Financial Planning for Dentists: The Science of Investing

> The EFA Investment Approach

Rick Epple, a Northern Dental Alliance Member, explains his approach to investing.

There is a science of investing. The body of knowledge for this science is often grouped under the heading Modern Portfolio Theory or MPT and it all began in 1959 with the publication of Harry Markowitz's classic book "Portfolio Selection."

Markowitz would go on to win the Nobel Prize in Economics for his groundbreaking insights. This work was expanded upon by Stanford's William Sharpe (another Nobel winner), Eugene Fama, Merton Miller, and many others.

While markets are complex adaptive systems too chaotic to allow for perfect prediction or control, we have learned much about how to control risk and capture returns. There is a science of investing, which I employ to guide the investment strategy of my dentist clients.

Unfortunately, much of what passes for investment activity has little connection to this science. Too many offerings are built on hope and fantasy and lack the theoretical foundations and necessary rigor for consistent results. It sometimes seems that this world of smoke and mirrors holds center stage in the media. To some degree, this comes from the natural human desire to "beat the system," to gain some special advantage, to find the secret short-cut.

Many advisors trade on these impulses and offer investment strategies that are long on hope and short on science. Our policy when it comes to investing is simple: no baby talk. If we don't believe a particular approach adds value, we won't offer or accommodate it. When we make recommendations it's because we believe there's a sound theoretical and practical foundation for success.

At the end of the day, success in investing is more about discipline than it is about beating the system by picking hot stocks or timing the market. We believe that markets work, so there's really nothing to "beat." Markets exist to set security prices such that the subsequent returns will be commensurate for the risks taken.

Over time and in the aggregate, markets do an excellent job of this. There's a collective wisdom that emerges from the buying and selling activities of all the market's participants that no single individual, no matter how intelligent or well educated, is likely to improve upon.

The question of whether or not individuals can consistently outperform the market has been addressed systematically again and again and the same answer is always returned: they cannot do so. And why should we ever think they could? The market, after all, represents the aggregation of each participant's insights and knowledge and is truly an example of two heads (or two million) being better than one.

All of this is not to say there aren't ways to add value short of active stock picking. There are unique sources of risk and return that can be identified and harnessed. There are disciplined approaches to rebalancing and cost control that can add value as well.

In the end, successful investing comes from knowing why you want to invest, accepting that there are no shortcuts, and engaging in a long-term, disciplined process that is guided by empirically-validated knowledge. This is our definition of "grounded wisdom" and this is what we offer.

This is the EFA Investment Approach.


Rick Epple, CFP®, Senior Financial Advisor

Epple Financial Advisors, LLC
1000 Twelve Oaks Center Dr.
Suite 101
Wayzata, MN 55391

West Chester Dentist Team Makes More Possible: Conveniently, Comfortably...

Our Dentist Team...

Ron Briglia, DMD • General, Restorative, Cosmetic, Sedation Dentistry
Glenn Schreiber, DMD • Emphasizes Tooth Saving Root Canal Therapy
John Nikas, DDS • Periodontist with Advanced Dental Implant Training
Are you looking for high-quality comprehensive dental care? A Team of Experts in one state-of-the-art practice? Advanced Technologies for Cosmetic, Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry? You'll find it all at Total Confidence Dentistry in a professional and relaxing setting!

Dr. Ron Briglia has built a reputation for compassionate care and establishing patient trust. With over 25 years of experience and continuing education, Dr. Briglia exceeds patients' expectations. Certified in oral and IV sedation, he provides comfort to even the most fearful patients.

Dr. Briglia has teamed up with Dr. Glenn Schreiber, general dentist, practice limited to Endodontics (root canal); and Dr. John Nikas, a Board Certified Periodontist. Together, they provide patients with everything from basic care to advanced restorative and reconstructive dentistry.

Advanced care options are available in one convenient location. Patients with busy schedules can even choose to undergo multiple procedures in fewer appointments saving time and money. Services include: implant supported dentures, crowns and bridges, pain-free root canals, periodontal surgical services as well as smile makeovers, porcelain veneers and whitening.

Consider making an investment in yourself, your health and your smile! Give your teeth and gums the exceptional care and attention they deserve by scheduling a consultation with our highly trained professionals today.

