Choosing a Dentist: Are You Looking At Their Dental Training?

Dentists who regularly improve their skills and learn new techniques are able to offer their patients the level of care they deserve. When you are choosing a dentist for any type of procedure, for your family, and just for ongoing preventive care, their level of expertise matters.

Review their website, ask their team, and look at how their colleagues compare. See if they are regularly updating their training, get them to show you the results they have achieved, and make sure you know what their patients have said about the care they have received.

While a nice and friendly dentist is one criteria to consider, how healthy, comfortable and confident you feel after treatment has much more long term valuable.

No dentist is perfect. No dental treatment is completely guaranteed. No dentistry training makes everything right. However, we as dental consumers, can take more time to determine if we are getting appropriate, updated, and comprehensive dentistry.

Michigan Dentist Completes Yearlong Implant Fellowship

Dr. Brian Klym of Northwood Dental recently completed the yearlong Fellowship training program at the Misch Implant Institute. This comprehensive hands-on program is considered the gold standard of implant treatment training.

Created in 1984, the world-renowned Misch Implant Institute helps set and elevate the level of care in implant dentistry using a hands-on approach. Dentists attend specific classes on diagnosis, implant dentistry planning and patient evaluation, and all phases of implant treatment. Each course includes lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions for both removable and fixed prosthodontics.

Dr. Klym started his implant training many years ago, receiving a fellowship from the ICOI in 1998 (International Congress of Oral Implantologist). His patients are receiving a high level of care and his continued implant training will help insure long-term, healthy results for his patients.

Brian P. Klym, DDS, is the owner of Northwood Dental in Traverse City. He has DOCS certification—an oral conscious sedation program, which means his patients can expect comfortable and anxiety-free treatment. To learn more about Dr. Klym, his background, the Northwood team, and the comprehensive services he provides, visit NorthwoodDentalTC.com.

Northwood Dental
Brian P. Klym D.D.S.
10748 E. Traverse Highway
Traverse City, Michigan 49684
(231) 947-7202


While Dr. Klym is one choice for you if you're a Traverse City area resident, review all your options. It is your health, your smile, and your well being.

Dentists who want to communicate with the consumer in a proactive, positive and purposeful way, can Google a dental consultant. If that does not work for you, contact me.

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