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Matt Wagner, Owner of
RADIO & TELEVISION EXPERTS, LLC…“I have helped dozens of clients in many industries run successful campaigns on radio. That's my best niche. Through use of testimonials, jingles, dialogue spots and well placed schedules, I've maximized dollars and results. I can truly give neutral, unbiased advice on the best stations to use (unlike stations who will always steer you their way).”

A Few TV/Radio Campaign Answers...

How much does this cost?
It depends on what market you are in – the size of each radio stations approximate audience, coupled with demand on advertising inventory are what dictate rates. In addition, rather
than buying 20-30 commercials at random times, we narrow down the time frames considerably so dentists like you standout during peak times when the most amount of listeners can be impacted.

How long until I start seeing results?
In some cases, we've had responses the first day, but I ask for 8-12 weeks before we start gauging results. Radio and TV are different than other marketing. The audience has to transfer from ‘hearing’ you to actually ‘listening’ to you.

The beautiful thing is, once that happens, you'll get new dental patient referrals from people who have never met you, but only know you through media. If after 8 weeks you don't see noticeable results, I take a closer look and make any necessary adjustments. I don't like to lose, especially since it's hard to re-convince an audience.

How does R.A.T.E. make money?
As an Advertising Agency, I am awarded a discount from the media for bringing them the business – that is my compensation.

Get More Answers By Contacting Matt…

Matt Wagner of Radio And Television Experts LLC (R.A.T.E.)
Matt is a 16-year veteran of radio, has won national sales and writing awards and has created
for dentists practicing general cosmetic dentistry as well as sleep sedation dental treatment. Wagner will identify the best stations, negotiate the most effective times, and create compelling ad copy at no additional charge to what the radio would normally cost.

Radio And Television Experts, LLC
Matt Wagner - Owner / Founder / Head Media Coach
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