Dental Laboratory Implants Solutions: Porcelain to Zirconia Implant Bridge

A past dental laboratory newsletter published by Northern Dental Alliance member Renstrom Dental StudioInc. featured an implant bar overdenture that was designed to replace a patient’s existing lower denture. Although there are many advantages to this prosthesis, another fixed option for the patient might have been a porcelain to zirconia screw retained implant bridge, also known as a PIB.

"This case was a fun case to do. The patient was extremely satisfied with the looks, pronunciation, and occlusion of her new teeth and I am confident that the work is strong and easily retrievable. I am very satisfied with Renstrom (MN lab) and look forward to doing more large cases like this with them." Dr. A Johnson's Dentistry

A full arch zirconia dental bridge is strong, durable, and most esthetic of anything else. The only major disadvantage is the higher cost associated with it, but with zirconia at a fixed price it is still more affordable than dentistry metals.

With this particular dental case, the patient already had six implants supporting a titanium implants bar with a maxillary overdenture. Due to repeat acrylic chipping, she desired a more durable dentistry solution.

The process of laboratory fabricating her PIB dental bridge is shown in the photos below. The turnaround time at the lab for a case such as this is estimated about 3-4 weeks but the dental patient can expect to schedule four or five appointments during this time.

The entire dentistry procedure can take anywhere from two to four months.

When working on dental implants case, Renstrom lab is always happy to assist in determining the best treatment option for your patient!
  1. Patient before with maxillary implant overdenture.
  2. Removal of titanium implant bar and denture.
  3. A verification jig was made from the master cast to assure fit and accuracy of the final prosthesis. The full contour wax-up is sent to the dentist for evaluation.
  4. A cut-back is done and the copy mill substructure is scanned using the NobelProcera Scanner.
  5. The milled zirconia framework is sent to the dentist for patient try-in.
  6. ZirLiner was first applied to the framework and the e.max Ceram porcelains were used for the build up.
  7. The occlusal and lingual surfaces of the posterior restorations/teeth were left non-layered for increased strength.
  8. Completed build up showing the natural contours and pink porcelain used on the gingival areas.
  9. Dental patient after with maxillary PIB.
For more about Lab Restorative Dentistry, Dental Implants. and other treatments like Overdentures,


Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc
Vadnais Heights, MN

Renstrom Dental Studio (MN LAB) is a NDA Member.

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Niche Dental Consulting Twitter Morning Meme-Ohs!

Are you on Twitter yet? 

Well, there are great reasons to join. While Niche Dental Morning Memo-ohs may not be one of those reasons in not so obvious ways, this dentist marketing coach, consultant implores you to implement it as your regular constitutional documentation, weekday morning exploratory coffee enigma.

The fun of it all is the first clue that must given you... ;-)

By following Niche Dental on Twitter, dental industry leaders, dentistry professionals and dentists may find out why Dental Marketing is fun. Then again, this assumption may have various flaws.

Fortunately or fortuitously in most cases, if/when humor does happen, Niche Dental Twitter followers are right there to take advantage of these purported, supposed, hypothetical smile producing statements. Of course, when required, these same Twitter joiners can take evasive action.

Twitter followers of Niche Dental will be presented morning 'quotes of the day' -- seen through the eyes of famous, intelligent, significant people who only exist in this dental consultant's frame of an early daydreaming mind.

Morning Meme-ohs are a feature developed to add up sum laughs in the morning, but mostly to mask humor in some thing possibly less than funny. Yet, tuning in to these tweets each morning can drastically change the way dentists and others see the world, hopefully in a positive way. 

Generally, however, the tweets are seen by too many -- to be mind contusing, an obtuse thing, time consuming, etc.

This flexible, yet intractable morning exercise is an irreparably reactive, ruminatively regressive, rectangular regurgitation stage for:

  • Explaining things few people have asked to be explained 
  • Questions most have refused to ask even when financially prodded
And for those who went forward,

  • Leaving them in a forlorn, tinhorn state of mind numbing irrelevant territory.

If you get this riffed at all, and then try to Twitter humor sift, the unpleasantries of words play and puns that prey may fatigue you or present indigesting quandaries. This display from a dental communication jockey for branding positioning and could be called a non-dental writhing release that create public relationships few have sought before, will want to after.

Finally, rather than tweeting tired old goats of yesterday...

