Dentists Learn About Retirement Plans Design and Administration

A cash balance plan is a defined benefit plan that operates much differently than other kinds of retirement plans.
Below is general information provided by Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC of Eden Prairie, MN about how the cash balance plans they design operate, and the advantages of using a cash balance plan to help meet the dentists' retirement savings objectives.

In addition, an introduction to Northern Dental Alliance member Charles Steingas, chief actuary of Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC.


Most of the cash balance plans we design are established for the primary benefit of the owners or executives of a company. Therefore, the contributions for owners and executives are typically very large with a smaller contribution provided to staff to meet IRS requirements. During the plan design, the sponsoring company selects the amount of contribution for each owner and executive, up to the maximum amount permitted by law.

Only businesses can sponsor a cash balance plan, but any business entity may do so. We provide services for sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, nonprofits, and corporations. You don't even need to have any employees other than yourself.

The number of companies sponsoring cash balance plans is growing rapidly. Find out specific the reasons for such rapid growth by linking to CBA's website:

Company Overview
• Client Focused Actuarial & Pension Plan Consulting

Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC specializes in the design and administration of small to medium sized Defined Benefit Plans including Cash Balance Plans. Our mission is to provide well-structured retirement plans to all profitable businesses around the country and to be the first choice of employment for the best and brightest actuaries and consultants.

The defining characteristic of Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC is the high quality of employees who provide the best service to our clients. And it all starts at the top with founder and owner Charlie Steingas, EA, MSPA, MAAA. He possesses a unique ability to communicate complex technical issues to clients in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Clients who understand their pension plans are much more likely to appreciate them.

Along with the best employees we seek to partner with the best clients from around the country. Everything is done online whenever possible so we help our clients minimize the paper required to sponsor a plan. We pride ourselves on being available to answer our clients' questions with accurate and creative solutions all while making sure the plan still meets their needs of being easy to understand and administer.

Charles D. Steingas, EA, MSPA, MAAA

Charlie is the chief actuary and founding member of Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC. After working for over 10 years on all types of retirement plans, he decided he could better serve his clients by offering them the most personal service at more reasonable prices. With Cash Balance Actuaries, Charlie is able to offer cutting edge retirement plan designs and personal service to help clients truly understand and appreciate their plans.

Charlie graduated from Drake University in Iowa with degrees in Actuarial Science and Finance. Since then he has become an enrolled actuary as well as a member of the American Academy of Actuaries and the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries, and is now a member of Northern Dental Alliance -- who help dentists achieve success.

CBA designs and administers retirement plans tailored to save dentists money on taxes and meet a dentist's specific needs as a business owner.

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