New Marketing Platform Takes Dental, Orthodontic, Small Business By Storm In A Personalized Norm of Postcards Powered to Inform!

General/Cosmetic Dentists, Family Dental Offices and Orthodontists, marketing your businesses can be difficult, not only in tougher economic times, but also with any competition you have from other businesses AND for consumer 'eyeball' time.'s Get Personal system is a vital unique promotional technique to add to your marketing and promotion platform.

There are TWO strategic advantages of Personalized Postcards:

1) Personalized Postcards are Tactilely Perfect.

Online is great (CopiesAndPrint is online obviously) but the local market means getting people familiar with doing more than merely searching, click, click, clicking.

It means making sure they KNOW YOU, the local orthodontic practice or dental office and a postcard will actually, physically, and tactilely get in their hands!

It's the tactile, touch the brain with actual touch, experience (it's more personally involved than online as well).

Additionally, the head of the household is 85 to 95 percent likely to touch and/or carry the postcard, and then see and 'remember' your postcard. It may be only a few seconds, but if they need your services now or in the future, who will they more likely be calling, or even searching for?

Yes, you, not the other dental practice in your neighborhood.

Personalized Postcards are designed to be noticed, and Get Personal!

Why? Because the family or individual is noted on the printed address (not labels but printed right on the paper) AND also in the design!

It's a very memorable sight to see your name as part of the concept. That combined with the feel and touch of a postcard versus the virtual world that cannot attain this level of hand-eyes memorability!

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