Dr. Briglia and his team of dentists are ready to restore and enhance your smile.

Request a Complimentary Restorative, Cosmetic or Sedation Dentistry Consultation using our on-line form or CALL 866-607-4781.

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Dental-Healthcare, Capitalist-Public Plans: The Perfect Eludes, Preconditions Delude

I have the perfect solution to close the gap in dental 'coverage' and make all kinds of health care accessible to every REAL American.

Simply put, realistic Americans need to step up to the plate with a complete solution stance rather than continue to hit foul balls of delusional confusion and make errors from lack of reasoned judgement.

We can't make progress when everyone has already decided what is off limits. Emotion in the mix is another reason anything close to perfection eludes us in this health care 'debate'.

As much as I like to argue, debating in its pure form is pure evil when it comes to making our country a better place to live - for more than just my family and those who are as 'lucky' as we are. Healthcare for all is NOT a 'debate' if you really want to solve the problem.

Remember the PRECONDITIONS concept that everyone jumped on our current president about while he was pursuing our nation's highest office? In reality, there is no other way to solve problems but to have only one concept on the table - a solution platform, which must exclude preconditions.

For example, how many preconditions do we all bring to any table?

My family would eat four different kinds of meals if each person's preconditions (food likes/dislikes) were required to be put in OR taken off the menu. Either, only four 'meals' would survive and we would eat them, again and again. Or each one of us would need to have our own pot to make a dish in.

Basically, by allowing our predilection for preconditions to enter in to the solution, the result (our dinner) is an astronomically convoluted and expensive pile of inanity.

Cost overruns and confounding stipulations are created because we are NOT looking for a solution. We are mostly debating with the devil of preconditions. The devil in the details comes from our preoccupation with preconditions, which unleashes each sides' propensity for political pontification.

We soak our brains with this reality protection and deflection lotion and then wonder why solving problems gets so complicated. Ironically, if we spent less time rubbing in our precondition conditioning agents of dull wittedness, we could even read and comprehend longer documents about health care legislation.

Conversely, real solutions would also help simplify - preconditions add layers to layers of layers.

Plus angry outbursts would be null and void because bombastic debate is not part of the real solution's organic structure.

While all forms of communication are allowed, the need for exaggerated and emotional expenditures are effectively eliminated by the only goal - a real solution. Loudly stalling for time disruptions mean less time for listening, which is very integral to solution discovery.

The BEST solution cannot be predetermined. That would only be possible if preconditioned knowledge of it was allowed in. Those types of solution stances are ineffective.

That kind of solution only works best for the individual person, family, PAC, corporation, union, denomination, group or party bringing it in -- it is not a solution for ALL real Americans.

As we proceed with our solution-to-discovering-the-world-of-better-health-and-dental-care, it makes sense to start with a flat - no horizon for hiding preconditions - earth approach to problem solving.

Okay, my flat earth analogy does not quite hit the mark. However, it does fit my (our) situation and my premise.
  1. Even I am wrong once in a while and my preconditioning towards groan inducing humor shows my lack of orderly world congruence.
  2. Our more perfect union eludes us because preconditions delude us into thinking being right (before the process starts) makes for the best solution outcome.
Therefore, we must avoid being caught in our own web of failings, and trust that with the help of ALL Real Americans - united in a goal for finding actual, authentic and real solutions - we will get to the best place possible. This means all of us: no matter our personal, religious or political persuasion, perturbations or imperfections.

Fear of uniting in the cause of solution discovery is holding u.s. all back. This includes those with bleeding hearts or bleeding gums. Americans who experience right brain or left brain 'ism' aneurysms and chronic abscesses. As well as those winged nut injured and the tree hugging, bark eating chipped toothed.

To Move Forward with a REAL American solution. First...
  • CHECK your baggage with the precondition agent.
  • Then show me you are ready: SMILE like you mean it!
Sadly, too many people can't even smile. This recent dental health care story out of Alabama got me to thinking about how we solve the oral and overall health problems in this country: fiscally, clinically and actually.

But of course, this is NOT a problem to worry about for those who HAVE dental and health care coverage (now)...

