Dentists Need to Get the Word Out: PR 'Stimulus Package' Makes It Possible

If dentists really want to make it in this economy, at any time - they need to make their value known beyond the dental chair. As a Northern Dental Alliance member, I wanted to start the ball rolling with a promotion that makes it easy for dentists to get started on building dental care value awareness...

Northern Dental Alliance Member Provides Dentists with Public Relations Stimulus Package

Niche Dental marketing consultant and Northern Dental Alliance member Dick Chwalek has developed a Dental PR Stimulus Package for dentists in Minnesota and surrounding states. The promotion was developed as a way to introduce dentists to the benefits of connective communication and enhancing public awareness of their services.

The economy has changed how many consumers view dentistry. Have they stopped wanting smile makeovers? Do they want cosmetic dentistry less? Are dental implants placed in a 'some other time' file? The answer is not really. For example, the savings rate has jumped from 0% in 2005 to 5% in January 2009. That means many people have more money “waiting in the wings' than they did before. What are they going to do with that money if dentists hide out?

The PR stimulus package promotion gives one dental practice each month a quick, no cost way to get the word out about their dentistry by simply signing up for a newsletter. Plus dentists who attend Northern Dental Alliance seminars for business CE will have the chance to receive a written and distributed press release as well.

According to dental coach and consultant Dick Chwalek, “Dentists who have zero public relations will get zero percent of the dentistry those patients need and want. Consumers are spending their money right now, but only when they see value. If dentists are not communicating online and off, consumers will find another dentist or another service if dentistry has not been presented to them in the interim as the place of value for that money.”

There are two ways dentists can get a no-cost press release.
 > One press release given away each month with sign up
  One press release given away after each seminar

Northern Dental Alliance members work with dentists to improve their businesses, enhance clinical skills, protect their investments, and increase their personal financial security.

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> Dentistry Marketing Consultant
Northern Dental Alliance
Chwalek@northerndentalalliance.com866-556-6213 ext 252 Niche Dental
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