Dental CE for Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants to Gloss Up Resume´ and CV

Don't allow deep pockets of status quo stuck, muck up your dental practicing future. Floss any stale skills, then gloss up your resume´ and CV to make sure patient 'requirements' are met!

This is the website portal for dentists and other dental professionals to access off, and online advanced dental education (CE) courses, to keep current, even jump ahead.

Update state dental board requirements, avoid falling behind competitors, and make sure patients are receiving the best care.

Niche Dental Collaborate provides a resource for improving their skills efficiently and successfully.

By visiting and its Off and Online CE portal, restorative, cosmetic and implant dentists, hygienists, offices personnel and dentistry assistants can discover the sources for continuing their education.

Below is a SAMPLE list of courses*

DENTIST/PATIENT Communication, CASE Presentation, TEAM Training

  • Case Presentation - Dentist Presenter

  • Isn't it Wonderful When (Dental) Patients Say Yes - Dentist Presenter

  • Chairside Color Modification of Ceramic Restorations - Dentist Presenter

  • Equipping Your Practice for Success - Dentist Presenter

  • Developing YOUR Esthetic (Dental) Practice - Dentist Presenter

  • Work Smarter - Not Harder - Dentist Presenter

  • Laboratory Communication (for dentistry) Dental Expert Presenter

  • Advanced Esthetic Dentistry: Achieving Optimal Results - Dentist Presenter

  • Evidence-Based Shade Communication - Dentist Presenter

  • Management of Deficient Ridges - Dentist Presenter

  • Esthetic Mock-Up Using Wax and Composite - Dental Expert Presenter

Direct Sign Up Link: Dentistry Professionals: Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants Dental Courses.

CLINICAL Treatment Room

  • Dental Assistant - Rubber Dam

  • Rubber Dam (for Dentistry) Dental Expert Presenter

  • Power Bleaching and Home Bleaching - Dental Expert Presenter

  • The Hidden World to Chemosensation

  • The Hidden World to Chemosensation Additional Exam(s)

  • The (Dental) Treatment Plan - - Dentist and Dental Expert Presenter

  • Direct Composite for the Expanded Duty Dental Assistant - Dentist Presenter

  • Patient Financing Strategies - Dentist Presenter

  • Communication Skills-Stress & Conflict Resolution - Dental Expert Presenter

  • Clinical Materials Update - Dental Expert Presenter (in dentistry)

  • Dentofacial Complications of Radiation Therapy

  • Dentofacial Complications of Radiation Therapy Additional Exam(s)

  • Dentofacial Complications of Radiation Therapy E-Book

Direct Sign Up Link: Off/Online Dentists, Dentistry Professionals, Dental Offices CE, Courses.

Dental INSURANCE, Legal, LAW Regulations, LEGISLATION

  • Personnel and Property Loss in Risk Management for dental practices

  • Personnel and Property Loss in Risk Management Additional Exam(s)

  • Dentistry, Ethics and Florida Law

  • California Dental Practice Act

  • California Dental Practice Act Additional Exam(s)

  • Dentistry, Ethics & Florida Law Additonal Exam(s)

  • Texas Jurisprudence in Dentistry

  • Texas Jurisprudence in Dentistry Additional Exam(s)

  • Texas Jurisprudence in Dentistry E-Book


Sample List was current as of 6/8/12, Latest Course list Update Here.


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