Especially since those (not really Americans) LACK coverage because they refuse to work hard enough to cover themselves with appropriate layers of over-leveraged preconditioned realities and proper dollar amassing for themselves habits.
Their health CREDIT has come due and their fiscal integrity is in DEFAULT, so what else should they expect -- except for u.s. to SWAP out their reason for living in this country where only monetary success card holders deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Sorry for my diversion into diatribalism. Back to REAL American programming...

>> The following audio selection demonstrates a really effective solution process - achieved by a really effective REAL American. While I have a conflict of interest in making this determination (it is my father), the story he tells involves solving a problem of a well known car company - you probably have heard of - the company - not the problem. No, not Toyota, but they could learn something from him, too.

Engineer 'Saves' Willy's Jeep By Merely Communicating

Sincerely, Dick Chwalek
Dental Communication and Marketing Consultant


Online Access to Dental Courses, Classes, Education

While there are many sources for online dental ce, this one is special. Why? Because I 'host' it!

Okay, that might not be very special - but if you are looking for a source, it can't hurt to visit for a little examination of it.

Dentists and dental professionals can find almost any clinical or office type course or class they might need.

No better time than RIGHT NOW to expand your Dental Expertise and Health Knowledge with efficient and advanced online courses as well as from local and national offline sources.

Check out's online dentistry continuing education course resource, click here.
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Improve your clinical skills.

Advance your dental career!

*Please review and confirm any information provided to make sure it fits your actual needs and state requirements.

Partial Dental CE Course List
> Correspondence and/or Online Courses
> For specific information about fees, coursework and instructors, click here.

