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One Idea, Connection, Impression Can
Change the Dynamic! 

Start Communicating with your public; otherwise watch us walk patiently by...

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1Idea Can Change~1Hint Expressed~1Glint Addressed.

Healthy Teeth=Sum of All Things2Smile About!

Healthy Teeth • Sum of All Things To Smile About!

Richard Chwalek  ‏@nichedental • 12m!/nichedental/status/195610288496713728

Why Would Gums Bleed When Brush/Floss?
May Be Periodontal Disease Making Run-To Strip Teeth Of Gums-No Fun! 

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Elm Endodontics@elmendodontics5h

Why Gum Diseases increases with Age -

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Dentists~NDA Members & Renstrom Dental Studio (Laboratory) 
Encourage you to attend
~Star of the North Meeting~St Paul MN


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7 Steps 2 Financial Freedom 4 Dentists/Biz Owners
~By Rick Epple~Wayzata MN
NDA Member Consultant

Richard Chwalek ‏ @nichedental23h!/nichedental/status/195256082992594945

So Why No Calls@ Your Dental Office?
OK people have fears, worries, concerns;
Then Make It EASIER NOT Harder
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Richard Chwalek, Dental Marketing Consultant

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