Just Start Dental Marketing!

Moving ahead is probably the most difficult part of marketing for many dentists, Invisalign braces clients, Neuromuscular dentists and dental specialists. It would be easier if there were two or three choices. But there are about 1,000 + a million.

The Internet multiplies the options and the confusion of what you should do. While full disclosure puts in me this group of confusers and multipliers, what most other dental marketers want to say is "use our products or services and then things will work". My rebuttal is that moving ahead with any of us is better then holding off. This holding off on marketing your dental practice is dangerous for many reasons.

I end up working with two types of dental clients: first time proactive marketers and those that have tried many things.

The first group of dentists often have waited and waited because of their worries that dental advertising is "wrong" or things moved along on "their own" but now things have changed. Waiting to find the exact right marketer or marketing is problematic because you probably won't. It or they might be right but you do not know how to work with them or that marketing concept. They or it might be wrong, but often you cannot find out until you work with them or it.

The dentists who have gotten along without marketing over the years find out the ground has shifted underneath (many months or years before they knew it) and realize communication is always evolving and being one step ahead is vital. Those who have done their own marketing (often in piecemeal format) are less likely to ask someone until the eight ball has rolled out of their peripheral vision into more of a direct viewpoint.

Reaching out to a dental marketer can be scary - just look at my picture on my website - but getting started on your dental marketing and/or integrating it beyond that one concept strategy or one cool new idea is very important in this environment.

As a dental consultant, I can help you navigate your first step or move you to a more complete, proactive strategy.

And remember the more consumers know about what you do - the more they will ask for what you offer and will be less likely to delay their dental care.

Sincerely, Dick Chwalek and Niche Dental - 866-453-1026