MN, WI Dentists: Need Dental Staffing Services?

Dental Staffing Services provides a multi-oriented approach, helping dentists in the Minnesota, Twin Cities Metro as well as Western Wisconsin hire the right employee for the right position.

DSS is a leading provider of temporary, temp-to hire, and permanent placement for talented, high quality Dental Hygienists, Dentistry Assistants and Dental Practice Specialists. It draws on personal experience working in the dental industry to provide exceptional staff and prompt service for valued patients.

Saving Dentistry Offices, Dentists Time and Money

Dental office employers know talented team are not always easy to find, and more often than not, cumbersome to integrate into their environment. If it is expensive and time consuming to attract, hire and retain quality people, patient care can be less productive, and a drain on revenues.

The way DSS staffs dentistry practice personnel draws on experience and industry knowledge working many years in the dental field.

Whether dentists, dental offices are seeking permanent employees or temporary help, Dental Staffing Services knows having the right team members is key to the success of each practice. They save offices valuable time by sorting through their ready pool of experienced dental professionals and provides a thoroughly screened, qualified Hygienists, Assistants or Office Specialists for many practices each and every week.

Temporary Staffing

DSS supplies offices with dependable temporary help to keep them running smoothly, to improve patient care to office revenues. Their services cover long and short term assignment including scheduled vacations, staff sick day, medical or maternity leave.

Dentists, and practice managers can call to schedule employees in advance or when they are in a pinch. Dental Staffing Services' premium pool of candidates will be there to care for each patient in an individual way while assuring each practice maintains peak productivity.

Their temporary to permanent placement option provides an opportunity to have a prospective employee "temp" for a specified amount of time at which point the practice can hire the candidate with no further placement fees. This gives the DSS client a feel both for how the prospective employee will fulfill their responsibilities as well as how they will fit with the current dental office staff.

It also provides the opportunity to replace the potential candidate with another hire at anytime during the temp to permanent contract period. Of course, at anytime the office has to option to hire the temporary for an affordable prorated placement fee.

This approach has become a favorite program for the dental office looking for flexibility and options when adding a Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant and Office Professional to their practice.

Permanent Placement Dental Hires

The permanent placement candidates DSS provides are the highest quality, prescreened Hygienists, Dental Assistants or Office team members available. Dental offices, when ready to add personnel, can call DSS with specific requests and, they will activate a new employee search.

Dental Staffing Services creates a profile for each candidate which is available prior to the candidate's interview. The goal is to meet each and every dentistry practice's hiring demands while providing time and cost saving solutions at an uncommonly affordable fee.

Dental Office Advantages

Feel confident that the employees provided by DSS are fully qualified and motivated to best represent the client dental practice. Dental Staffing Services takes pride in the screening process used to assure the integrity of all their hires.

Their extensive qualification process ensures that all applicants have been personally interviewed, thoroughly screened and credentialed.

Every temporary Dental Hygienist, Assistant or Office Professional referred is an employee of Dental Staffing Services of Minnesota, so they take care of everything from screening and compliance; payroll, benefits and taxes, worker compensation and unemployment .

All inquiries are held in strict confidence, according to the dentist, dental office client's needs. Let hem know what dentists are looking for and leave the rest to them. This leaves the client free to do what they do best--care for patients and grow their business.

Expertise and Experience in Hiring

DSS has been providing their services Minnesota and Western Wisconsin for over 10 years. They are locally owned and operated for prompt service. They understand the specific skills needed in the dental field.

Dental Staffing Services is committed to staffing experienced, friendly dental professionals who are fully trained and licensed to care for valued patients. It is their job to create a mutually beneficial employment arrangement for both the dental office and the qualified dental professional.

Proud member of the Northern Dental Alliance, Helping Dentist Achieve Success

How Dental Staffing Services Helps Dental Professionals

Temporary Hygiene, Assisting and Office Professionals are in high demand. DSS is continually in search of talented, experienced dental people who are dependable and out-going. Whether potential hires are looking for permanent employment or the flexibility of temporary assignments, Dental Staffing Services will help in finding that person with the right position.

Dental Staffing Services receives job requests from a growing list of dental, dentist clients who need essential positions filled on a temporary basis. This provides an opportunity to gain new experiences and exposure to offices who may be hiring.

Regularly, DSS is contacted by clients seeking qualified dental employment prospects for available full-time and part-time positions. They work with each candidate to schedule assignments that meet their qualifications, work experience and location preference.

The firm offers top compensation and benefits. DSS employees are never required to accept an assignment and there is no fee to the candidate/DSS employee. Dental Staffing Services is an equal opportunity employer.

Job applicants and dentists/dental offices, can schedule confidential interviews:

CALL 651-442-0949 • Prompt service 24 hours/day

DSS looks forward to hearing from dentists, and dental offices.



"Quality staffing with a personal touch."

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