  • Dentistry - 548/549 Sedation In Dentistry 1 & 2
  • Dentistry - 553/554 Innovations in Modern Endodontics 1 & 2
  • Advanced Esthetic Dentistry: Achieving Optimal Results - Dr. Ross Nash
  • Advanced Techniques for Minimally Invasive Surgery for Dental Implants with Immediate Temporization - Dr. Tim Silegy
  • Advanced Techniques for Minimally Invasive Surgery for Dental Implants with Immediate Temporization - Dr. Tim Silegy
  • Anterior All-Ceramic Restorations- Dr. David Hornbrook
  • Anterior Veneers Util. Laser Tissue Recontouring - Dr. Michael Miyasaki
  • Antimicrobials in Dentistry Additional Exam(s)
  • Art & Science of Direct Resin Restorations- Dr. Newton Fahl
  • Beyond Anthrax: Bioterrorism and the Health Professions Additional Exam(s)
  • California Dental Practice Act Additional Exam(s)
  • Cardiovascular Screening in Dental Offices Additonal Exam(s)
  • Care and Maintenance of Dental Implants Additional Exam(s)
  • Case Presentation- Dr. Bill Blatchford
  • Cerec for the Dental Assistant - Dr. Alex Touchstone
  • Chairside Color Modification of Ceramic Restorations - Dr. Bruce Crispi
  • Chemical Dependency in Healthcare Additional Exam(s)
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches Additional Exam(s)
  • Clinical Materials Update- Shannon Pace, DA II
  • Communication Skills-Stress & Conflict Resolution - Cathy Jameson, PhD
  • Complete Denture Technique- Dr. Aldo Leopardi
  • Comprehensive Adhesive Dentistry to Restore the Adult Crowded Dentition - Dr. Chris Pescatore
  • Conservative Esthetic Dentistry-Clinical Challenges - Dr. Tom Trinkner
  • Conservative Prep for Anterior Porcelain Veneers - Dr. Ross Nash
  • Creating Exquisite Anterior Provisionals - Dr. Robert Low
  • Creating Exquisite Posterior Provisionals - Dr. Robert Lowe
  • Creating the Ideal Prosthodontic Platform: Implants or Endodontics in the Esthetic Zone- Dr. Tom McGarry
  • Crown & Bridge: The Esthetic PFM - Dr. Mike DiToll
  • Dental Assistant - Rubber Dam
  • Dental Local Anesthesia Additonal Exam(s)
  • Dental Management of Common Medical Conditions Additional Exam(s)
  • Dentistry & Street Drugs Additional Exam(s)
  • Dentistry, Ethics & Florida Law Additonal Exam(s)
  • Dentofacial Complications of Radiation Therapy Additional Exam(s)
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  • Determining Optimum Materials: Case by Case- Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Tom Trinkner, Dr. J.A. Reynolds, Dr. Jim Fondriest
  • Developing YOUR Esthetic Practice - Dr. Bill Dorfman
  • Digital Artistry - Beyond Imagination - Dr. Alex Touchstone, & Lee Culp, CDT
  • Digital Photography - Dr. John Cranham & Shannon Pace, DA II
  • Direct Composite for the Expanded Duty Dental Assistant - Dr. Ryan Schwendiman
  • Diabetes Mellitus Additional Exam(s)
  • Domestic Violence Additional Exam(s)
  • Eating Well for a Healthy Mouth Additional Exam(s)
  • Equipping Your Practice for Success - Dr. Larry Emmott
  • Esthetic Dentistry Utilizing Cerec Technology - Dr. Mark Morin
  • Esthetic Direct Composites Made Simple - Dr. Steve Poss
  • Esthetic LUMINEERS - Dr. Louis Malcmacher
  • Esthetic Mock-Up Using Wax and Composite- Shannon Pace, DA II
  • Esthetic Restorative Excellence with Inlays/Onlays - Dr. Ron Jackson
  • Esthetic Veneers: Preparation & Material Options - Dr. Gary Radz and Dr. Mitch Conditt
  • Evidence-Based Shade Communication - Dr. Mark Murphy
  • Excellence in Occlusion, Part 3 - Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Gary DeWood
  • Extraction Sites: Site Management and Bone Grafting - Dr. Maurice Salama, and Dr. David Garber
  • Full Mouth Part 1 - Initial Treatment Planning, Sequencing of Care & The First Phase of Treatment
  • Full Mouth Part 2 - Multidisciplinary Care and Treatment - Dr. Cherilyn Sheets & Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette
  • Full Mouth Part 3 - Clinical Procedures Phase I - Dr. Cherilyn Sheets & Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette
  • Full Mouth Part 4 - Laboratory Procedures - Dr. Cherilyn Sheets & Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette
  • Full Mouth Part 5 - Clinical Procedures Phase II - Dr. Cherilyn Sheets & Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette
  • Full Mouth Part 6 - The Finishing Touches - Dr. Cherilyn Sheets & Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette
  • Fully Edentulous: Overdentures and Anchors - Dr. Maurice Salama
  • Functional Esthetics: Predictable Techniques for a Complete Ceramic Rehabilitation PART ONE - Dr. Mike Malone & Mike Bellerino, CDT
  • Functional Esthetics: Predictable Techniques for a Complete Ceramic Rehabilitation PART THREE - Dr. Mike Malone & Mike Bellerino, CDT
  • Functional Esthetics: Predictable Techniques for a Complete Ceramic Rehabilitation PART TWO - Dr. Mike Malone & Mike Bellerino, CDT
  • Guidelines for Selecting Direct Restorative Materials - Dr. Harry Albers
  • Guidelines to Decision-Making in Fixed Prosthodontics: Processing Data and Choosing Clinical Procedures - Dr. Avishai Sadan
