White Smiles For Life: Nashville Dentist's Video Montage

Dr. Kent E. White provides the care you deserve – bringing harmony to oral muscles, restoring health, achieving natural beauty and enriching lives.

Because he believes so passionately in the value of this comprehensive treatment approach, Dr. White wants more people to understand the depth of its possibilities patients, consumers and other dentists.

Dr. White has been a senior instructor at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. He has mentored many fellow dentists and their teams at LVI and in other locations.

MORE than a cosmetic dentist...

By combining the most advanced techniques in aesthetic/cosmetic, restorative, reconstructive and preventive dentistry with his knowledge and skills in Neuromuscular Dentistry diagnosis and treatment, Dr. White has been able to bring healing comfort to the lives as well as enhance smiles of people.... Just. Like. You.

As Dr. Kent White explains, "Our educational pursuits and our treatment approach influence the solutions we develop for our clients/patients. Today, caring deeply requires an ever-increased need for the latest and most accurate information and ongoing skill development. In this environment that means if we stop learning, we stop caring. "

Additionally, according to Dr. White, "To make this high level of care possible, I continually widen my dental perspective. I ask myself the same questions everyday, such as... 'What are my clients missing because of my current focus? Are yesterday’s results still good enough? Is the standard still the standard?'”

Kent. E. White, DDS
Center For Advanced Dentistry
Advanced Dentistry
2300 21st Avenue South
Suite 103
Nashville, TN 37212

-- Recently Dr. White formerly with Embassy Dental in Nashville.


Your Dental Care Missing Something?

> Could It Be Exactly what YOU Deserve!

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> Communication Consultant & Marketing Strategist for Dentists

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