White Smiles For Life: Nashville Dentist's Video Montage

Dr. Kent E. White provides the care you deserve – bringing harmony to oral muscles, restoring health, achieving natural beauty and enriching lives.

Because he believes so passionately in the value of this comprehensive treatment approach, Dr. White wants more people to understand the depth of its possibilities patients, consumers and other dentists.

Dr. White has been a senior instructor at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. He has mentored many fellow dentists and their teams at LVI and in other locations.

MORE than a cosmetic dentist...

By combining the most advanced techniques in aesthetic/cosmetic, restorative, reconstructive and preventive dentistry with his knowledge and skills in Neuromuscular Dentistry diagnosis and treatment, Dr. White has been able to bring healing comfort to the lives as well as enhance smiles of people.... Just. Like. You.

As Dr. Kent White explains, "Our educational pursuits and our treatment approach influence the solutions we develop for our clients/patients. Today, caring deeply requires an ever-increased need for the latest and most accurate information and ongoing skill development. In this environment that means if we stop learning, we stop caring. "

Additionally, according to Dr. White, "To make this high level of care possible, I continually widen my dental perspective. I ask myself the same questions everyday, such as... 'What are my clients missing because of my current focus? Are yesterday’s results still good enough? Is the standard still the standard?'”

Kent. E. White, DDS
Center For Advanced Dentistry
Advanced Dentistry
2300 21st Avenue South
Suite 103
Nashville, TN 37212

-- Recently Dr. White formerly with Embassy Dental in Nashville.


Your Dental Care Missing Something?

> Could It Be Exactly what YOU Deserve!

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Boca Raton Dentist: Be Optimally Informed, Then Decide.

At Your Boca Dentist, decisions are made to move ahead only when the patient understands the plan and knows what the goal is. For their patient Brenda, it meant renewing her smile for a second time - first in 1988 and then last year.

“I was able to see right away how I would treat her smile,” Dr. Angela Ramirez said. “I knew I would be able to design a more natural and complementary smile for her.”

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Time For Healthier and Happier Smiles

Putting off your dental care? Consider:

- At Your Boca Dentist complimentary consultations, the focus is on you...

“A new patient of ours recently walked out of another office because no one there really listened” said Dr. Ramirez. “They ‘pushed’ implants, which the patient didn’t want. When inquiring about our services, we’ll work on the best solution for you.”

'“For over 25 years I’ve focused on optimal health while using the most advanced, lifelike treatments.”

A patient of Dr. Ramirez waited 10 years before they went ahead with care. According to Dr. Ramirez, “She was afraid. But her treatment was done about the same time as Brenda’s, and she’s very happy with her healthier, new smile.”

Your Boca Dentist
1865 NW Boca Raton Blvd., Suite 101
Boca Raton, Florida 33432


Something missing from your dentistry?

Maybe It's the Dental Care YOU Deserve!

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Philadelphia Area Dentist Presents Patient Smile Makeover

How West Chester PA dentist,
Dr. Ron Briglia and his team
Achieved Their Patient's Goals.

"Liz wanted to improve her smile for years. To achieve her goals within her budget, we started with her upper four front teeth. In near the future, Liz would like to complete her smile makeover..."

Read More @ Total Confidence Dentistry.

In Liz’s Words:
“To say that Dr. Briglia and his team perform nothing less than magic is an understatement. It has been a long journey for me since Dr. Briglia first evaluated the condition of my teeth and gums. Over the ensuing three years, much reparative work was required before any thought could be given to cosmetic improvements.

Once gum health was restored, Dr. Briglia and his technician, Kathy, launched their campaign to improve the look and feel of my teeth and smile.

The end result has truly been..."

Review Other Smile Views, Read Her Entire Testimonial
Ron Briglia, DMD
The Chester County Medical Center
600 East Marshall Street
Suite 201
West Chester, PA 19380


What Is Missing From Your Dental Care?

> What if it is exactly what YOU Deserve!

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Northwest Michigan: K9000 3D-Dental Scan Technology

The Northwood Dental team of Traverse City is again improving their treatment capabilities, by investing the new three-dimensional K9000 imaging system. With the Kodak technology, local dentist Dr. Brian Klym can now determine a dental diagnosis more accurately and efficiently, minimizing repeat visits, saving patients time and money.

Advanced Diagnosis • Enhanced Convenience & Comfort

According to Dr. Klym, “Before I even start, I can see the entire 3D anatomy of the root canal where before I couldn’t.”

“You stand up in a very open room, no confined feeling or sense of claustrophobia. The average scan is only 24 seconds,” Dr. Klym explained and added, “During the diagnostic procedure patients can also look out a window; nature enhancing the calming effect.” The result is total comfort and peace of mind.

The Kodak 9000 also shows high-resolution images, allowing Dr. Klym to perform more informed and precise treatments. In essence, it offers a better, closer look than other general dentist offices in the area can achieve.

Brian Klym, DDS
10748 E. Traverse Highway
Traverse City, Michigan 49684

Does your dentist utilize a comprehensive approach?

Rather than merely 'get by' -- get what YOU Deserve!

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