NDA Member Heritage Construction, Dental Practice Case Study: Blaine, Albertville

Northern Dental Alliance member, Elk River’s Heritage Construction Companies, LLC, constructs many dentistry offices and other healthcare related facilities throughout the state and region every year.

While Heritage develops other commercial and retail projects, they present here their case studies of dentistry offices and orthodontist specialists practices, new site building or external and internal remodeling.

Heritage Construction is committed to developing and building their dentist clients’ offices with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. They manage each project from start to finish and more. A parallel goal is to make the budget better.

Their dental offices (and other buildings) are developed in many shapes and sizes. Heritage Construction can build or expand any location, bringing clients the expertise and knowledge required to meet their needs.

Dental Offices Case Study: Blaine, Albertville, MN


Project Details #1

  • Dental Office Location: Albertville, MN
  • Practice Size: 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Building Timeline: 7 weeks
Building Project Summary

For the Albertville dental office, critical timing for project completion was imperative. In twenty one days, Heritage Construction was able to build the interior of the dental office and provide the mechanical functions including plumbing and electrical for an operational office.

Three dental chair stations were implemented with two rough-in areas for future use. Heritage met the quick timeline, and the dental office was ready in time.

Project Details #2

  • Dental Office Location: Blaine, MN
  • Practice Size: 1,900 sq. ft. New Building
Building Project Summary

This second floor dental practice located in Blaine MN above a retail store, provided the opportunity for creative thinking. Heritage worked with the retail store for construction support during the building of the dental office.

Critical plumbing and electrical wiring were performed during store hours while loud construction was done at night.

Timing was of the essence and Heritage was able to pull the teams together while working with the retailer, to ensure completion by the scheduled due date.


Heritage Construction Companies, LLC, a Northern Alliance member, serves clients with unmatched business professionalism. Work environments are based on respect and to be rewarding and fun. Working strategically with subcontractors and suppliers greatly improves job site safety, productivity and cost effectiveness. Serving their clients honorably typifies their business relationships.


L. Richard Etshokin • Dental Office Go-To-Person
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Andy Christensen • Owner
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