Boca Raton Dentist: Be Optimally Informed, Then Decide.

At Your Boca Dentist, decisions are made to move ahead only when the patient understands the plan and knows what the goal is. For their patient Brenda, it meant renewing her smile for a second time - first in 1988 and then last year.

“I was able to see right away how I would treat her smile,” Dr. Angela Ramirez said. “I knew I would be able to design a more natural and complementary smile for her.”

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Time For Healthier and Happier Smiles

Putting off your dental care? Consider:

- At Your Boca Dentist complimentary consultations, the focus is on you...

“A new patient of ours recently walked out of another office because no one there really listened” said Dr. Ramirez. “They ‘pushed’ implants, which the patient didn’t want. When inquiring about our services, we’ll work on the best solution for you.”

'“For over 25 years I’ve focused on optimal health while using the most advanced, lifelike treatments.”

A patient of Dr. Ramirez waited 10 years before they went ahead with care. According to Dr. Ramirez, “She was afraid. But her treatment was done about the same time as Brenda’s, and she’s very happy with her healthier, new smile.”

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