Renstrom Dental Studio Receives Best of St. Paul Award

Best of Saint Paul Award Program
lab_renstrom_team_mn_restorative_crowns_bridge_labsRecently this summer Renstrom Dental Studio was selected for the 2012 Best of Saint Paul Award in the Dental Laboratories category by the Saint Paul Award Program.

Each year, the Saint Paul Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.

These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Saint Paul area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2012 Saint Paul Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners, including Renstrom, are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Saint Paul Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Saint Paul Award Program The Saint Paul Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Saint Paul area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Saint Paul Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Saint Paul Award Program

CONTACT: Saint Paul Award Program


Renstrom is a dental lab based in Minnesota with a local and a national dentist-clientele. The laboratory is also a member of the Northern Dental Alliance.

Exceptional, cost-relevant crown and bridge, case design and development, and esthetic, implants, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc.

800-747-1321 • 651-407-0491

  • 4225 White Bear Parkway • Suite 1240
  • Vadnais Heights • MN 55110-3349
 Original Publication: Renstrom Dental Studio Award Press Release 
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Dick Chwalek


Dental Students: Should Start Understanding Marketing Right Away

This is an expanded, public version of U. of Minnesota School of Dentistry dental student presentation, set for Mid November in Minneapolis. The talk and lunch is hosted by the Northern Dental Alliance, which Niche Dental, owner Dick Chwalek, a communication consultant, dentist marketing coach is a member.

What can, should a new dentist do, and think about in the first years of practice as to dental marketing?

While it may be some years before even a senior student will purchase or build their own practice, hands-on knowledge about, and appreciation for, marketing should be built from the start. Even as an associate dentist, it will be beneficial to help the practice owner develop their presence in the market.

Niche Dental has five points for dental students to consider.

First, Understand What Marketing Does, Is and its Overall Value

Whether it’s private sector or not-for-profit, the focus must be communication; publicly communicating the value of dental care. No communication, no dental health. More communication, more dental health. Communication drives everything we do, or don’t do.

Second, Notions about Communication Are Incomplete, Yours and Consumers:

Dentists will say: Patient referrals are the best. The future is online! I don’t like direct mail, therefore it can’t work. I’ll try it once and see what happens.

As opposed to consumers: Dentistry causes pain, so I stay in pain, and don’t go to a dentist. My insurance doesn’t cover it, so that recommendation is unwarranted. My previous dentist never did that, she said my dental health was fine.

These consumer and dentist misconceptions mean: nothing is as it seems. What was said by each constituent, may be partially, but it can’t be completely correct, leaving gaps in knowledge. Marketing can fill in the gaps.

The more done, the more filled in. Not building up the knowledge base is risky if consumers are still saying the same things, so they do the same things or less.

Patients like some things about dentistry, and dislike others, so following their lead is problematic. Dentists must be ready to change their perspective to coincide with how communication works, and not doing what is liked or disliked.

Stay focused on doing what’s better for yourself and consumers. Lead, don’t follow.

ThirdConnective Communication© Provides A Realistic Structure to Overcome Perceptions:

Dentistry is different. Knowing this is good, but seeing communication differently is required, too. Some answers may be familiar, but the implementation and consumer reality must be dealt with consistently, accurately and more completely.

For consumers, the old news about dental care is almost as it always was, so merely keeping up with the ‘other dentist’ in marketing, just won’t do. Dental marketing must be connective to engender any meaningful change.

Being connective requires more than one marketing element to move the consumer or patient forward into a better place. Two work better than one, three work better than two, and so forth.

Marketing that’s not working is like dry soup mix without water. Yet, without opening the bag, neither work together. The ‘referrals are best’ axiom is a good example of incomplete connectivity. While referrals may be best, more referrals are better than fewer, and so on.

Internal generation of additional referrals is just one way to approach the dilemma, but by more effectively implementing both approaches can greatly improve the other’s success.

The key is a willingness to implement an element, then another as soon as possible, rather than travel down the lack-of-communication road.

