CBA: Latest Addition to The Northern Dental Alliance Team, a firm focused on Retirement Plan Design, Administration

Further Strengthening Their Breadth of Member Expertise, the NDA Welcomes Aboard Cash Balance Actuaries…

Charlie Steingas, owner of Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC, has joined the Northern Dental Alliance (NDA).

A Minnesota-based organization, NDA also advises dentists in the areas of office safety, construction, marketing, laboratory services, banking, practice transition, staffing, retirement plans, and personal financial strategies.


The Northern Dental Alliance provides a comprehensive platform for dentists to structure highly successful and secure businesses, achieve superior oral health and smile enhancement restorations for their patients as well as protect and improve their financial future through proper retirement, investment, and transition planning. Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC increases the depth of knowledge and resources every NDA member can offer their dentist clients.

Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC, provides as much help with your small 401(k), Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, or Cash Balance Plan as you need. Explains Steingas, “Our services are priced very competitively and the quality of work and timeliness of service is second-to-none. “We will help you make your retirement plan work for you to meet your goals as a dentist and a business owner.”

Charlie provides complimentary proposals and plan designs at no charge. Please contact him if you are interested in increasing your tax deduction by contributing more to a qualified retirement plan or for him to take a quick look at your current plan to make sure it is meeting all of your goals.

Steingas also says, “Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC does not provide investments or investment advice, nor do we take commissions or asset-based fees of any kind. We charge a flat fee strictly based on our fee schedule which depends only on how much work we provide for your plan.”

CBA Client Testimonial: “Charlie was able to triple my retirement plan contributions without requiring any additional contributions for my staff. He’s also much better at helping me understand my 401(k) plan than my previous TPA.”

As with all Northern Dental Alliance members, Cash Balance Actuaries is an independent firm. Dentists can select individual NDA consultant members and then 'build a team' if desired. Each member is an independent advisor and diligently works in the best interests of the client.

Areas of expertise NDA members represent include business banking, equipment/facility financing, laboratory services, cosmetic/implant dentistry education, OSHA training, infection control, fee-only personal financial/tax planning, retirement strategies, new office building/remodeling, practice purchases/sales, Transitions Mike Haase, Aftco Transition Consultants & dentist transitions, staff recruitment and dental employee placement, and dentists marketing consulting & dental office advertising campaigns.

The Northern Dental Alliance welcomes Charlie Steingas as a member, and is excited to offer his expertise and knowledge to current and future dentist-clients. The professionals of Northern Dental Alliance work with dentists to improve their businesses, enhance their clinical techniques, maintain and improve team skills, protect their practice and personal investments, and increase their personal financial security.

Charlie believes having a niche focus on dental businesses works well for his firm and the dentists he works with. He understands that most dentists have other things to focus on besides their retirement and taxes and his goal is to make everything run as smoothly and cost-effective as possible. Dentists have worked hard to get through school, start or buy into a practice, grow the practice to profitability, and they don’t want taxes and fees eating into their hard-earned assets. With tax rates on the rise, one of the only true opportunities still offered by Uncle Sam is a qualified retirement plan.

The business philosophy of Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC is to exceed the client’s expectations in timeliness and quality, and to never have any surprises with regard to their plan. The success of this philosophy is proven by the satisfaction and loyalty of Charlie’s clients.

The addition of Charlie Steingas and Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC is a sign of a growing industry need for groups like the Northern Dental Alliance.

LEARN more about the qualified retirement plan options:

Visit or Or Call Charlie: (952) 500-8696.

NDA Contact Information

  • Northern Dental Alliance
  • c/o NDA Member, Rick Epple

  • 1000 Twelve Oaks Center Dr, Suite 101

  • Wayzata, MN 55391

  • 866-556-6213

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