Dental Postcards Marketing WHITE Paper

 Dental Marketing WHITE Paper
Expect Greater Success with Express Dental Marketing's Variable Digital Printing Postcards Mailed in a campaign of consistent progress and with Oliver Gonsalves' finesse.

Too many choices: the biggest issue affecting new dentistry patient growth and dental care upgrades.  This consumer tsunami of many choices is also constrained by 'available' income and appreciation for financing those choices. 

Dentistry also attaches the weight of three denial, procrastination, and treatment fear. It gets to be a big wave of waiving their right to better oral health, wavering and waving as they pass by...

The best dental marketing overcomes the barrier of inaction and non-acceptance, while positioning the choice of “more dentistry” much higher!
Sit Back, Relax... Oral Health

Personalized direct mail provides a level of uniqueness that successfully engages the dental consumer. Traditional direct mail is like someone driving the down street in your neighborhood with a loudspeaker promoting your dental services. Whereas personalized dental postcards are like someone coming right to your door, knocking on it, and gently speaking your name when you open it.

This immediate, relationship building aspect of personalized direct mail puts Express Dental Marketing in a unique position to boost your case acceptance and new patient growth.

Express Dental Marketing has various levels of personalized direct mail to start a dental-health-improving conversation with your patients and/or community. By targeting three different dental service niches, Express Dental is able to give almost any practice an instant and uniquely powerful presence in the lives of their patients and community.

Dentists who want to attract new families and improve internal communication, but also have an interest in promoting their cosmetic dentistry services have a complete suite of products in our Family Dentistry series.

Dental practices that are more interested in attracting adult patients for restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and improving case acceptance with current patients will find exceptional designs and concepts in our Cosmetic Dentistry series.

Expect Lake Effect Dentistry
Orthodontists will also find exceptional personalized orthodontic marketing products and complete campaigns to become the leader in their community. The Express Dental Marketing orthodontic specialists series highly targets this demographic – from Invisalign® clear braces to comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Express Dental Marketing offers two general personalized direct mail strategies: public and current patient. There are two ways to use the service - one-time, event driven occasions or a consistent, throughout the year campaign.

Some dental practices want to turn things around quickly and need a significant infusion of new patients. This includes startup or established practices. They would want to at the very least utilize the New Patient Booster series.


Cosmetic Dentistry – New Patient Booster Postcards

Family Dentistry - New Patient Booster Postcards

Orthodontic Specialist – New Patient Booster Postcards

However, if you have an established practice with a large patient base that could be more productive from a dental treatment and/or a referral perspective, the Relationship Builders and Referral Reminders are the perfect choice to greatly enhance their internal revenue-generating network.



Cosmetic Dentistry – Referral Reminders

Family Dentistry – Referral Reminders

Orthodontic Specialists – Referral Reminders

As a complement to your external campaign to attract new patients or as a substitute for the New Patient Booster is the New Mover Developers. This targets the latest movers and new residents in your area. 

These creative personalized concepts will put your practice out in front of the competition while encouraging families to make proactive decisions about their dental care.

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry – New Mover Developers

Family Dentistry – New Mover Developers

Orthodontic Specialists – New Mover Developers

While consistent, throughout the year campaigns (noted above) will have the most dramatic effect on revenue generation, Express Dental Marketing can provide your practice with superior value and response with special event and occasion marketing products.

The most unique product offered by Express Dental Marketing is the Open House Invitation, which can be used for many events such as a new building open house, new doctor, or something more specific like an Invisalign one-day event or to promote a new technique or dental technology like Lumineers or CEREC one-day crowns.


Finally, Express Dental Marketing is able to personalize your holiday greeting cards and send out birthday cards to patients throughout the year. These marketing strategies allow dentists to find out about the power of personalized dental direct mail and then build up as they see its powerful results.



Start Smile Like You Mean It!
Express Dental Marketing will set your dental or orthodontic practice apart. The uniqueness of personalization can overcome procrastination, dental fear, and dental health denial.

It will put dental care squarely on the map of the most worthwhile choices the consumer can make (now rather than later or never). You can wait by the sidelines for your next patient or get out there and make the best case for the choices you provide.

Contact Oliver "Oli" Gonsalves for more information. 1.888.380.0020

Sincerely, Dick Chwalek – Niche Dental President
 – of and co-creator of the Express Dental Marketing system.

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