Niche Dental's Twitter accounting software presents tried and rue, deep moats of short communication bursts, too often in discourse made gently flippant and language chopped and flayed.

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Dick Chwalek

Dick is also a member of the Northern Dental Alliance.


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CE Webinars for Dentists, Dental Professionals: August 2012

Gayle Christensen
Taking the upgrade. Rising to knew insights. Learning the slopes. However dentists may phase it in, these webinars provide various ways to get there.

Gayle Christensen, owner of Christensen Dental Consulting as well as a NDA member works with dental offices, staff members and dentists to improve management practices, HR systems and new patient development.

Both Gayle, and her colleague Lorraine Dudley, offer Webinars to dentists throughout the five state Minnesota region and all over the country. Below is the tally of webinars scheduled for next month, August.

Click for more about Dental Business Training Center.


August - Dentistry Office Webinars



17 August 2012: Webinar Topic

The Power of Documentation for the Dental Office Webinar
 12.30am until 1.30am (CST)

--- Presented by Lorraine Dudley

Reducing risk of exposing dentist, and dental practice to potential harm by using powerful documentation and dentistry insurance management tools.

21 August 2012: Webinar Topic

New Dental Patients, Keep 'em Coming Webinar 
 9.00am until 10.00am (CST)

--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

Give your practice a key advantage when it comes to retaining new and existing patients. Learn easy and effective methods to improve your skills with this vital component to your practice's long-term success.

Financial Victory for Dentists Offices Webinar
 11.30am until 12.30pm (CST)

--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

 Increase your collections and smile all the way to a healthier bottom line!

Strategic Dental Office Scheduling Webinar
 2.00pm until 3.00pm (CST)

--- Presented by Gayle Christensen

Take (and keep) control of your dentistry office schedule and capture the "treasure" that is hidden in dental patient charts.

23 August 2012: Webinar Topic

Customer Service for the Dental Practice Webinar
 3.00pm until 4.00pm (CST)

--- Presented by Lorraine Dudley

Give your dental practice a competitive edge with unparalleled customer service that comes from the heart.


Gayle of Christensen Dental Consulting, Ham Lake MN

She is also a Northern Dental Alliance member

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MN Dentists Financial Advisor Provides 2nd Quarter Markets Recap

Q2, 2012 Markets Review
The Right Answers: Know How and No Spin.  A Fee-Only Financial Planner
For dentists and others watching the investment markets, the first half of 2012 was a strange and somewhat harrowing experience.  The first four months of the year saw American stocks zoom upward by almost 10 percentage points, building on one of the best January performances in history.

Then came May, when the Wilshire 5000–the broadest index of U.S. stocks–gave back 6.22% of its value.  June was a muddle–until the final day of the month, when The Wilshire 5000 gained back 2.53% in a single trading day and essentially saved the quarter from being considered a total disaster.  On the same day, the S&P 500 gained 2.49% and the Nasdaq exchange was up 3.00%.

If there is a lesson here–and the markets are always teaching us new ones–it is that the drops, and the rises, take us by surprise, and are almost impossible to predict.

Let’s take stock of the past quarter, and look at where we are after the first half of 2012.  Overall, the Wilshire 5000 fell 3.13% for the second quarter, but it’s still up 9.22% for the year.  The comparable Russell 3000 index fell 3.15% during the second quarter, but rose 3.92% in June, and is up 9.32% for the year.

The other stock market sectors moved in a very similar pattern.  Large cap stocks, represented by the Wilshire U.S. Large Cap index, fell 3.11% for the quarter, but are posting a 9.15% overall gain in the first half of 2012.  The Russell 1000 large-cap index fell 3.12% for the second quarter, but is up 9.38% for the first half of the year.  The widely-quoted S&P 500 lost 3.29% in the same time period, but is up 8.31% this year.

The Wilshire U.S. Mid-Cap index was the biggest quarterly loser, down 5.71% in the second three months of the year, but it, too, has posted an overall gain so far this year, at 5.93%.  The Russell midcap index dropped 4.40% in the recent quarter, but is up 7.97% so far this year.

The Wilshire U.S. Small-Cap index dropped 3.33% in the three months ending June 30, but ended the first half up 9.54%.  The Russell 2000 small-cap index lost 3.47% in the three months ending January 30, but is up 8.53% for the first six months of 2012.  The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index lost 5.06% in the second quarter, but was up 3.81% in June, and has a 12.66% gain for the year.

