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Connective Communication
A Primer By Dick Chwalek,

The concept of Connective Communication© incorporates these elements: improvers, gatherers and creators. The communication structure is visualized with these elements: a Pie Chart, three color slices and the π symbol – image below.

This formula takes into account both simplicity and complexity in defining a path towards ongoing communication and marketing success, internally and publicly.

The ‘extra decimal’ elements in the Connective Communication© (Pi & 3.14+) formula refers to various marketing elements that are somewhat or totally anchorless. The intersection of the pie chart colors represents where communication interacts, often making each element much more powerful and effective.

These areas of marketing can be separated generally but never are they completely independent. When independent ‘value’ is purported – “Our dental marketing tactic/product/system works better” – dentists must flee as fast as clinically possible! Only working in one marketing area has short and long term consequences. This concept is relevant for both marketing to consumers and dentists purchasing marketing.

The interaction of these basic elements demonstrates how dentistry marketing is both simple and complex. However, often it is simplified in areas where it should NOT be and made complex in other situations to engender some level of superiority. These tactics make both dentists (customers of marketing) and dental consumers very susceptible to proceeding with ineffective and inappropriate solutions.

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