RSO Responsibilities, X-Ray Rule Training

Learn how to keep up with your annual OSHA and infection control requirements.

With so much focus on quality patient care, new products and technology keeping up with written infection control, MSDS, and radiation manuals can fall on the back burner. Know how your office is doing before an inspector calls. Then your team can focus on Treatment Planning, Marketing, Recall and Scheduling.

Get the Nuts and Bolts of
RSO Responsibilities & X-Ray Rule
Training Session.

Northern Dental Alliance member and Dental Consultant, Leanne M. Mathieu Kramer of Statements Plus Compliance Solutions will be conducting this seminar to keep dental offices on the right track with their safety responsibilities and rules. This two-hour course will provide two dentistry CE credits.


- Ramada Minneapolis (Mpls) NW
- 6900 Lakeland Ave North
- Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55428

- Tuesday
- February 23, 2010

- 9:00 - 11:00 AM
- 2 Dental CE Credits

- $50.00

> Presented by Leanne M. Mathieu Kramer, LDA, CDA, CDPMA

Leanne is a Licensed Dental Assistant (LDA), Certified Dental Assistant, and Certified Dental Practice Management Administrator through the Dental Assistant National Board. She is authorized by the Department of Labor as an OSHA Outreach Trainer in General Industry.

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    Dentists, Begin New Year with New Approach to Marketing

    Many marketing strategies try to make FREE sound FREER, HALF OFF even more than HALF OFF, or ALWAYS LOW PRICE especially LOWER NOW! Trouble is most marketers, advertisers and ad agencies for dentists don't understand how the consumer perceives the value of dentistry.

    I suggest scrapping all the yadda, yadda, tactics and looking at the reality of the situation and then developing an actual real people, who want good dentistry, solution.

    Imagine if dentists started giving you extra helpings of fluoride because if a drop helps a lot - two tablespoons of it should work better, right? If the beef roast takes an hour to cook at 325 degrees, turning it up to 750 means we can have dinner twice as fast!

    Therefore, if FREE and HALF OFF works for hula hoops, hamburgers and hay bales, we must use the same marketing gimmick for dental care. And in a tough economy, we just need to say it MORE and LOUDER! Just because FREE 'works' does not necessarily mean it fits dentistry to a teeth.

    Well, if these guys, gals and salespersons of many marketing stripes are correct, it their tactics would have had a payoff for dentistry when times were good. Wouldn't you think so?

    Review my Niche Dental Consulting home page for statistics I have put together from my online research (and presented in other situations) that refute the value of playing FREE and loose with your marketing dollars over the last decade and half.

    FREE and HALF OFF marketing ideas are not 'wrong' - but A LOT of something does not necessarily make things better. I love eating chocolate candy and drinking chocolate shakes, and always have. But it would not make sense for me to encourage my children to brush and floss their teeth by giving them a pound of candy every time they do it.

    FREE has its place - even in dental marketing - just not in the mind of every consumer for everything dentistry.

    How can dental marketing be done better? I recommend Connective Communication: its three part formula offers a complete platform for developing the right marketing plan for your dental office.

    Call/Email to Inquire about the Value It Offers

    866-453-1026 - Ext 251

    Request a Seminar for your Dental Group, Organization, or Club.

    Or Attend This Seminar

    Connective Communication
    Simplifying Dental Marketing

    Sponsored by Renstrom


    TUESDAY, February 16th 2010


    6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


    Renstrom Dental Studio

    4225 White Bear Pkwy • Suite 1240

    Please RSVP Renstrom Dental Studio

    651-407-0491 or

    Speaker: Dick Chwalek

    of Niche Dental & Niche Dental Collaborate.

    Simply Powerful Formula for Building a Vibrant Patient Base

    With Dick’s Marketing Campaign Approach, Expect To…

    Affordably OWN It.

    Efficiently DEPLOY It.

    Simply PROFIT From It!

    Marketing Seminar Objectives

    • Effectively Divide & ‘Devine’ The Marketing π Formula

    • Efficiently Reduce Campaign Planning Complexity

    • Rapidly Deploy A Superior Communication Equation

    Understand how current trends, dental consumer characteristics, and traditional communication patterns are affecting new patient numbers and case acceptance.

    Identify the limitations of one-off marketing products and inflexible systems.

    Recognize how simplistic solutions and gimmicks confuse the consumer and reduce the long-term viability of your practice as well as its short-term success.

    Learn the latest concepts that effectively target and ‘create’ the right patients.

    See how connective and integrated communication can greatly and positively transform your dental practice.

    Increase the likelihood ‘elective’ services such as dental implants are expected, asked for, even demanded!

    Get more consumers of all ages to ask for higher-level services…

    This Connective Structure Fundamentally Changes the Dental Visit Dynamic

    Niche Dental Collaboration

    Let Renstrom’s communication coalition partners develop and implement an effective strategy to build a vibrant new and current patient environment!

    Dick Chwalek of Niche Dental and Director of Niche Dental Collaborate will explain the value of communicating to new or existing patients.

    He will provide customizable, scalable, flexible and affordable methods to make your marketing successful. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how you can be more proactive in a down economy.

    Strategic Partners Include…

    Niche Dental: Coaching & Consulting

    Express Dental Marketing: Direct Mail

    The Peripheral Vision: Print & Web Design

    Reach Local: Effective Outdoor Advertising

    EMC Outdoor: Total Out of Home Advertising

    Radio/TV Experts: Complete Media Marketing

    Now is the time to start changing the dynamic. Renstrom encourages you to work with whatever company you choose.

    However, there are many benefits including numerous rebate incentives when working with the strategic partners noted above.

    We are confident that these communication specialists will work in your best interest and make success a reality.

    Attendees Receive

    Extra Marketing Incentives

    Including Additional Newsletter Savings

    Plus Renstrom is offering a partial rebate on one e.max restoration.

    Please RSVP Renstrom Dental Studio

    651-407-0491 or

    Renstrom Dental Studio is committed to helping our dentist partners, and our industry as a whole, succeed. We know your success is our success — that is why we are eager to have Dick Chwalek deliver this program on communication strategies and methods to market your practice.