Oklahoma Oral Surgeon Puts Perceptions On Notice Too!

Commented in a Google Plus post that relates to following dental news story:

Instrument sterilization key to safe dentistry »

Aberdeen-area dentists say incidents like the one that put Oklahoma oral surgery patients in danger are rare.

My focus, Richard The Chwalek, is on the 'marketing/communication' element of the overall presentation in the practice and how it affects what people will think of the practice initially...


There are three key elements patients need to notice when visiting a dental practice.

While my suggestions will not make it self evident or preclude the need to ask specific questions about a practice's safety precautions, I would suggest these visual cues are being covered for both dentist and patient to take notice of: think perception is reality.

Don't want any consumers walking out before they can ask those safety questions...

  1. The practice should be up to date {much or all of it within last 7-10 years} glistening clean, not crowded, nothing piled up...

  2. The staff should make a point of showing/saying how much time they put into keeping things straight, clean, sterilized, etc.

  3. Patients should see safety info presented in various ways, posters, OSHA compliance notices, handouts, emails, on website, etc.


By this Dental Marketing Connective Communication© Consultant...

Richard The Chwalek

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