  • HIV/AIDS & Public Health Issues Additional Exam(s)
  • HIV/AIDs Epidemic Additional Exam(s)
  • HIV/AIDS Review Additional Exam(s)
  • HR Issues - Sally McKenzie
  • Immediate Implant Placement and Temporization- Dr. Maurice Salama, and Dr. David Garber
  • Infection Control In Dental Offices Additional Exam(s)
  • Infection Prevention Online
  • Instrument Recycling for Infection Control
  • Instrument Recycling for Infection Control Additional Exam(s)
  • Integrating Lasers Into the Practice - Dr. David Little
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  • External Marketing - Dr. Chris Kammer
  • Internal Marketing - Bernie Stolt
  • Marketing to the Affluent - Fred Joya
  • Dental Laboratory Communication - Shannon Pace, DA II
  • Local Anesthetics Additional Exam(s)
  • Management of Deficient Ridges - Dr. Michael Pikos
  • Mastering the Art of Direct Resin - Posterior - Dr. Ron Jackson
  • Mastering the Art of Direct Resin Anterior - Dr. Ron Jackson
  • Medical Emergencies and CPR* in the Dental Office
  • Medical Emergencies and CPR* in the Dental Office Additional Exam(s)
  • Medical Errors Additional Exam(s)
  • Medical History to Prevent Anaphylaxis Additional Exa
  • Multi-Disciplinary Esthetic Implant Treatment - Dr. David Garber, Dr. Henry Salama, & Dr. Maurice Salam
  • Myofascial Pain and the TJM Additional Exam(s)
  • Neuromuscular Science & Technique - Dr. Rhys Spoor
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation Additional Exam(s)
  • Nutrition & Health
  • Nutrition & Health Additional Exam(s
  • Nutritional Counseling Additional Exam(s)
  • Oral Histology
  • Oral Histology Additional Exam(s)
  • Orofacial Disease Update Additional Exam(s)
  • Ortho for the General Practitioner- Dr. Brock Rondeau
  • Orthodontics for the GP- Dr. David Jackson
  • Osteoporosis: Prevention, Management, and Screening Using Dental X-Rays Additional Exam(s)
  • Partially Edentulous / Single and Segmental Dentis - Dr. Maurice Salama
  • Patient-Driven Conservative Esthetic Dentistry - Dr. Michael Miyasaki & Mike Milne, CDT
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery Techniques - Dr. Peter Nordland
  • Personnel & Property Loss in Risk Management Additional Exam(s)
  • Pharmacology for Dentistry Additional Exam(s)
  • Posterior Aesthetics - Dr. Michael Koczarski
  • Posterior All-Ceramic Restorations - Dr. Cherilyn Sheets & Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette
  • Power Bleaching and Home Bleaching - Shannon Pace, DA II
  • Power of Whitening to Build Your Practice - Gary Takacs
  • Problem Solving in Endodontics Additional Exam(s)
  • Provisional Restorations: Key to Clinical Success
  • Provisional Restorations: Key to Clinical Success Additional Exam(s)
  • Real World Endo- Dr. Ken Koch & Dr. Dennis Brave
  • Recreating Replicating Nature When Nature Has Been Compromised - Dr. Cherilyn Sheets & Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette
  • Restoring the Severely-Worn Dentition- Dr. John C. Cranham & Buddy Shafer, CDT
  • Rubber Dam - Shannon Pace, DA II
  • Sedation in Dentistry I Additional Exam(s)
  • Sedation in Dentistry II Additonal Exam(s)
  • Simplified Oral Anatomy Additional Exam(s)
  • State-of-the-Art Endodontics: Mastering the Game within the Game
  • The Art of Endodontics
  • Team Meetings - Cathy Jameson, PhD
  • Team Productivity & Recognition - Dr. Nate Booth
  • Technology & The Dental Team - Dr. John Jameson
  • Technology and Case Acceptance - Dr. Andy McKamie
  • Technology Integration - Dr. John Jameson
  • Texas Jurisprudence in Dentistry Additional Exam(s)
  • The Art of Digital Photography - Dr. Mike Koczarski
  • The Art of Photography - Dr. Rhys Spoor
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    • The Clinician, Ceramist, and Patient's Perspectives: Pt 2- Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Lee Ann Brady, and Matt Roberts
    • The Clinician, Ceramist, and Patient's Perspectives: Pt 4- Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Lee Ann Brady, and Matt Roberts
    • The Hidden World to Chemosensation Additional Exam(s)
    • The Single Central Implant Crown: Shade Control & Color Integration - Dr. John Schwartz
    • The Standard of Care for Implant-Supported Overdentures - Dr. Joe Carrick
    • The Treatment Plan- Dr. John Cranham & Shannon Pace, DA II
    • TM Joint Anatomy & Diagnosis, Human Jaw Dissection - Dr. Henry Gremillion
    • TMJ Additonal Exam(s)
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    • Tooth Bleaching Additional Exam(s)
    • Ultimate Esthetics with Freehand Composite Bonding- Dr. Corky Wilhite
    • Ultrasonics in Periodontal Therapy
    • Ultrasonics in Periodontal Therapy Additional Exam(s)
    • Understanding Oral Electrosurger/Radiosurgery: A Practical Approach Additional Exam(s)
    • Understanding Oral Electrosurgery/ Radiosurgery: A Practical Approach
    • Viral Hepatitis: Managing Occupational Exposure
    • Viral Hepatitis: Managing Occupational Exposure Additional Exam(s)