Although energy stocks are down 3.37% for the year, as a result of falling oil prices, other sectors are posting significant gains.  Telecommunication services stocks are up 13.34% for the year, while information technology stocks have posted a 12.71% gain, even though they fell 6.96% during the second quarter.  Financial stocks are up 12.63% and Consumer Discretionary stocks have gained 12.06%.

Internationally, the broad-based EAFE index of developed economies fell 8.37% for the quarter despite a 6.79% gain in the past month.  For the year, the index is up a scant 0.77%.  Not surprisingly, the weakest component is EAFE’s Europe index, down 9.11% for the second quarter, down 0.12% so far this year.

The EAFE Emerging Markets index of lesser-developed economies fell 10.00% in the second quarter, but is up 2.29% for the year.  The bloodiest quarter was experienced by the Eastern European EM countries, down 15.03% in the three months ending June 30, but still up 0.38% for the year.

Commodities are generally down for the year, with the S and P GSCI index falling 12.38% in the second quarter, down 7.23% so far this year.  The hardest-hit: energy (mostly oil) down 17.05% for the quarter, down 10.98% so far in 2012.

On the bond side, U.S. Treasuries remained at rock-bottom yields.  The 12-month T-Bond yields just 0.20%.  Locking up your money for three years gets you 0.39% a year.  Ten-year issues yield 1.64%, and 30-year Treasuries bring a 2.75% annual coupon yield.  Muni bonds are even lower, with yields of 0.211% (1-year), 0.343% (2-year), 0.808% (5-year) and 1.922% (10-year), while the aggregate of all AAA corporate bonds is yielding 1.14% for bonds with a five-year maturity.

It is worth looking at what led to the sudden jump in investor enthusiasm for stocks on the very last day of the quarter, and see whether we should be feeling the same exuberance as the general public.  The market jumped on preliminary news that a late night round of negotiations among the Eurozone leaders had led to a “breakthrough” (as the news reports called it).

Over the weekend following these news reports, we have learned more details: the European leaders have decided that instead of lending more money to the Spanish government, and possibly eroding its already shaky creditor status, they will inject bailout funds directly into Spanish banks.  In addition, the leaders agreed to use the bailout funds set aside in the European Financial Stability Facility and the European Central Bank “in a more flexible manner” in order to stabilize the Eurozone markets.  Finally, the leaders announced plans to create a 120 billion euro fund to stimulate growth across Europe and create jobs.

All of these moves represent at least a quarter-degree turn from previous policies.  Giving money directly to the Spanish banking system avoids a negative feedback loop where lending to the government simply burdens it with more debt and causes investors to demand cripplingly high interest rates on Spanish government bonds.

Making the bailout funds more flexible seems to be a concession by German government leaders, who wanted any bailouts to be accompanied by austerity measures in the receiving country, which has, so far, weakened every economy that agreed to it.  The growth funds seem to be a step in the same direction, away from austerity toward promoting growth and employment–which avoids the negative feedback loop of austerity causing economic hardship, leading to declines in GDP, leading to lower tax revenues, leading to deeper fiscal deficits, which is what the bailouts were intended to alleviate.

However, as dentists and other investors read the fine print, they will notice that the newly-flexible bailout funds amount to about 500 billion euros, compared with roughly $2 trillion in potentially distressed government debt.  It is possible that some of the enthusiasm generated on the last day of the first quarter will have evaporated within the week, following a well-worn path of enthusiasm followed by panic that investors who are paying attention will have already grown tired of.

Meanwhile, there is some cause for concern in the U.S. economy, which has recently seen the kind of good news that should be put into better perspective.  The number of Americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits fell to 386,000 for the week ending June 23, down from 392,000 the previous week.

But the four-week average fell by just 750, meaning that if you look past the headlines, an economist would have trouble discerning a trend in the data.  Similarly, home prices in the 20 largest U.S. cities rose 1.3% in value in April, based on the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price indices.  But this, too, calls for some perspective: the rise only brings home prices to levels seen in early 2003.

Is there a pattern here?  Investors have been led to believe that the global situation, and the U.S. economic trends, were worse than an objective view might indicate, and then, in one day, they were suddenly seeing unexpected positive news that may have been overhyped.

The truth is that Europe is still working its way out of a crisis, and many analysts are still predicting a recession in the Eurozone this year.  The U.S. has been on a slow recovery path, and it is not easy to predict its progress beyond feeling grateful that the situation is not as dire as we see in Greece, or as unsettling as what we’re seeing in Spain.