Fourth, The Goal is NOT Overcoming ALL Resistance To Better Dental Care:

Improvement is the goal. Niche Dental’s Connective Communication© is strategic improvement. It is a dentist, and local community based formula.

While overcoming societal forces is not within reach of an individual dentist, most every dentist does have great potential to increase their patient base. Unfortunately, every dentist won’t increase their base much because they won’t focus on improving and implementing strategic communication.

It’s vital dentists understand more than the marketing alphabet. They must learn to read it better, not reject its value, and avoid fits and starts. Not merely say: Patient Referrals are the best.

FifthConnective Communication© Constructs the Solution Not Just Giving ‘Answers’:

Determining a dentist’s marketing answers is an individual process. It’s also not very productive to give answers for too far in the future especially with changing technology.

Dentists often ask when calling Niche Dental, “What is the one type of marketing I should do?”

Seems fairly straightforward, but a certain amount of situational knowledge is needed. Otherwise, many budget draining missteps can occur.

A dentist's marketing plan is similar to constructing a solution to a patient’s health needs over the phone. Communication solutions are like a health diagnosis. Both communication and health are based on complicated, evolving structures.

Many see generic structure in dental marketing communication, but differences on the margins, account for many variations. Individual habits and occurrences also affect a health diagnosis, as well as a marketing plan.

In ConclusionConnective Communication© Does Provide Ready Answers:

However, Connective Communication© formula’s upfront answers provide a proper, protective and proactive marketing structure.

The three main answers, which Dick calls elements are: Improving, Gathering and Creating. This matrix prevents dentists from running into trouble, buying over-the-phone, over-the-counter, over-a-barrel budget marketing answers.

To achieve a Connective Communication© effect: Improving. Gathering. And Creating must be done together. One element is unbalanced without the others, achieving many fewer connections.

A Guide to Improving, Gathering, Creating:
  • Improving: improves value appreciation of the office, its dentistry and the dentist’s expertise.
  • Gathering: gathers up consumers already looking. Otherwise, searching consumers are split between marketing competitors, or missed entirely.
  • Creating: creates new patients from an available pool of all demographics, and reactivates current patients by nudging them to restore dentistry’s value in their lives, calming fears, etc.
Fluoride without community involvement, not allowing in water supply, evaporates its value. Fluoride is an answer, not a solution. Without a connective strategy, even the ‘best’ can be greatly diluted in value.

Postscript: So aren’t referrals the best? Yes, but being ‘best’ is an answer not a solution. Like fluoride doesn’t help someone missing a tooth.

Here’s a specific example, when an office is 99% hygiene and insurance reliant, encouraging those patient referrers to promote ‘additional’ services is globally difficult.

Yet, just 10 patient testimonials with before and after photos publicly promoted in a connective manner will exponentially multiply services value and prestige. Rather than looking in a follow-the-follower marketing mirror, generate 3D, value building communication, which is influential in your community and worthwhile to the consumer.

Thanks to the staff at the Minnesota School Dentistry for their invitation to speak.

Dick Chwalek is a member, co-founder of

Contact Oli,

Niche Dental Co-Consultant, Strategic Partner from Fallbrook, CA.

1+888.380.0020 • EMAIL Oliver (Oli) Gonsalves

Written, Edited, Posted by,

Dick Chwalek
Developer of Connective Communication©

Other Members of the Northern Dental Alliance:


September Webinars from Northern Dental Alliance Member Consultant for Dentists, Dental Professionals

Dentists, dental professionals and dentistry offices.... It's time to: Rise to know insights. Take the upgrade. Learn the slopes. 

These webinars provide various ways to get there.

Gayle Christensen, owner of Christensen Dental Consulting as well as a NDA member works with dental offices, staff members and dentists to improve management practices, HR systems and new patient development.

Both Gayle, and her colleague Lorraine Dudley, offer Webinars to dentists throughout the five state Minnesota region and all over the country. Below is the tally of webinars scheduled for September.

