Video Part 2 of 2: Why Are New Dental Patients 'Available' In Your Area or Not...

The second video concludes my general discussion about New Dentistry Patient Availability. This concept refers to the stable or constant number of consumers who are searching for a dentist or dental offices.

The 'Availability' number does NOT change just because another dentist moves into the area.

The ‘Availability quotient’ is changeable but only with a disruption in the environment (like a dentist building a new office--that is obvious to the consumer) or an external communication intervention using activators such as dental marketing direct mail/postcards.

Activators are combined into the Connective Communication© formula, which involves combining layers of marketing required to activate a vibrant new patient base and sustain a high level of available participants.

Dentists develop a matrix of these activators: one 'gathers' the current available group, another 'creates' more new patients and, the third improves the value of what patients request/purchase.

NOTE: Client Testimonial - Split into three parts throughout Part 2 of 2.

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