The most truthful thing one can say is that these sharp turns in the market–in May, on the last day of June–are not driven by any change in the intrinsic value of stocks, or any interruption in the actions of millions of workers who are daily building stronger, more profitable franchises throughout the global economy.  The lurches of the roller coaster represent emotional responses by skittish investors who want to jump into or out of the markets based on headlines that usually seem to overstate the case on the upside and the downside.

So far, 2012 has been a very bumpy ride, and has certainly been scary at times.  But from a real investor’s point of view - whether dentist or not -  behind all the sturm and drang, the first half of the year has seen unusually positive growth in the markets.  We cannot predict what the second half will bring, any more than we can predict what the weather will be at a certain date in October or December.

Dentists should remain steadily invested and pay as little attention as possible to the shrill voices of our increasingly frantic news outlets has been a solid strategy so far this year, and has generally worked out well for investors over time.

2012′s second half will undoubtedly bring us more surprises.  It will force us to remember that we are not investing in current events, but in the far more boring, far more significant daily work and effort of the people who get up each morning and contribute to the growth of our global economy and the growth of the businesses they work for–the companies that we, together, are invested in.

Original Financial Advisor's Article Posted here.

About Rick Epple CFP®

My focus as a Certified Financial Planner is to help business owners reach their personal and financial goals, and this blog will provide objective information on a wide variety of related topics, from goal setting to estate planning.

Rick is also a co-founder and member of the Northern Dental Alliance.

Watch Rick's Financial Planning video.


Dentists: Selecting Photography Equipment, Part 2 of MN Dental Lab Series

 ~ By Jeff Benson, DDS • Renstrom Dental Studio

Renstrom Dental Studio (MN Lab) Summer Newsletter

In the first article in Renstrom's dentistry photography series, I talked about the benefits. If you missed it, go to our website at Renstrom.com, click the news tab and then click the Spring 2012 newsletter.

Most dentists would agree that dental photography would be a helpful tool for communicating with their patients and dental laboratories, but many practices still have not made photography part of their daily routine. Many of these practices are concerned that photography will slow down production or that it will be difficult to get high quality photos, but the reality is that those practices that do take photos routinely find that it takes very little time and that the quality of the photos is consistently excellent.

Ring Flash
Modern digital dental photography systems make it easy, even for beginners,to get good images with just a little practice. Once you begin to take photos on a regular basis, the quality of your photos will quickly improve to the point where you’ll be proud to use them to communicate with your patients and your lab.

The key to success is feedback, and today’s digital dental camera systems give you high resolution feedback about your photo’s quality, right on the camera’s display, immediately after the photo is taken. If you don’t like a photo, just delete it, adjust your technique and take another one until you have the quality photo you want. It’s amazing how quickly your technique improves when you have this immediate feedback.

So, what equipment do you really need to take great dental photos? There are two distinct types of camera systems available for quality dental photography: (1)Digital SLRs and (2)Point and Shoot cameras that have been “adapted” for dental photography. Both systems are capable of producing acceptable photos but the SLR systems will produce significantly higher quality photos because the lens and flash are specifically designed for close-up photography. Lets look at digital SLR systems.

Twin Point Flash
The dedicated macro lens is the heart of the digital SLR dental photography system. These lenses are capable of capturing very accurate images of the color, contour and surface texture of the teeth, gingiva and lips. The focal length of the macro lens to use with consumer grade digital SLR camera bodies, should be between 60mm and 105mm. The trend, however, is toward lenses in the 60-to 85mm range because they make it easier to get sharp focus on all the teeth simultaneously.

A dental SLR system will have a flash system that evenly illuminates the oral cavity while minimizing shadows and glare. Through-the-lens (TTL) flash exposure control capability on modern SLR cameras ensures good exposure over a wide range of magnifications and working distances.

Your choices are either a ring flash or a twin-point flash. The ring flash illumination is very even, with good penetration into the back of the oral cavity, but it is prone to glare and doesn’t show surface texture well. The twin point flash greatly minimizes glare and more accurately shows surface texture and incisal hue and translucency, but it doesn’t penetrate to the back of the oral cavity quite as well as the ring flash. Choose the flash system that best meets your needs.

