Multi-Million Dollar Dental Office Results

How do you achieve the increased dentistry production levels your practice needs to help patients stay healthy? What is holding your dental office revenues in a stall mode?

Start managing success with the right plan. Claudia Walters will make sure you are 'scripted' for big time results!

Whether it is case presentation, hygiene production, team cohesion, or scheduling effectiveness, CW Dental Consulting has the tools to make your patients and office the healthiest it can be.

Michigan Dentist Client Testimonial:

Dr. Rita: "I am writing to give you some background on Claudia Walters and her abilities to help practices map out successful strategies on all levels, from the new patient experience to accounts receivable and far beyond. She took my practice from 35K per month to more than 180K now. We hope to do 2 million this year. The principles she and I set down help us to continue to thrive in a bad Michigan economy. We take no HMO's or PPO's and continue to get 20 to 30 new patients each month with our internal marketing and word of mouth.

Thanks to Claudia we have a perio recall system that keeps three full time and two part time hygienists busy. We employ a part-time hygiene recall coordinator that spends 20 hours a week making phone calls to patients that are due or over due. We have an extensive chain of command that begins with our Front Desk Manager and her three front desk co-workers that do everything according to our front desk manual put together from Claudia's scripts and financial arrangement protocols.

We do a daily fifteen minute huddle that reviews our previous days work, today's goal and patients, as well as the entire week ahead to make sure we are all on the same page. We do a weekly meeting, every other is a team meeting and then each department is arranged on alternating weeks so every area is addressed every 5 weeks. Claudia was instrumental in developing our present day blueprinting and color coding our appointment book (now computer), so that we were better able to meet our daily production goals just by plugging patients into our daily blueprint. It makes for a much better day, week, and month when we spread our needs over each day instead of the haphazard ways of the past. She was able to help us implement a successful strategy for payment options so that patients are able to choose one to four options that allows them to afford and receive the care and treatment recommended to them.

I could go on, but I believe Claudia can take any practice and guide them to be more efficient and organized from the front desk to everyday huddles. Again, she has helped many and can do so for anyone willing to listen and learn."

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