Click for more about Dental Business Training Center.


September - Dentistry Office Webinars



13 September 2012: Webinar Topic

The Power of Documentation for the Dental Office Webinar
 1.30pm until 2.30pm (CST)

--- Presented by Lorraine Dudley

Reducing risk of exposing dentist, and dental practice to potential harm by using powerful documentation and dentistry insurance management tools.

18 September 2012: Webinar Topic

Financial Victory for Dentists Offices Webinar
 9.00am until 10.00am (CST)

--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

 Increase your collections and smile all the way to a healthier bottom line!

Strategic Dental Office Scheduling Webinar
 11.30am until 12.30pm (CST)

--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

Take (and keep) control of your dentistry office schedule and capture the "treasure" that is hidden in dental patient charts.

Customer Service for the Dental Practice Webinar
 3.00pm until 4.00pm (CST)

--- Presented by Lorraine Dudley

Give your dental practice a competitive edge with unparalleled customer service that comes from the heart.

20 September 2012: Webinar Topic

New Dental Patients, Keep 'em Coming Webinar 
 11.30am until 12.30pm (CST)

--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

Give your practice a key advantage when it comes to retaining new and existing patients. Learn easy and effective methods to improve your skills with this vital component to your practice's long-term success.

Breakthrough Dental Communications Webinar
 2.00pm until 3.00pm (CST)

--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

How to become the dentist leader you never thought you could be: Enhance communication with your dental patients and staff by understanding your own behaviors and how they affect others. **There will be a 10 minute break during this webinar.


Gayle of Christensen Dental Consulting, Ham Lake MN

She is also a Northern Dental Alliance member

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Dentists: How Current, New Neighbors Can Be Your Patients

New Smile, New Mover Developers: Personalized Postcard Series

The consumer is waiting to be informed about what advanced dentistry and orthodontics can do for them. Wandering around for the right dental home consumers, looking for an advanced choice patients as well as new residents to the area are all in need of dentistry and/or orthodontia.

There is a good chance dentists and orthodontists will miss out on helping them get what they need, want and deserve. That is if dental offices and orthodontic practices just WAIT and let them randomly make a 'healthy, beautiful smile home' choice.

New smile home and new mover postcard personalized dentistry and orthodontia direct mail can make you the first choice. Standout, be known, and powerfully state the value of your dental and/or orthodontic services with Express Dental Marketing New Smile Home, New Mover Developer postcards.

Dental consumers often delay dentistry, waiting till the last minute, and then search frantically for a dentist. Others of us want the “right” care provider but usually find our orthodontists or dentists by happenstance: walking into an office without any knowledge about what is available or who the doctor is. Still others let their insurance coverage to “guide them” toward their 'approved' orthodontics office or what they have determined are the 'good' dentistry providers.

Rather than consumers waiting to decide farther down the road, doctors want patients to be proactive about dental care and orthodontic services. Then don’t wait for consumers to find your offices and practices!

Engage, encourage, persuade consumers to take those steps sooner. If your neighbors are searching online or still looking in the Yellow Pages for a dentist or orthodontist in your entire metro area, you have waited too long. Dental postcards provide the oomph to move things forward.

Those consumers wandering around for a new smile home or your brand new neighbors should know about your dental practice and orthodontic office now – not 3, 6, 12 months from now.

Develop Invisalign or other orthodontic services patients faster and more frequently. Bypass dental emergencies with proactive, personalized postcards communication and get patients ready to do more cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry.

These families and individuals who are l deserve to know about all the great dental services YOU offer sooner. The salesperson should have her whiter, more confident smile as she starts her new job NOT later.

Make sure those new resident parents ask for YOUR orthodontic care not travel somewhere else for it. The new teacher should feel good about smiling in front of his students. The mother should know you are the RIGHT dentist to treat her children and know it right away.