Most modern digital SLR camera bodies, if paired with the lens and flash recommendations above, are capable of taking great dental photos,so you really don’t need a very expensive camera body.

One camera body feature that is very helpful,though,isahigh resolution LCD screen so you can better evaluate your photos as you take them. The Canon T3i and Nikon D90 have high resolution LCD’s (about 1 million pixels) at a reasonable price.

So, you ask, “where should I purchase my camera system?” If you’re not intimidated by buying the right components and making the changes to the camera menu settings, you can save some money by assembling your own system.

If you’d rather just get the camera and start shooting with it right out of the box, I suggest you go to www.photomed.net and buy one of their digital SLR systems, or their Canon G11 Point and Shoot system, both of which come with most everything you need, setup and tested, in a handy storage case.

Either way you choose, I’m available to help you decide what you need, set it up and train your staff to get your office started on the path to better patient and laboratory communication with dental photography. Whatever your dental photography needs or questions may be, I’d be most happy to help.


Jeff Benson, DDS

Mon or Wed




Email Jeff@Renstrom.com

Visit Renstrom.com

Watch for Part Three of Dr. Benson's Dental Photography Series in the Fall Renstrom Dental Studio Newsletter

~ Part 2: Photography Newsletter Series also published on Renstrom

Renstrom Dental Studio (MN Lab) is also a member of the Northern Dental Alliance.


Article Reposted by

Dick Chwalek

Dick is also a co-founder, member of the Northern Dental Alliance.


Dental Consultant's Blogging Using Wink-Nudge Effect from NDC: Do Direct-Mail Postcards Work Today?

For Consistent Success: Call 1+888.380.0020
NDC, virtually but not literally based at NicheDentalCollaborate.com, provides a platform for various 'strategic partners' of mine at Niche Dental (NicheDental.com) in developing and providing comprehensive solution oriented value to dentists, dental offices and other dentistry professionals.

At the virtual-reality site hosted by NDC, I, Dick Chwalek, will provide at various times, blogs that are somewhat more impulsive, ironic and idiosyncratic.

WARNING:  Below you will find one of those blog entries, the type noted above (i, i and i). Please get parental approvable before excusing yourself from reading this blog in its entirety. The BRB (BLOG RATINGS BUREAU) demands your attention to this item. As a pre-cautionary tale, precognitive suggestion and incoherent reminder: Looking away, avoiding this responsibility or using your freewill has many figurative, unintelligible and illusory consequences.

Dentists: Do Direct-Mail Postcards Work Today?

With online advertising, such as Facebook, Twitter, dental blogs, Google Plus and many others, many, even most dentists might think direct mail, or specifically dental postcards have lost their value. Maybe those dentists figure mailings will drop lower each day as more and more types of Internet-based marketing are added to the communication quiver.

Yes, this assumption by online marketers of print marketing supplantation and gone bye-bye postal annihilation is correct. You got me. I give up. What was I thinking, merely promoting a product I make a profit from?

What I actually mean, is NOT!

Well, first: Accusing me, the gentle soul of marketing, of a conflict of interest is very interesting at least, and usually something I take personally, and as a threat to my ethics. But today I will let it slide. Just stand aside, and no one will be alarmed by my not so thick skin.

Moving beyond my damaged image and hurt feelings, I object to your/online marketer incorrect assertions that suggest some kind of mailer/printer marketing apocalypse has occurred. Online marketers, while not totally swallowed up by their own swirling swimming pool of conflicting interests, do have some mottled enamel in the game.

Pi = 3.14+ =  Three Main Elements of Connective Communication©

These online marketer philatelist hating fanatics push what might be called (and actually called by me) a self fulfilling prophecy of off-line, printed postage paid dental postcards gone poof positive, which is patently puffed up and pitifully proposed, yet potently promulgated!

Yet, as a dentistry communication specialist, I harrumph at the insolence of these dental marketers! (I am also a dental marketing consultant for online and off, but only when it suits my needs. Or in this case, when it separates me from the chaff, I want to be separated from to look better than others but not make me look purposely pompous.)

So what's this online versus off line (mailing/print type) marketing harrumph all about? Do I have a case against its accusation that postcards are not working for dentist offices impudence? I do! I do have a case!

In short, here is my recalcitrant rebuttal:

Dental postcards work! Just because! That's that!

~~ Sadly that doesn't even work with my two teenagers, but if you're a parent, it's worth a try after a long day at work.

