Dental Advertising: Consistency Rules the Day!

Whatever you think of dental marketing, it has a value to the consumer. It reminds, cajoles, influences, and encourages them to do what they need to do, want to do, and would make them happier.

Being consistent means you get to the dental consumer when they are "ready to do something". While it is no longer true now -- remember the days when the car ads overpopulated the newspaper? Why do they need to market that much anyway? Most of us would think. Then 18 months later when you were in need of a new car - there was not enough of them.

Cars and dentistry are different, but consumers are always the same. They need it when they need it and not any sooner - so dental marketing has to be consistent. Your dental practice always needs to be out there and top of the mind when they start looking.

However, there is subset of this dental consumer group that will put things off until someone reminds them or informs them of some new value provided. "I won't buy a new car till they get 100 mpg!" "I would get a smile makeover if they could do it without causing me pain!"

Unfortunately, once this "new value" is discovered and publicly marketed a few times - if at all - most dental consumers never hear about it again. Like now everyone who will ever buy a car has one!

Be consistent about your dental marketing and you will be successful! Of course, I believe my strategies work better then other dental marketers and also add long term value to your dental brand - but however you do it - do it!


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