Express Dental Marketing offers the New Mover Developer series of cards to make sure you are able to give your new neighbors what they need: the dental and orthodontic care YOU offer.

See how Express Dental Marketing personalized direct mail will get your new neighbors interested in the dental and orthodontic care you provide. After you make new residents aware, make an even bigger impression by telling the entire community about why you should be the first choice with an Express Dental New Patient Booster campaign.

Of course, waiting to see what happens is always an option. It often seems reasonable to be cautious and delay. It is your choice: proactive dental marketing care or something drastic done later when the loss of patients has taken a real toll.

Marketing inaction might be compared to gum disease. While gums might bleed a little, there is no pain initially. Therefore, many people just ignore it, hoping this loss of blood is not a sign of something bigger.

Consumers lose teeth by doing nothing. Covering crooked smiles continues if consumers do nothing. Dentists lose patients by doing nothing. Covering their expenses continues for Orthodontists if they do nothing.

Time for pounds worth of cure with just an ounce portion of your revenues prescribed for prevention. Express Dental Marketing New Smile Home, New Mover mailings are one huge preventive element dentists and orthodontist need today.

View more examples of Express Dental Marketing New Smile Home, Mover Postcards. Just click links under photos.


Oli, 1.888.380.0020

Dental Marketing Blog Commentary by:

Dick Chwalek

Connective Communication© Consultant and and co-creator of the Express Dental Marketing system.


Dentists Retirement Consultant, NDA member, Provides Cash Balance Plan Answers

Dentists, dental offices owners, dentistry employees can benefit from a retirement plan for three main reasons. Those reasons explained by Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC of Eden Prairie, Minnesota include tax savings, employee recruitment/retention and bankruptcy protection.

If you are dentist who wants an individualized consultation about your retirement needs, and planning, Contact Charlie Steingas, Chief Actuary of CBA, and a Northern Dental Alliance member.

Below CBA answers a few of the most common, and vital questions associated with a Cash Balance Plan. It will provide dentists, owners of dental practices, and dentistry professionals with information about how the Cash Balance Plans CBA designs, operates, and the advantages of using a Cash Balance Plan to help meet your retirement savings objectives.

What Is A Cash Balance Plan?

A Cash Balance Plan is a type of Defined Benefit Plan that operates much differently than other types of retirement plans.

Most of the Cash Balance Plans CBA designs are established for the primary benefit of the owners or executives of a company. Therefore, the contributions for dentists, owners of dental offices and executives are typically very large with a smaller contribution provided to staff to meet IRS requirements.

During the plan design, the sponsoring company selects the amount of contribution for each dentist, owner and executive, up to the maximum amount permitted by law.

Only businesses can sponsor a Cash Balance Plan, but any dental practice or business entity may do so. We provide services for sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, nonprofits, and corporations. Dentists can have zero or more employees to start a plan.

The number of companies sponsoring Cash Balance Plans is growing rapidly.

Among the reasons for such rapid growth are:
  • Higher anticipated tax rates for small business owners like dentists, dental offices owners, dentistry employees and other professionals
  • The increased number of small business owners who are getting closer to retirement age
  • The government's desire to have privately funded pension plans help fund the retirement of America's workers
  • The need for larger retirement contributions due to market losses in existing retirement accounts that can't be deducted in Defined Contribution Plans
  • The emergence of Cash Balance Plans as an accepted way of controlling Defined Benefit Plan employee cost while still maximizing deductions for the owners. 
Before setting up a Cash Balance Plan, dentists, dental office owners should have a good idea of how they operate since it works differently than a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan or a Traditional Defined Benefit Pension Plan. This is why dentists may hear Cash Balance Plans referred to as "Hybrid" Plans.

They generally offer the best of both worlds; the high contribution limits of Defined Benefit Plans with the ease of understanding of Defined Contribution Plans.


A "Hypothetical Account" is established for each participant under a Cash Balance Plan. This is not an account within the plan's trust account. Instead, the plan administrator maintains the accounts; thus, they are referred to as Hypothetical Accounts.