Therefore, I will run through my list of why dental postcards work, which is the more professional way to run a marketing firm. As every other marketing firm will explain it online, here are the TOP FIVE REASONS yada. yada... Isn't that the way we do it?

Well, sorry to disappoint you. I only have time for the TOP THREE REASONS:

Why Dental Postcards will help dentists attract more patients, and 'reactivate' the current patients.
  • #1 Postcards work!
  • #2 Because they do!
  • #3 Because I said so!
 ~ Remember I'm a dental marketing consultant. Oops. I meant to say, I'm a communication... special person. Specialty case. Special, because my mom said so. So there!

While this type of blogging is mostly a frustrating experience for the reader (even for me most days), it shows the persistence I have for demonstrating to dentists that just because someone said so, does not mean it's so. So when you dentists hear some online marketer –– yada, yada, yada –– don't open wide and swallow.

NOTE: Effective communication is not about cornering the market in one type of 'technology' or keeping up with the latest cool thing, it's about what actually works.

Connective Communication© - something I developed* - there was no such thing as Communication before I came along, I threw in Connective 'just because' it creates an alliteration. Yet, this original Communication idea I think I developed first, provides all the elements of what works.
  • Improving: making everything better (as dentists are able, which includes case acceptance, dental websites, branding/logos)
  • Gathering: new patients (includes online) these are the consumers already looking
  • Creating: Making Value Important, Activating consumers, reactivating current patients

I guess, the ones above are my THREE, which actually form my Connective Communication© Approach. But don't think of it from a marketing stuff perspective, think instead of building a systematic matrix of what works.

For example in the world of dentistry, fluoride is an amazing 'technology' that is available in two basic forms. Fluoride is found naturally in wells and underground aquifers or through public water systems, drinking fountains and such.

However, as much great work as it does, too much of it will cause teeth to turn brown or what those experts call fluorosis**. So don't let online cool-ade-high-tech drunkenness turn your marketing all yucky.

Feed the need of all 'elements' of communication to get what fills your coffers but is also quite shy of greed.

For More Information, here is my Connective Communication© Case Study, it has videos, client examples, testimonials, and more.

Call Oli Gonsalves of The Other Office/Express Dental Marketing

• 1+888.380.0020 

To develop your postcard campaign or to set up 15 to 30 minute complimentary consult with me (Dick Chwalek).

Blog Written, Posted by

Dick Chwalek
Dentistry Communication Specialist
Dental Marketing Consultant

Dick is also a co-founder and
member of the Northern Dental Alliance.

Where first was published:
Direct Mail Postcards Dental Marketing blog.

*Truth be told, I was not the person who came up with the concept/word Communication. It was my great great great...

**(Please, no
fluoridation-is-dangerous comments. I work with big pharma, and am guided by blue helmeted govt types, so I am not interested in and weary of fluoride conspiracy leeries or queries.)


CE for Dental Professionals: Continually Educating Themselves, Training, Learning

Dentistry Skills Must Be Regularly Enhanced, Advanced, Improved Upon...

Dentists, Dental Assistants, and Hygienists expand your clinical skills and health knowledge with convenient, advanced, wide ranging online or off line courses, exams as well as E-books.

Review NDC's Hosted Dental Course List

  • Learn More...
  • Improve your clinical skills.
  • Advance your dental career!

Some of the many online, correspondence courses and exams are Featured below are Niche Dental Collaborate is able to provide dentists and dental professionals through our strategic education partner.

For specific information, the most up to date list and the cost of each course and other elements (not mentioned here), click the following links.

Niche Dental Collaborate/Niche Dental is a 360Training Affiliate.

Complete Course Information
Dental CE Requirements By State

Aesthetic, Restorative Dentistry Coursework

CE Continuing Education Coursework

For Most Recent Course list update, CLICK HERE.



ALSO Direct To Dental Hygienist CE Online!


• Excellence in (Dental/Oral) Occlusion

--- Three Dentists Presenting*

• Extraction Sites (teeth): Site Management, Bone Grafting

--- Two Dentists Presenting*

• Neuromuscular Science AND Technique

--- Dentist Presenter*

• Partially Edentulous / Single and Segmental Dentistry

--- Dentist Presenter*


For New Skills, Better Outcomes, Healthier Patients,



• Determining Optimum Materials: Case by Case

--- Four Dentists Presenting

• Digital Artistry - Beyond Imagination

- Dentist and a Certified Dental Technician Presenter

• Digital Photography

- Dentist Presenter and Dentistry Expert Presenter*

• Dental Laboratory Communication

--- Dentistry Expert Presenter*


Improve Your Skills • Enhance Your Expertise NOW!