    Connective Communication: The Introduction for Dentists

    > A Primer By Dick Chwalek,

    The concept of Connective Communication© incorporates these elements: improvers, gatherers and creators. The communication structure is visualized with these elements: a Pie Chart, three color slices and the π symbol – image below.

    This formula takes into account both simplicity and complexity in defining a path towards communication and marketing ongoing success, internally and publicly.

    The ‘extra decimal’ elements in the Connective Communication© (Pi & 3.14+) formula refers to various marketing elements that are somewhat or totally anchorless. The intersection of the pie chart colors represents where communication interacts, often making each element much more powerful and effective.

    These areas of marketing can be separated generally but never are they completely independent. When independent ‘value’ is purported – “Our dental marketing tactic/product/system works better” – dentists must flee as fast as clinically possible! Only working in one marketing area has short and long term consequences. This concept is relevant for both marketing to consumers and dentists purchasing marketing.

    The interaction of these basic elements demonstrates how dentistry marketing is both simple and complex. However, often it is simplified in areas where it should NOT be and made complex in other situations to engender some level of superiority. These tactics make both dentists (customers of marketing) and dental consumers very susceptible to proceeding with ineffective and inappropriate solutions.

    Some of the buyer beware statements to watch for are ‘guaranteed’ and ‘money back’ offers. This type of promotion does not always delegitimize the offer, but like any ‘advertising promise’ the restrictions are often the iceberg of complexity underneath.

    Simplicity in this environment should be a watchword for the sticky wicket of complexity that hampers trust development. Because dental treatment is different than most other services (delay, denial, fear…) marketing of dentistry has to be even more above board to generate proper levels of trust.

    There are some ‘generic’ advertising services and products that work in most situations. However, it has a short half life once competition increases and/or the economy/local environment changes. This is where the dentist and dental practices needs to employ customization and do more than merely add the ‘next best’ technology/marketing gimmick.

    Many dentists want a simplified concept that is as close to ‘automated’ as possible so as not to deal with it in any ongoing manner (supposed save time, worry, headaches. etc). This is a major reason why Yellow Page advertising was very appealing for many years. One time a year the dentist develops an ad and then dental patients roll in for a year effortlessly.

    The Internet made the concept of simplicity is even more attractive. Unfortunately, online services have many characteristics that create an unbalanced perspective about the potential of marketing. Because much of the activity and details are viewable and accessible 24/7 there is a belief generated that you can do it yourself and/or it can be nearly free to make lots of money.

    But the reality of online marketing is more like the right side rearview mirror in a car: dental marketing is not a simple as it appears. The approaching traffic of marketing complexity collision is only hammered home after many thousands of dollars, hours and MIA new patients.

    Getting in ‘at the right time’ can create success, but most of us get there just as the market is on its way down, obviously. Conversely, slow and steady only wins the race when there is a successful strategy in the driver’s seat.

    Connective Communication© is a marketing formula that combines a simplified structure with the complex reality of a progressively implemented, comprehensive strategy.

    Simplified in its basic elements, the complexity of Connective Communication© comes in the form of our brains reducing everything to simplicity, which requires a grueling learning curve reversal (aka: beating head against the wall) until we are going in the right direction.

    Simply trying to ‘get in’ at the right time means running into the oncoming traffic of complexity as we drive the wrong way on the oneway street of reality. What Connective Communication© does is provide a platform based on the simple truths of marketing effectively blended with real life complexity that makes long term success possible.

    Interested in knowing more? We should talk. If you are comfortable using Skype, a video consult gets things real. Either way, phone or Skype video… You will get more details.

    Contact me to set up a consult.

    Afterwards, I send some information. See evidence of Connective Communication’s value.
    Review my coaching and consulting agreements. Make your decision.

    Then we can start building your links to a connected patient and consumer base for your dental expertise and services.


    Dick Chwalek, Niche Dental Director/President

    CALL 866-453-1026 Ext 251