Contributions are credited to these accounts each year in accordance with formulas in the plan document. The accounts are also credited with interest each year based on a rate selected by the plan sponsor.

Typically this rate is a flat percentage between 4% and 5% or it is based on the yield of an index such as the 30 year treasury yield.

When a participant terminates employment, he or she will be eligible to receive the vested portion of their hypothetical account balance. A Participant's vested percentage is determined by the plan document and can be 0% for up to 3 years of service and then must be 100% upon completion of 3 years.

Changes in Participant Contributions

From year-to-year the amounts, which can be contributed, are subject to complex discrimination testing. That is, Cash Balance Actuaries must be sure that contributions made for highly compensated individuals bear a reasonable relationship to the amounts contributed on behalf of individuals who are not highly compensated.

In performing the discrimination test, we are permitted to combine the cash balance contributions with the contributions the company is providing in other retirement plans. The amount of the required contribution depends on employee demographics.

Therefore, the contributions can fluctuate from year to year, but we do our best to minimize those fluctuations and provide a projection of upcoming contributions free of charge to our clients so you can make a change if the contributions for the year are not meeting your company goals.

Restrictions on Changing Participant Contributions

Once a dental employee has worked 1,000 hours during a plan year, the dentists/dental office employer must make a contribution on his or her behalf and cannot amend the plan to lower the amount of the contribution.

This is true even if the participant subsequently terminates employment during the year. For most full time employees, 1,000 hours will be reached for a calendar plan year in June.

For more information about cash balance plans, dentists, dental office employers or other business owners go to

Or Contact Charlie Steingas by email or call 952.500.8696

  • Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC
  • 7310 Paulsen Drive
  • Eden Prairie, MN 55346

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Dick Chwalek


MN, WI Dentists: Need Dental Staffing Services?

Dental Staffing Services provides a multi-oriented approach, helping dentists in the Minnesota, Twin Cities Metro as well as Western Wisconsin hire the right employee for the right position.

DSS is a leading provider of temporary, temp-to hire, and permanent placement for talented, high quality Dental Hygienists, Dentistry Assistants and Dental Practice Specialists. It draws on personal experience working in the dental industry to provide exceptional staff and prompt service for valued patients.

Saving Dentistry Offices, Dentists Time and Money

Dental office employers know talented team are not always easy to find, and more often than not, cumbersome to integrate into their environment. If it is expensive and time consuming to attract, hire and retain quality people, patient care can be less productive, and a drain on revenues.

The way DSS staffs dentistry practice personnel draws on experience and industry knowledge working many years in the dental field.

Whether dentists, dental offices are seeking permanent employees or temporary help, Dental Staffing Services knows having the right team members is key to the success of each practice. They save offices valuable time by sorting through their ready pool of experienced dental professionals and provides a thoroughly screened, qualified Hygienists, Assistants or Office Specialists for many practices each and every week.

Temporary Staffing

DSS supplies offices with dependable temporary help to keep them running smoothly, to improve patient care to office revenues. Their services cover long and short term assignment including scheduled vacations, staff sick day, medical or maternity leave.

Dentists, and practice managers can call to schedule employees in advance or when they are in a pinch. Dental Staffing Services' premium pool of candidates will be there to care for each patient in an individual way while assuring each practice maintains peak productivity.

Their temporary to permanent placement option provides an opportunity to have a prospective employee "temp" for a specified amount of time at which point the practice can hire the candidate with no further placement fees. This gives the DSS client a feel both for how the prospective employee will fulfill their responsibilities as well as how they will fit with the current dental office staff.

It also provides the opportunity to replace the potential candidate with another hire at anytime during the temp to permanent contract period. Of course, at anytime the office has to option to hire the temporary for an affordable prorated placement fee.

This approach has become a favorite program for the dental office looking for flexibility and options when adding a Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant and Office Professional to their practice.