• The Art of Digital Photography (for dentistry)

--- Dentist Presenter*

• The Art of Photography (for dentistry)

- Dentist Presenter*

• Evidence-Based Shade Communication

--- Dentist Presenter*

• Management of Deficient Ridges

---Dentist Presenter*

• Esthetic Mock-Up Using Wax and Composite

--- Dentistry Expert Presenter*

• Advanced Esthetic Dentistry: Achieving Optimal Results

--- Dentist Presenter*

• Chairside Color Modification of Ceramic Restorations

--- Dentist Presenter*


Improve Clinical Performance, Advance Dental Career,
ALSO Direct To Dental Hygienist CE Online!



• Ortho for the General Practitioner

--- Dentist Presenter*

• Orthodontics for the GP

--- Dentist Presenter*


For New Skills, Better Outcomes,



• Power Bleaching and Home Bleaching

--- Expert Dental Presenter*

• Power of Whitening to Build Your Practice

• Tooth Bleaching

• Tooth Bleaching Additional Exams

• Tooth Bleaching E-Book


Improve Your Skills • Enhance Your Expertise NOW!

ALSO Direct To Dental Hygienist CE Online!


See NDC website for ALL presenter names

NOTE: for Up to date Courses/Presenters, click here.


  • Advancing Knowledge, Skills, Patient Care


Blog written and Posted by

Dick Chwalek

Marketing Consulting for Dentists

Owner, developer of

NicheDental.com and NicheDentalCollaborate.com

Join Dick Chwalek on Twitter.com and on Facebook.com.

Dick is also a co-founder and member of NorthernDentalAlliance.com

* ALSO Watch for various offline dental CE opportunities, hands on courses, and seminars near you and cross country.


Nashville TN Dentist Video: Preventive, Restoring, Nature Mimicking Approach

Avoiding pain, disease and tooth deterioration is the main goal of Nashville Dentist, Dr. Kent E. White's approach to dentistry. The video (2nd image) presents various before pictures of his patients, and then the 'after' result created using his advanced dentistry skills.

Dentistry by Dr. Kent E. White, Nashville Dentist

Melissa, featured in the following video, has significant experience in dental hygiene-preventative care. She is excited about the comprehensive treatment style Dr. Kent E. White has brought to the Nashville, Tennessee office she has worked at many years.

As hygienist Melissa says, "I was tried of waiting for teeth to go into crisis before treating a tooth. Now, after working with Dr. White, we have a profession that is more proactive and preventative. We can actually teach the patient what's going on in their mouth, and what to do."

Dr. Kent E. White develops individual treatment plans and recommends the best way to proceed after complete and careful diagnosis. Then advanced techniques and natural looking, feeling teeth restoration, and preservation.

No patient is rushed or pressured into doing more than they want or need. When possible, a phased schedule can be implemented to get the rewarding results each patient wants cost effectively.

Center For Advanced Dentistry

--- Superb Health • Natural Look
Dr. Kent E. White, DDS
Dr. White says, Dentistry is always improving, and today we’re making an incredible impact in our patient’s lives. People all over the world are finding out what it’s like to live without pain from a dysfunctional bite, and are now enjoying a smile that makes their face glow.”

His post doctorate training and a veteran senior instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) removes the stress and worry about choosing the right dentist.

Dr. Kent E. White, one of the nation’s most skilled comprehensive dentists, will guide your preventative and restorative care or cosmetic smile makeover.

Ask a team member about the rewards made possible by Advanced, Contemporary and Neuromuscular Dentistry!

Kent E. White, DDS • Center For Advanced Dentistry, PLLC

CALL   (615) • 208-9687

Or Visit

www.WhiteSmilesForLife.com • www.WhiteSmiles4Life.com

2300 21st Avenue South

Suite 103

Nashville, TN 37212

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Connective Communication© Marketing, The 3D Difference: Improve, Gather, Create

A THREE Dimensional System

– Freed From Generic, Founded on Value, Focused On Success

  • Reliable, Credible Consistency
  • Four Influential Communication Bedrocks:
  • Exceptional Budgeting: Flexible, Scalable, Accountable

Connective Communication©


  • Relationship began August 2008 with New Logo and Website development.
  • Elements scaled up and phased in at client pace with goals in place.
  • Complete 'Connective' approach achieved June 2009.
  • Improving Results Recorded by February 2009!
  • Average 33+ New Patients Per Month Since at least September 2009.
  • 22+ Months Straight Growth 10%+
  • Starting Mid 2009 - Overthrowing the Downturn!
  • Alone in the Pack - of 500 dentist 'group' – Only dentist with upward sales!
  • June 2010 Best June EVER!

