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Wise to Knew some more Insights! Test your Metal-free dentistry! Learn the Slopes of higher continuing ed! Time to Make the update Grade! 

Dental professionals now have a higher grade driving source Dentistry Continuing Education Courses:

At Niche Dental Collaborate (NDC) website many, many dentistry related courses are presented and available for sign up. It is where Dentists, and other dental professionals access off and online dental education (CE) courses. The place where you stay current, and leap ahead!
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Niche Dental Collaborate is the resource for skill improvement done efficiently and effectively.

Visit NicheDentalCollaborate.com and its Continuing Education portal for endodontics, restorative, dental implants, esthetic dentistry classes. Cosmetic dentists, dental CE for hygienists, dental practice personnel and dentistry assistants can discover the sources for CE.

Sample Course Listings Below*

ASSORTED Dental CE/Exam Listings
  • Functional Esthetics: 
    • Predictable Techniques for a Complete Ceramic Rehabilitation PART 1
      • Dentist, Dr. Mike Malone; Mike Bellerino, CDT
  • Patient-Driven Conservative Esthetic Dentistry
    • Dentist, Dr. Michael Miyasaki; Mike Milne, CD
  • Dental Technology and Case Acceptance
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Andy McKamie
  • Guidelines for Selecting Direct Restorative Materials
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Harry Albers
  • The Clinician, Lab Ceramist, and Patient's Perspectives: Pt 4
    • Presented by Dentists, Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Lee Ann Brady
    • and dental ceramist Matt Roberts
  • Digital Artistry - Beyond Imagination
    • Dentist, Dr. Alex Touchstone; Dental Expert, Lee Culp, CDT
  • The Clinician, Ceramist, and Patient's Perspectives: Pt 2
    • Presented by Dentists, Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Lee Ann Brady, 
    • and dental ceramist Matt Roberts
  • The Clinician, Ceramist, and Patient's Perspectives: Pt 3
    • Dentists, Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Dr. Lee Ann Brady
    • and dental ceramist Matt Roberts
  • Full Mouth Part 4 - Laboratory Procedures
    • Presented by Dentists, Dr. Cherilyn Sheets, Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette
  • The Dental Treatment Plan
    • Dentist, Dr. John Cranham; 
    • Expert Dental Presenter, Shannon Pace, DA II  
  • The Art of Digital Photography (for dentistry)
    • Dentist, Dr. Mike Koczarski
  • Advanced Esthetic Dentistry: Achieving Optimal Results
    • Dentist, Dr. Ross Nash
  • Complete Dentures Technique
    • Dentist, Dr. Aldo Leopardi
  • Real World Endodontics (root canals)
    • Dentists, Dr. Ken Koch; Dr. Dennis Brave


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Dental Material Resins

  • Guidelines for Selecting Direct Restorative Materials
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Harry Albers
  • Comprehensive Adhesive Dentistry to Restore the Adult Crowded Dentition 
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Chris Pescatore
  • Direct Composite for the Expanded Duty Dental Assistant
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Ryan Schwendiman
  • Esthetic Direct Composites Made Simple
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Steve Poss
  • Ultimate Esthetics with Freehand Composite Bonding
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Corky Wilhite
  • Mastering the Art of Direct Resin Anterior
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Ron Jackson
  • Art; Science of Direct Resin Restorations
    • Presented by Dentist, Dr. Newton Fahl

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  • Crowns; Bridges: The Esthetic PFM
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Mike DiTolla
  • Comprehensive Adhesive Dentistry to Restore the Adult Crowded Dentition
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. Chris Pescatore
  • Anterior All-Ceramic Restorations
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. David Hornbrook
  • Conservative Prep for Anterior Porcelain Veneers
    • Dentist Presenter, Dentist, Dr. Ross Nash
  • Creating Exquisite Posterior Provisionals
    • Dentist Presenter, Dentist, Dr. Robert Lowe
  • Anterior All-Ceramic Restorations
    • Dentist Presenter, Dr. David Hornbrook

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OTHER Restorative Dentistry, and Dentures
  • Restoring the Severely-Worn Dentition
    • Dentist, Dr. John C. Cranham;
    • Dental Expert Buddy Shafer, CDT
  • Complete Denture Technique
    • Dentist, Dr. Aldo Leopardi
  • Fully Edentulous: Overdentures and Anchors
    • Dentist, Dr. Maurice Salama

Advance Dental Career • Clinical Performance



  • Power Bleaching; Home Bleaching - Shannon Pace, DA II
    • Expert Dental Presenter, Shannon Pace, DA II
  • Power of Whitening to Build Your Practice 
    • Expert Dental Presenter, Gary Takacs 
  • Tooth Bleaching Course
  • Tooth Bleaching Additional Exam(s)
  • Tooth Bleaching E-Book

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    • can be caused by diseased roots/damaged nerves
  • The Art of Endodontics
  • Real World Endodontics
    • Dentists, Dr. Ken Koch; Dr. Dennis Brave
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches Additional Exam(s)
  • Clinical Classification of Toothaches E-Book

Better Dental Skills • Boost Patient Outcomes!


    Implant Dentists, Implants Dentistry

    • The Standard of Care for Implant-Supported Overdentures
      • Dentist, Dr. Joe Carrick 
    • Advanced Techniques for Minimally Invasive Surgery for Dental Implants with Immediate Temporization
      • Dentist, Dr. Tim Silegy
    • Creating the Ideal Prosthodontic Platform: Implants or Endodontics in the Esthetic Zone, 2 Discs
      • Dentist, Dr. Tom McGarry
    • Immediate Implant Placement and Temporization
      • Dentists, Dr. Maurice Salama, and Dr. David Garber
    • Multi-Disciplinary Esthetic Implant Treatment
      • Dentists, Dr. David Garber, Dr. Henry Salama; Dr. Maurice Salama


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