Cheap Dentistry Or We All Get a Million $$$ Mortgages?

How do we approach dentistry as consumers? Do we know what is possible? Does the dentist present their services effectively so trust is improved and value is high?

Marketing is too often about gimmicks and discounts. As consumers, we want to get the best price for everything. But when cost and health meet we often find ourselves with a conflict of interest. If it is not covered by dental insurance or it does not exactly fit our limited perspective of what has changed and is now possible, we think we are getting over sold.

Dentistry marketing usually throws in some kind of deal and focuses on the shiny bobbles of high tech services because we would most likely ignore it without something besides "it is good for you". But this "smoke and mirrors" makes us think there is no there there or we go further and trust dentists less.

Unfortunately, there is something more there and we miss it because telling us that "the Surgeon General" says it is so - makes us frown. This creates a slippery consumer paradox: telling it like it is - is too boring and maybe too scary. And making it seem like a day at the park with ice cream - and seemingly free - makes us suspicious. Dr. Ron Briglia of West Chester PA provides a different perspective with his new dental practice, which just opened this month.

His new practice offers the comfort required to show consumers dentistry can be a lot more pleasant and palatable. He offers sedation dentistry including IV sedation to reduce the pain and anxiety issues to almost nothing. Then he focuses on complete long term health with dental implants and advanced periodontal treatments, which means we really get something good.

See how he eliminates the boring while including real value. Like not thinking everyone can get a million dollar mortgage, we need to focus on what is really BEST not think we can defy the laws of reality when it comes to our health. If you do not think your health is worth it, changing your perspective about dentistry is vital. Do your research but don't wait too long -- forking over a few more dollars is better than saying good bye to many of your teeth.

Sincerely, Dick Chwalek - Niche Dental

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