Downturn Changes Dental Marketing Perspectives.

As the economy contracts, consumers will reduce their spending. However, they do not stop their spending on everything; they set priorities. So why are consumers making the decision to cut back on their dental care, something which should not get cut so fast?

I see in dental chat room posts, hear in calls from dentists, and get in emails from dentists "who did not need to advertise before" that things are slowing down and they are not sure how to deal with it.

First, good communication is always needed. In an economic downturn is that consumers also need to, or think they need to, contract their dental spending as well. Unfortunately, if dentists were not "assertively communicating" the value of their dentistry during the good times, downturns are exactly when consumers and patients are going to determine they do not need to put dental care high up on the priority ladder.

Stop thinking dental advertising and marketing are not always needed. It should be thought of as communication that you proactively and assertively develop. Dental marketing is not bad or good - it is necessary.

There are many things you can do right now to reverse the trend. Finally get that dental website going full throttle. Do a regular dental postcard marketing campaign - so you are not just waiting for patients to find you. Then start integrating your dental marketing so the value of your dental expertise is always building.

There are many sources for increasing new patient and referral numbers and putting your dental practice revenues on the upward trajectory.

I offer dental marketing coaching program with significant proven results. An almost unlimited number of ideas to get things going immediately and for long term success as well.

Stop surfing the web and start making it happen.

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