentistry Differently

The following dental marketing blog/article is formatted & written in a style that may challenge readers who are partial to concise and self contained concepts.
The point I am making requires a discerning rethinking of communication in reference to dentistry. Unpacking the dental care prioritization riddle is NOT found in “Secret” Dental Marketing Reports!
And, why would anyone hide a solution from dentists, which would help improve dental health in their community?

Developing a system to compensate for the ‘reality of where consumers/patients and dentists’ are required deep research, analysis of actual results, long term perspective (years) and finally, a societally reflective reality check.
This was done to determine how all past/current marketing tactics and communication approaches influence dentists and consumers: positively and negatively.
Using the researched data developed, I created a system that does not, like too much of the dentistry focused marketing, ‘paint over’ what was/is and will be ‘wrong’ with the communication environment.
Unless ‘ALL the real issues’ are confronted and the system/solution is fully developed - not slapped together - the dearth of benefits from dental marketing will continue to lag (harming public, economic and office health) whether we are in tough economic times or not. (

Skimming the shiny objects from the marketing goodie tray is a symptom – but also a major contributor to the flat lining or worse of dentistry acceptance and value prioritization. While ‘good skimming’ will show results – it merely masks the problems underneath: value stays low or does little to move consumers forward.
Like flossing and brushing can only do so much if someone is more ‘predisposed’ to periodontal disease than the above average person, marketing done slapdash that moves one step ahead - will then move 99.5% back.
That said, to make this dentistry communication blog-article somewhat easier to consume I am going to present it in small portions--with a link to the full concept at the end of each section...

Let’s begin:
First, some...

Dental Word Association:

Skimp. Skimp. Skimp. Minimal. Minimal. Minimal. Cheaper. Cheaper. Cheaper.

Dentistry Priority Digression Questions:

Any other way to approach it? Can I hold off on...? I can't see paying that much!

Dentistry Reductionism Source Discovery:

Words & Questions Above: Who do these words and statements relate to:
  • = The Public & Patients Value Perspective of Dentistry
  • = Most Dentists View of/Approach to Marketing
HmmmNotice the similarity?
Whoa...! Correlation may just Equal Causation!
Theorem = Patients prioritize the value of dentistry as dentists do the value of communicating the priority to patients.


LEARN about New Patient 'Availability'
and Connective Communication© Results:

Connective Communication© = Dental Marketing

Freed From Generic, Founded on Value, Focused On Success!

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NDA Member Named '2011 Best Financial Advisers for Dentists' by Dental Practice Report

Northern Dental Alliance and Epple Financial Advisors, LLC, are pleased to announce that Rick Epple, CFP®, has been selected by Dental Practice Report magazine as one of the “2011 Best Financial Advisers for Dentists” list in their April 2011 edition.

Mr. Epple is one of only three financial advisors in the State of Minnesota to be included in this year’s rankings.

Candidates were selected to the list based upon knowledge and experience, geography, and in good standing with no disciplinary action against them through the Securities and Exchange Commission, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc., and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Mr. Epple has been very involved in helping dentists including as a founder and member of the Northern Dental Alliance: the organization’s website is
“Our dental alliance was conceived as a resource for dentists. Each member was looking for a way to attain long-term and overall success for our dentist clients. Personally, I wanted to both assist dentists in achieving their personal financial goals and have the resources readily available to enhance the business and professional side as well. Linking with dental experts in many areas makes that possible.”
Epple Financial Advisors provides comprehensive, Fee-Only financial planning and ongoing wealth management services for families, business owners and dentists who are looking to delegate some level of responsibility for managing their financial affairs.

These people recognize they don’t have the requisite skill set to effectively manage their finances and investments, or they are simply choosing to delegate this task to a trusted advisor.


About Rick Epple CFP® My focus as a Certified Financial Planner is to help business owners reach their personal and financial goals, and this blog will provide objective information on a wide variety of related topics, from goal setting to estate planning.

Epple Financial Advisors, LLC
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Wayzata, MN 55391
Phone 952-470-5049
Fax 952-241-0575



Video Part 2 of 2: Why Are New Dental Patients 'Available' In Your Area or Not...

The second video concludes my general discussion about New Dentistry Patient Availability. This concept refers to the stable or constant number of consumers who are searching for a dentist or dental offices.

The 'Availability' number does NOT change just because another dentist moves into the area.

The ‘Availability quotient’ is changeable but only with a disruption in the environment (like a dentist building a new office--that is obvious to the consumer) or an external communication intervention using activators such as dental marketing direct mail/postcards.

Activators are combined into the Connective Communication© formula, which involves combining layers of marketing required to activate a vibrant new patient base and sustain a high level of available participants.

Dentists develop a matrix of these activators: one 'gathers' the current available group, another 'creates' more new patients and, the third improves the value of what patients request/purchase.

NOTE: Client Testimonial - Split into three parts throughout Part 2 of 2.

Video Presented by Dick Chwalek of Niche Dental
Dentistry Communication Consultant and Dentist Marketing Coach

Also visit my Channel for the latest Dental Marketing/Dentists video.

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