Vanity Numbers: See How They Power Up Your Dental Marketing.

One Tool = 3 Steps to Grow Your Dental Practice

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Looking for a way to cost-effectively boost your number of patients, billings and profits?

Look no further than the telephone on your desk. The first challenge is to get that phone to ring. To do that you need to advertise. And, to get the most out of your advertising you should include one pivotal tool. One tool that will generate better response rates to advertising and brings in more calls – a toll-free vanity 800 number.

Just look at some of the well-known businesses that currently use vanity 800 numbers…1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-CONTACTS. These brands successfully relay to consumers what they sell and who they are, and they are now the “go to” companies for flowers and contact lenses.

By selecting a vanity 800 number that makes sense for your dental practice you are scaling one of the highest hurdles of increased ad response and effective lead generation. Numbers like 1-800-NEW-GRIN or 1-800-NEW-TEETH tell people exactly what you’re offering them. And, because it is unforgettable, a mnemonic phone number makes it effortless for people to contact your practice for implants, veneers, and other advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Now, once you have that powerful advertising response mechanism, the THREE simple steps to growing your dental practice fall into place as the vanity 800 number does the work for you.

Step One – Improve your advertising performance:
You only have seconds to make an impression and words are much easier for people to remember than a string of ten random numbers. When you use a vanity 800 number in all of your advertising and marketing you’ll see 30-60 percent more incoming leads.

In fact, a recent study from InfoSurv, Inc. shows that vanity numbers improve consumer recall in print advertising by 84 percent compared to a numeric number. And, when used in radio and television vanity numbers yield a nine times higher recall rate than a numeric phone number.

So, by using a vanity 800 number in your advertising you’re including a built-in direct-response tool that will bring more leads to your dental practice. Just make sure you have a good offer and strong message – something that will encourage prospects to call you.

Step Two – Capture the details of your incoming calls
All of your dental office advertising efforts are incomplete if you’re not analyzing how well your marketing efforts are performing. Vanity 800 numbers come with real-time call tracking reports that provide data on your incoming calls – what days and times are busiest, and where your callers are located.

Tracking reports also provide caller names, addresses, and average home values and household incomes. You’ll discover where your best prospects live, and where those customers are that may need some extra attention and incentive to commit to a consultation and procedure.

This information is immensely helpful when you develop targeted mail and advertising campaigns by geographic location and demographic profile.

Step Three – Record your incoming calls
Recording calls is the best way to monitor how your front-line staff are handing your current and future patients. Playback recordings and use them in training sessions to demonstrate how to build relationships and get people to schedule appointments and consultations.

To become the “go to” dental practice in your market, include a lead generating tool like an unforgettable toll-free 800 number in your advertising and marketing. This one pivotal tool will bring you more incoming calls and allows you to track and monitor those calls, all in support of growing your practice.

Laura Noonan has 15 years of experience in the vanity 800 number and telecommunications services industry. She coaches hundreds of clients each year on using toll-free vanity 800 phone numbers as direct marketing tools to increase advertising response rates.

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