Improve Dental Treatment Acceptance: Make Value Standout

Comprehensive dentistry improves lives. Therefore, when patients walk out the door without accepting your treatment plan, everyone loses.

Whether people want to pay or not is NOT the issue. The issue is communication: done well or not done well. Improving your case presentation communication, which means knowing how to handle objections, is vital to the patient's dental health and your practice revenues.

Making money is what a business needs to do. While over treatment or over selling dentistry could be an issue in some cases, the UNDER PURCHASING of dentistry in the U.S. is a blatantly obvious travesty of unhealthy proportions.

Read the dental visit and health statistics on the home page of NicheDental.com for more on the lack of dentistry acceptance and its resultant problems.

Claudia Walters of CW Dental Consulting is able to provide you with exceptional training in an affordable and efficient manner.

Her Skype Video dental/dentist office consults and detailed training, practice management & teamwork coaching and extensive list of easy to implement scripts can significantly improve patient health and dental office revenues.

Claudia will help you guide patients to total oral health even when they present objections that seem to stop them from achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

It is critical to have an answer to each of their objections when presenting dental treatment. While cost can seem to be a non-negotiable obstacle, it often is a way to postpone a decision not to completely avoid it.

Sticker shock to your treatment plan recommendation can be an initial reaction, but it does not need to be a fatal blow to the process.

Whatever the objection or question Claudia will help you change the dynamic towards accepting an appropriate oral health improving and smile confidence building treatment. Whether it is cosmetic dentistry veneers, Invisalign braces or dental implants, make your case effectively every time.

Be on top of your game in 2010. Contact CW Dental Consulting to redirect objections to show your patients the way to better dental health. Claudia Walters: 1Claudia2@san.rr.com.

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