Permanent Placement Dental Hires

The permanent placement candidates DSS provides are the highest quality, prescreened Hygienists, Dental Assistants or Office team members available. Dental offices, when ready to add personnel, can call DSS with specific requests and, they will activate a new employee search.

Dental Staffing Services creates a profile for each candidate which is available prior to the candidate's interview. The goal is to meet each and every dentistry practice's hiring demands while providing time and cost saving solutions at an uncommonly affordable fee.

Dental Office Advantages

Feel confident that the employees provided by DSS are fully qualified and motivated to best represent the client dental practice. Dental Staffing Services takes pride in the screening process used to assure the integrity of all their hires.

Their extensive qualification process ensures that all applicants have been personally interviewed, thoroughly screened and credentialed.

Every temporary Dental Hygienist, Assistant or Office Professional referred is an employee of Dental Staffing Services of Minnesota, so they take care of everything from screening and compliance; payroll, benefits and taxes, worker compensation and unemployment .

All inquiries are held in strict confidence, according to the dentist, dental office client's needs. Let hem know what dentists are looking for and leave the rest to them. This leaves the client free to do what they do best--care for patients and grow their business.

Expertise and Experience in Hiring

DSS has been providing their services Minnesota and Western Wisconsin for over 10 years. They are locally owned and operated for prompt service. They understand the specific skills needed in the dental field.

Dental Staffing Services is committed to staffing experienced, friendly dental professionals who are fully trained and licensed to care for valued patients. It is their job to create a mutually beneficial employment arrangement for both the dental office and the qualified dental professional.

Proud member of the Northern Dental Alliance, Helping Dentist Achieve Success

How Dental Staffing Services Helps Dental Professionals

Temporary Hygiene, Assisting and Office Professionals are in high demand. DSS is continually in search of talented, experienced dental people who are dependable and out-going. Whether potential hires are looking for permanent employment or the flexibility of temporary assignments, Dental Staffing Services will help in finding that person with the right position.

Dental Staffing Services receives job requests from a growing list of dental, dentist clients who need essential positions filled on a temporary basis. This provides an opportunity to gain new experiences and exposure to offices who may be hiring.

Regularly, DSS is contacted by clients seeking qualified dental employment prospects for available full-time and part-time positions. They work with each candidate to schedule assignments that meet their qualifications, work experience and location preference.

The firm offers top compensation and benefits. DSS employees are never required to accept an assignment and there is no fee to the candidate/DSS employee. Dental Staffing Services is an equal opportunity employer.

Job applicants and dentists/dental offices, can schedule confidential interviews:

CALL 651-442-0949 • Prompt service 24 hours/day

DSS looks forward to hearing from dentists, and dental offices.



"Quality staffing with a personal touch."

Kim Smythe

10185 245th Street
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Picture Complete Dental Health: How About Many Views Of Dentistry Done Individually, Specifically...

Take stock of what is best for your oral, dental health. Then decide where you want it be today, tomorrow or whenever the time is right for you, in your individual situation. But know what is possible first...

The story below was originally posted at Nashville Dentist, Dr. Kent E. White's blog.


Today, things should be better! The overall economy. Home prices. Health insurance... 

While there are many things we can't control, what about those areas we could change? Like something we would change if we discovered a better way forward, a different approach, a valuable advancement... 

Presenting pictures of how some of Dr. Kent E. White's patients have moved forward with their dental care is very helpful to many people. Yet, besides these pictures, the happiness, and confidence depicted and the oral health highlighted, each one has an individual story.

However, many of Dr. White's patients merely want more from their dentistry, not just what others usually get, history provided them or insurance suggests they need, maybe even all they deserve.
  • What do you think of dental care today? 
  • Have you decided to avoid going to the dentist because of the ongoing cost, visit anxiety or how dentists 'treat' you? 
  • Does the dentistry you think of today, still remind you of the dentistry you received 20 or more years ago? 
No matter what your current circumstances are, there is a time that is right for you to move forward with the dental health you deserve. There is no pressure. Rushing you forward would be counterproductive. Dr. Kent E. White's dental team is prepared for you to decide on your care. 


