Dental, Dentists Websites: How They Improve Dentistry, Dental Care Acceptance

"No one wants to go to the dentist, to 'get' dentistry, people only need dental care." 

Of course, this is true, right?

Well, it might be, it can be, it must be, it will be... if one would look at a lot of dental websites today, or yesterday, and probably tomorrow. Sadly. 



Randall Palmore, DMD, FAGD 
"I wanted to personally write you and tell you what a fantastic job you did in developing my Dental practice logo and website. You provided me a great service at a very reasonable cost. I am having tremendous feedback from my website and it is definitely attracting new patients to my office as well as providing an excellent source of information for new and existing patients. 

Since this was my first experience in developing a website I was unsure about putting everything together. I appreciate your attention to details and patience with me as we progressed through the whole process. I will highly recommend Niche Dental (Agency) and Dick Chwalek to all dentists looking to take their practice to a higher level of marketing." 


Continued from oh so Sadly...

To be more positive, okay that would be someone else writing, but as for this dental marketing consultant of curmudgeon county, the world of dentists websites is bleak, dire and often dystopian.

(Just heard that last word, and learned its meaning, so had to use it. Just kidding; what does it mean?)

The picture of dental websites is not really that bad, but to be depressive is fashionable in this downturn of a sagging economy verging on desperate times.  So let's get into the mire of this gummy bear of teeth stressing mess of website development regress.

NOTE: My view is not taken by all or most likely anyone, as far as I have been able to keep my head in the sand, but it sheds some murky light on the subjectiveness of my contrarian view.

Get on with it, or mark my words, I will drag, this slog of dental blog, out!

Then here goes dentists...

• Build value rather than follow the leader of the hack.

• Pile up your dentistry expertise CV & bio profile.

Seeing is believing so find a way to show off what you do:

• Add reality to your great dental care personality, post, blog, tweet, facebook regularly

There is so much more, but I have a day job...

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Dick Chwalek

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