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*** I talk Twitter -- How We Think And Community Influence:

Twitter Marketing for Dentists:

1) Creating Local Community
2) Building Trust
3) Developing Loyalty
4) Increasing Value

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Welcome to Tuesday, May 21, 2018

Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!

How the program ended yesterday, Monday, May 20, 2018
M My approach is very conducive in helping dentists create a scope of awareness much more prominent than any posting of dental tweets ever can. It's a very intimate approach that forgoes the "international" value of tweeting. Dentists must be very local to get value on Twitter. ———————————

The value of local on Twitter for dentists that is what I'll tackle now. It's great to get Twitterers from all over the world to follow you. But for dentists, the value is tangential only. More followers anywhere can attract followers form near as well, but a circuitous route.

Local Twitterers are the main reason for dentists to be on Twitter. The SEO benefits are marginal compared to the other powers Twitter gives dentists. By using my Twitter services, which makes gaining local awareness the most vital part, dentists will get much greater notice!

Think about the local community and how many connections your dental practice has developed. Have you connected with 5%, 25%, or over 90% of community members and businesses? I'd imagine it's in the single digits. What if your reach could be doubled in a year? It's quite possible!

My approach is simple but consistent, frequent and continuous. I reach out directly to all local Twitterers. As long as their content does not conflict with the dentist's values, I develop a "barter" relationship via Twitter with local content providers, media and businesses.

Twitter is a very dynamic place. People appreciate when others recognize what they are doing. Whether it's a like, reply, mention or retweet, any positive comment goes a long way. What my approach does is piggyback with that reality, and turn it into a reciprocal relationship.

Dentists must utilize the dynamism of the interactions Twitter makes available to them. Merely using Twitter to fire off messages into the ether has much less effect than directly referring to other Twitterers. It is like sending emails to random, mostly bad email addresses.

Most every moment spent on Twitter should be focused on reaching out to local Twitterers. These people are often the best promoters in the area, on and off line many times. They are there to get their message heard, have many followers, and can help dentists gain a wider audience.

For dentists local Twitterers must identified, and interacted with a lot more. Twitter should be looked at less as technology, but more of a local community meeting place. When it comes to the dental practice Twitter, it makes more sense to reach out than to teach dental care.

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Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!

Richard The Chwalek

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