Study Confirms The Value of Dentistry Marketing, Advertising- Now Start Doing it

While the dental marketing study I am referring to in this blog article dates back to 1999, it shows how much is already verified that we don't know ourselves or just have not acted on. Ironically, that is the same situation for many dental patients as well.
They know they need dentistry, but often have not been "convinced" that it is required as often as dentists recommend and/or it should cost as much as it does. Then there is the pain, fear and insurance issues to contend with. The only way to close this gap in their smile health knowledge and appreciation of dentistry's value is through communication. 

Maybe some dentists still view dental marketing with a high level of skepticism and even dread. But to dispel the same perspective about things like the consumer dreading root canals and 'it can't cost that much--dentist trying to sell me something I don't need' skepticism, something NEEDS to change. 

Keep selling dental marketing short (which really should thought of as proactive and assertive communication) or start getting out there and telling the story people need to hear (on a consistent basis) to have the dental health they need.

Of course, I am just trying to sell you something you don't need (like an implant smile makeover). So don't believe me - a dental marketer - let a well researched study from a totally independent source make you a believer. Or not... 

Just like the consumer, dentists can go on believing that dentistry has not changed since 1979. Too many consumers still believe little has changed from an experience, clinical, and cost perspective, but you know they have. It is just that the "secret" is hidden from them by dentists afraid to go beyond the dental chair consult. Basically, ignorance of what is best alludes both dentist and dental patient.

Remove this fog of yesterday's dentistry. Dentists should no longer fear or disdain proactive marketing. Realize that communication is what makes change possible. Yes, marketing can be done badly. Just look beyond the purveyors of Schlock and Awful!

Maybe my scolding is mostly self serving - but I offer the following British dental marketing study as a "lifelike esthetic porcelain bridge" to a better dentistry future here in 2009.

British Dental Journal 186, 436 - 441 (1999) 
Published online: 8 May 1999 
Subject Category: Patient management

Patient care:  Marketing dental care to the reluctant patient

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