2008 • The Year of Dental Communication Integration

This year we will figure out The Theory of Everything Dentistry Communication! It will provide THE simple answer to building super practices. Then we will offer 100% guarantees…

This ONE amazing strategy will rack up unbelievable sales. You will never need anything else. The success balloon will inflate continuously and never burst…

Almost without fail, this one strategy outcome is unlikely. Results will undulate, dissipate, or evaporate. This is when I usually get the call. “It worked for a while, but now everyone else is doing it.” Or “I had many years of growth with no ‘marketing’ and now things have started to slip.”

Building a business and the successful “marketing” of it requires ongoing adjustments and accompaniments. Reality has to be faced and no one thing keeps doing it. As in dentistry, whitening is great, but performed on a crooked smile that is not cared for regularly is less than viable.

In dental marketing, touting the latest thing is de rigueur. For example, get a website and then you will be successful. Achieve a top search engine spot with SEO and then you will make it. Send out email newsletters and then amazing things happen. Do PPC and then life is perfect.

Let’s start by debunking the SEO urban legend of web lore. First, only about ten web addresses show up per search results page. Therefore, when ten dentists in your area are doing SEO – attaining #1 is very costly if not impossible. This means only in the SEO guru’s short window of make believe is there any guarantee of success with this one strategy.

While this idea of ONE thing will get you to new patient nirvana is tantalizing, it is often its evil cousin––tantalying––spewing hot air. Once in awhile someone wins the convenient store lottery ticket of success, but most end up being in line behind them with a big gulp of almost nothing.

Yes, a dental website, brochure, SEO, PPC, direct mail, advertising, PR, and the next great thing can help improve your marketing position. However, what business would expect anything less than stagnation and future irrelevance without doing many of these things and improving them as time went by?

There is nothing wrong with trying new things. We just believe tying them together to strengthen your dental marketing is better for the long-term. I am sure you have had patients that wanted the quick fix and later realized there really was more there, there. This is where Niche Dental comes in…

Niche Dental is focused on communication integration. It wraps your brand around a niche so you are more agile to bypass the slumps and better leverage the booms.

Be wary of dental marketing made out to be effortless, free, or forever. Some day there might be one solution to the theory of everything dentistry, but right now there is more there, there.

In conclusion, dentistry is counter-intuitive. It’s needed, prevents pain, enhances health, improves confidence… But people avoid it, have pain because of it, live a less than satisfactory life, and spend more money on things worth less. Dental marketing has similar qualities. Most of us intuitively desire a simple solution, but Niche Dental is ready to show you how to turn counter-intuitive into success.

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Really want a Theory of Everything? Meet Garrett Lisi: maybe the next Einstein. He shows how a counter-intuitive approach (surfer scientist) and thinking (no strings attached) can make big things happen. His theory showcases the elegance of conquering complexity with a not so common viewpoint.

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Sincerely, Dick Chwalek - Dental Communication Consultant
Integrating Your Dental Brand Around A Powerful Niche Strategy

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