As dentists providing advanced dentistry, Dr. White understands no one can be pushed into a decision that provides such a remarkable change in their overall personality. To rush you into such dental treatment, would not make possible the impressive value you see presented in this blog post. 

Additionally, and more vital to everyone's oral health, most of Dr. Kent White's patients come in exclusively for the comprehensive preventative care we provide. Advanced dentistry would not be advanced if it was merely 'cosmetic' dentistry. A term that is less helpful than the visual value it achieves. 

Cosmetic is not really what Dr. White's about, and never has been. Because it was 'simple' to understand cosmetic was heavily promoted during the early development of natural looking restorations and treatments like veneers, and porcelain crowns. 

Of course, Google encouraged the usage of the search term 'cosmetic dentistry' to such an extent it is difficult to not use this superficial term in some way. Otherwise, dentists would never have gotten out the message out about the initial advancements in dentistry that were concerned with more than cavities, fillings and fixing broken teeth. 

That said, Dr. Kent E. White, has for many years, been using the more comprehensive term of advanced dentistry, along with his additional expertise in Neuromuscular dentistry. The next step in his transition to even more advanced dentistry is to use the term biomimetic.

Since we are living longer, we want to keep our teeth even longer. To keep most of our teeth a lifetime, even all of them, which is more possible than many people think, we have to detect disease earlier on. 

Then we must realize, long term results require some element of long term thinking, an expectation of value, a realistic investment and a proper approach to achieve these goals, and protect them long term.

Biomimetics provides two basic and complementary perspectives. An open outlook to accept all the 'proven' advances, as well as focused attention on those dental health discoveries, developed from confirmed experience, which we don't want to unlearn.

Biomimetic dentistry is our way forward at this moment in the progression of 'advanced' dental care.

Not everyone will want to proceed in this way, but it does present obvious benefits. Seeing may not be believing for you; but these pictures offer a preview of what it looks like to take an advanced step toward complete oral health with external and internal happiness as a bonus.

Wherever you are at in the continuum of oral health, Dr. Kent E. White, and his dental team can start there, and move forward until reaching the goal you have determined. Knowing what is out there is the first step. 

Your call is the next one. CALL (615) • 208-9687

We hope to hear from you soon. Then picture yourself more confident, no matter what you decide about your care.


Dr. Kent E. White, DDS
Dr. White says, “Dentistry is always improving, and today we’re making an incredible impact in our patient’s lives. People all over the world are finding out what it’s like to live without pain from a dysfunctional bite, and are now enjoying a smile that makes their face glow.”

His post doctorate training and a veteran senior instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) removes the stress and worry about choosing the right dentist.

Dr. Kent E. White, one of the nation’s most skilled comprehensive dentists, will guide your preventative and restorative care or cosmetic smile makeover. Ask a team member about the rewards made possible by Advanced, Contemporary and Neuromuscular, Biomimetic Dentistry!

Kent E. White, DDS • Center For Advanced Dentistry, PLLC

CALL (615) • 208-9687

Or Visit

2300 21st Avenue South
Suite 103
Nashville, TN 37212

Dentist Search

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Dental CE for Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants to Gloss Up Resume´ and CV

Don't allow deep pockets of status quo stuck, muck up your dental practicing future. Floss any stale skills, then gloss up your resume´ and CV to make sure patient 'requirements' are met!

This is the website portal for dentists and other dental professionals to access off, and online advanced dental education (CE) courses, to keep current, even jump ahead.

Update state dental board requirements, avoid falling behind competitors, and make sure patients are receiving the best care.

Niche Dental Collaborate provides a resource for improving their skills efficiently and successfully.

By visiting and its Off and Online CE portal, restorative, cosmetic and implant dentists, hygienists, offices personnel and dentistry assistants can discover the sources for continuing their education.

