LinkedIn Question: Feel that businesses should care more of the person, less of their wallet?

LinkedIn Group Question:

Do you feel that businesses should care more about the person, and less about their wallet?
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My Answer, Comment...

Depending on who this question is addressed to: the consumer or the employee, there are various ways to come at this, which include...

As to the consumer, a long term focus is often the best way to approach a business endeavor. Obviously, some concepts like gold mining may have a short life expectancy. Otherwise, if the focus is weighted toward the wallet, the future opportunities can be, and I think often are, missed. In that case the business is pushed toward even more "immediate gains" that will engender abuses on a greater scale. This "wallet weighting" has a tendency to work against the community as a whole, generating more gouge and flight to other areas endeavors, to find more suckers.

Of course, not all businesses that focus too much on the wallet go as far as to do "bad" things, but broad ethics relativity comes into play where will be promulgated a justification of a mushy business model, eyes-averting entrepreneurialism, and "quasi-capitalism".

As to the employee, once the owner/corporation believes it should/must hold all the cards, the likelihood of deriving new life from the company over time is very often eliminated, even if the "main profit ideas" come from the owner/corp. The owner/corp only has a certain amount of life without making the "person" a vital element of the everyday thought process, which creates a true well run company, and then sustains it.

A give, and less take, strategy will outperform the opposite. This does not suggest any "giving away" of "excess funds" but of consistent and persistence of educating for success/believing in the success of the employee within the company. While this is difficult in practice, and the "perks" are constantly undulating in the marketplace, the rewards for developing a good planning structure (no one plan may work forever) is significant, and generates wider and more stable success. If the owner is out for him/herself, it is very likely the employee will be as well. A gambler can lose all, then win big, and pull all the chips their way, but a business owner does not put employees on his/her personal roller coaster of "me first, 2nd and 3rd" and find continued success.

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