What Are You Waiting 4: Make Life Count - Smile Well!

Nothing in this world worth much is easy 2acquire or accomplish. There is a cost; time, treasures, riches and sometimes even more.

Yet, there is nothing worth more than a healthy well being. Mental, Physical, Emotional and 4many Spiritual Well Being are the essential elixirs of good living.

This is not about arrogant excess or unbridled exceptionalism. Plain and simple - good people are even better people when they feel good & their well of being is filled completely.

The more fulfilled up our being's well, the more possibilities we see and goals we're able 2retire.

Sadly, putting it off, delaying till someday down the road or more bluntly finding excuses 2deny reality are innate in our Being As Well.

That said, which boat are you rowing 2day: Being as Well 2far Down the Denial or filling the Well Being 2Overflowing?

Living in waters of denial and floating on its shimmer of temporary oblivion can be a necessary sanity break. There are days and times that try good peoples' souls.

On those days, denial's tributaries protect us from the undertow and whirlpools of this thing we call life.

Of course, dentistry seems trivial in comparison, on days like this, in times like these. However, without smiles, without expressing true joy, where would we see hope or find our way back 2it?

That gets me 2what I do when my sleeves are rolled up...

Dr. Kent White is a dentist in Nashville. He knows about overcoming life's deep waters. And, has helped many others 2shine with a complete well being again, and some for the 1st time.

Will he do a good job? Are his fees fair? Can you trust him?

See 4yourself, talk 2him - understand what is possible.

Dr. White's answer would be something like - always trust, but verify - exactly what he would do if it were him needing dental treatment.

Dental treatment that tends towards a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction should be performed by a dentist with extensive expertise and experience.

Just don't take a trip down denial and get delayed 2long in a tributary of dental health tribulation.

It is your health and smile. ABB: Always buyer beware. This is not about recommending one dentist - it is about changing your perspective on what is possible with advanced dentistry and what it takes 2achieve a well being that smiles right through the roughest rapids.

Time 2Smile Confidently.
Show Off Some Hope.
Brag About Your Joy.
Flaunt Living Life Fully Well-Beinged.
Those In Troubled Waters - Say Thank You.

Whatever dentist you visit, no matter the condition of smile, or even if what ails you has nothing 2do with dentistry - remember life is worth living well.

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> Kent White, DDS, Nashville
> Center for Advanced Dentistry

Dr. Kent E. White provides care that brings harmony to oral muscles, restores health, creates beauty and enriches lives.

He believes so passionately in the value of his treatment focus, he wants more people to understand the depth of its possibilities so he shares his expertise with other doctors around the country.

By combining the latest techniques in aesthetic, restorative and preventive dentistry with his expertise in Neuromuscular Dentistry, Dr. White has been able to enhance smiles and bring healing comfort to the lives of many of his patients. He is more than a cosmetic dentist.

As Dr. Kent White explains, "Our educational pursuits and our focus influence the solutions we develop for our clients. Today, caring deeply requires an ever-increased need for the latest and most accurate information. In this environment that means if we stop learning, we stop caring. To keep the care I provide at the highest level, I continually widen my dental perspective. I ask myself the same questions everyday, such as: “What are my clients missing because of my current focus? Are yesterday’s results still good enough? Is the standard still the standard?


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- Services Include: Preventive, Invisalign, Implant Supported Dentures, Cosmetic, Endodontic Therapy and...

- Services Include: Regular Checkups/Preventive, cosmetic and health restoring Smile makeovers, Tooth Saving Root Canals, Specialist in Periodontics and...

- Services Include: Adult/Family Preventive Care, Invisalign - clear alternative 2braces, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Veneers and...

Imagine getting to the point where dental pain is so bad - dire thoughts overwhelm you.
Jeopardize your health and that of your child by delaying your dental care.

Not in any of these areas - try these sites. Just get the health done with it now!!!!!

Remember, ABB...

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