Below is a SAMPLE list of courses*

DENTIST/PATIENT Communication, CASE Presentation, TEAM Training

  • Case Presentation - Dentist Presenter

  • Isn't it Wonderful When (Dental) Patients Say Yes - Dentist Presenter

  • Chairside Color Modification of Ceramic Restorations - Dentist Presenter

  • Equipping Your Practice for Success - Dentist Presenter

  • Developing YOUR Esthetic (Dental) Practice - Dentist Presenter

  • Work Smarter - Not Harder - Dentist Presenter

  • Laboratory Communication (for dentistry) Dental Expert Presenter

  • Advanced Esthetic Dentistry: Achieving Optimal Results - Dentist Presenter

  • Evidence-Based Shade Communication - Dentist Presenter

  • Management of Deficient Ridges - Dentist Presenter

  • Esthetic Mock-Up Using Wax and Composite - Dental Expert Presenter

Direct Sign Up Link: Dentistry Professionals: Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants Dental Courses.

CLINICAL Treatment Room

  • Dental Assistant - Rubber Dam

  • Rubber Dam (for Dentistry) Dental Expert Presenter

  • Power Bleaching and Home Bleaching - Dental Expert Presenter

  • The Hidden World to Chemosensation

  • The Hidden World to Chemosensation Additional Exam(s)

  • The (Dental) Treatment Plan - - Dentist and Dental Expert Presenter

  • Direct Composite for the Expanded Duty Dental Assistant - Dentist Presenter

  • Patient Financing Strategies - Dentist Presenter

  • Communication Skills-Stress & Conflict Resolution - Dental Expert Presenter

  • Clinical Materials Update - Dental Expert Presenter (in dentistry)

  • Dentofacial Complications of Radiation Therapy

  • Dentofacial Complications of Radiation Therapy Additional Exam(s)

  • Dentofacial Complications of Radiation Therapy E-Book

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Dental INSURANCE, Legal, LAW Regulations, LEGISLATION

  • Personnel and Property Loss in Risk Management for dental practices

  • Personnel and Property Loss in Risk Management Additional Exam(s)

  • Dentistry, Ethics and Florida Law

  • California Dental Practice Act

  • California Dental Practice Act Additional Exam(s)

  • Dentistry, Ethics & Florida Law Additonal Exam(s)

  • Texas Jurisprudence in Dentistry

  • Texas Jurisprudence in Dentistry Additional Exam(s)

  • Texas Jurisprudence in Dentistry E-Book


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Dick Chwalek, Niche Dental


Good Luck All MDA Dentists, Dental Professionals during their MDDS Golf Day!


Today, August 6, 2012

The Northern Dental Alliance is sponsoring the Minneapolis District Dental Society's summer golfing event at the Olympic Hills Golf Club in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

We hope to see many familiar faces, including dentists and dental professionals at the event.

NDA Members Attending Event, and Hole Sponsors

Golf & Events Schedule
  • Registration and Hole Assignment 11:00am
  • Driving Range Opens 11:00am
  • Cookout Barbeque Lunch 11:30am
  • Shotgun Start 1:00pm
  • Social Hour w/Cash Bar 6:00pm
  • Dinner Served 7:00pm
  • Event Results, Awards and Raffle 7:30pm
Golfing Categories
  • Men’s Women’s
  • Senior’s (50 - 64 years) 
  • Master’s (65+years)
  • Business/Lab
Special Events
  • Longest Drives
  • Longest Putts
  • Hole-In-One Contest (All Four Par 3’s)
  • Putting Contest Between 9’s
  • Closest to Hole on all Par 3’s
All MDA Members are welcome!
Please come and join in all the excitement and fun! 
Monday, August 6, 2012

MDDS Golfing Event Location

  • Olympic Hills Golf Club
  • 10625 Mount Curve
  • Road Eden Prairie, MN 55347

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Dick Chwalek, NDA Member
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