Reliable, Credible Consistency

  • You are a vital part of the success
  • Collaborate on Concept foundation
  • Approve all elements: design/message
  • Updates/Ongoing Element 'pieces'
  • - also approved by you
  • You have Final Say Throughout
  • Otherwise: You let go (it almost runs itself)

Four Influential Communication Bedrocks

  1. Value Rich Website (New or Enhance Current Plus Ongoing Updates)*

  2. Ideal Audience Directed Mailers (Consistency Rather than Volume)*

  3. Optimal Online Strategies (PPC/SEO to Social+)*

  4. Public Multiplier Marketing (X-factor for 1st 3 bedrocks)*
*Each Bedrock can be integrated into your current system - in many cases

Exceptional Budgeting

  • Flexible, Scalable, Accountable
  • Goal: to Build Your 10 foot ladder
  • Determine Goal before begin
  • Figure out initial marketing 'pieces’ within each Element
  • Budget Size May Start Wherever Feasible: except it is vital to...
  • Commit To An Optimal Timeline For Phase in of All Elements

Marketing Budget Structure

  • Management/Consulting may apply--depending on your plan/decision
  • Separate Element Agreements: Usually for Bedrock Elements, M/C and misc
  • Element Pieces may have their own separate agreements as well – achieving more flexibility
  • Terms are yearly in many cases/some shorter
  • Agree to Budget - then proceed
  • Review Patient Data to find 'gems' (practice software generated)
  • Track Activity (results/accountability/refinements) Upgrade, Enhance continually
  • Scale up as needed - with focus on timeline
  • Reasonable Scale Up is in 9-12 Months

Faster Scaling? Yes, Yet...

  • A measured pace has strategic benefits
  • Still Results are very possible sooner!
  • The 'Complete effect' takes time to build:
  • As MORE public/patients move toward a decision and greater value acceptance.

Establish the System, Refine When Needed…

  • Otherwise Let it RIDE!
  • Think: Prototype, fail. Prototype, fail less. Then the success-type emerges.
  • Rather than: Perfection snail. Perfection never nail, so success impale.

Avoid What I call 'Perfection Stretching'

  • Taking the time, and more time, and more time to may make that marketing something better…
  • Meaning 'that marketing something' will never really happen, get done, etc.
  • Rather than Perfection Stretching: Inspire to Require Release of Overseer Wires
  • - Hand over the reins to consistency and professional depth:
    - Then see new patients revenue-rain gauge fill up and enjoy the reign of practice success!


**DENTISTS: I, Dick Chwalek, guarantee Dr. __Your Name__ will only be successful if Dr.__Your Name__ does what is necessary to make it happen.

Trite? Trick? Or TRIPLE Raise the Possibilities?

Like all successes, we must do what works. Not hold back, produce. It is the same for me, you, as well as your patients...
  • Patients that do HALF of what works
  • The result: often be less than HALF
  • Of course, some 'luck out' and others are just satisfied with less.
  • If you want MORE Dr. ___Your Name__= Connective Communication©.
  • It is a Flexible, Scalable, Accountable and Success Positioned System.
While you are NOT locked into a preset/generic plan with the Connective Communication© system, only going part way or holding off too long is problematic as well.

Like a ten foot barrier that requires a ten foot ladder, building anything less means not overcoming the barrier.

However, piecing together 'all main elements sufficiently' is better than crafting one element well: perfect ladder rungs but a very weak supporting structure can greatly diminish the other element's value.


Start Guaranteeing Success!

Niche Dental Co-Consultant 
Oli Gonsalves


Oli can answer many of your questions.
Then set up a meeting with me - depending on your needs/requests


Dick Chwalek


Dentist Marketing Coach, Dentistry Communication Consultant

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Today Dental Skills Must Be Constantly Improved Upon; Educate, Train, Learn

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